UK Video Game Charts: Halo 4 Hits Before Black Ops II Bursts Out

Halo 4 makes its mark in the week before multi-format Black Ops II releases

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UK Video Game Charts: Halo 4 Hits Before Black Ops II Bursts Out
Unsurprisingly Microsoft's Halo 4 (reviewed here) went straight into the UK's Chart-Track compiled All Formats video game charts at #1 following its launch on Tuesday 6th November.

When all is said and done this is still a huge feat for a single-format (in this case Xbox 360) title. With the multi-format Call of Duty Black Ops II from Activision launching tomorrow, however, it's not a position we expect to see Halo 4 retaining. However, in the short time remaining to it, we and you should applaud it loudly.

According to Chart-Track, in a chart dominated by Halo 4, "There are only two more event titles to come this year, with Black Ops II next week and Hitman Absolution the following week this total of 18 event games in 2012 is a record, up from 11 games in 2011."

"Event Games" according to Chart-Track are games that are "normally defined as a Tuesday/Wednesday release(s)". This is as opposed to the more traditional Thursday release day.

Stats-wise, "Halo 4 sold slightly more units than last week's PS3/360 Assassin's Creed III."

Also interestingly in terms of the health of the market, "Halo 4 ranks as the 18th biggest SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) launch in terms of Week 1 units, but does not beat 2007's Halo 3 (15th biggest SKU) or indeed 2010's Halo: Reach (12th biggest SKU)."

Also noteworthy from an industry perspective is that, "The TV-advertised deal for Borderlands 2 certainly had an effect the title climbs 11 places to No8, up 180% over last week."

Finally, was anything else launched to compete with Halo 4? Says Chart-Track, "The only other new entry in the Top 40 this week is Sony's PS3 LittleBigPlanet Karting at No24."

{NE} - 01 - Halo 4 - Microsoft
{01} - 02 - Assassin's Creed III - Ubisoft
{02} - 03 - FIFA 13 - Electronic Arts
{05} - 04 - Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Electronic Arts
{04} - 05 - Football Manager 2013 - SEGA
{08} - 06 - Skylanders Giants - Activision
{03} - 07 - WWE '13 - THQ
{RE} - 08 - Borderlands 2 - 2K
{09} - 09 - Just Dance 4 - Ubisoft
{06} - 10 - Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Electronic Arts


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