Xbox One Prepares for HUGE Sales Rise

China opens up to Microsoft and the race is on for first mover

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Ai Weiwei is shocked...
Ai Weiwei is shocked...
Back in September last year China confirmed that it was lifting its historic ban on the sale of foreign videogames consoles but if you wanted to sell any, you had to find a local partner. The race was on to see who could get a partnership...

Technically Sony already has foothold in China via its Hong Kong site selling PS3s. However, full access to a market the size of China would prove to be an enormous advantage so, Microsoft's announcement that, "BesTV and Microsoft to bring Xbox One to China in September" is very big indeed.

The detail is:

"BesTV, a subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group and a worldwide leader in home entertainment technology, is the ideal partner to help us bring our vision to life in China. BesTV has a rich history of delivering innovative entertainment content and an extensive catalog of content to share with future Xbox One owners in China.

"Today is the next major step in the partnership with BesTV since forming our joint venture, E-Home Entertainment, during the Shanghai Free Trade Zone expansion in September of last year. We are also honored that E-Home Entertainment was the first company registered through this expansion and look forward to bringing our shared vision with BesTV to reality in China.

"Our joint venture is committed to providing opportunities for creators to unleash their imaginations for games, online education and fitness experiences for China and beyond. As part of our partnership, E-Home Entertainment is investing to establish an innovation program that will enable creators and developers to build, publish, and sell their games on Xbox One in China and in other markets where Xbox is available.

"We?ll be working hard over the coming months, along with our partners, to ensure we delight a new set of Xbox fans in China in September."


ergo 30 Apr 2014 16:27
Uh, Nintendo's been there for even longer and, unlike Sony and MS, their games automatically adhere to China's draconian, hyper-politicized, content policies by virtue of being almost nearly 'all ages' games but, of course!, no comment on that from Spong.
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