Microsoft's Kinect to be Priced at Gamescom

Apparently you talk about these things 'at the end.'

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Microsoft's Kinect to be Priced at Gamescom
Microsoft has previously been tight-lipped on when it will reveal Kinect's retail price. According to Oliver Kaltner at Microsoft Germany's Entertainment & Devices division, we will all know how many coins we will need by Gamescom.

Kaltner said that the reason the company has yet to reveal pricing is so that attention is not drawn away from the gameplay potential of the device. As a result, the price point should be "something you need at the end of the communication in order to place a product properly into a market."

"I also think it is the right decision not to determine price points now, because it distracts completely from our actual core story with all its possibilities in the area of gaming, movie, music and social entertainment," Kaltner told GI Germany. "We firmly believe that we can offer an unique innovation."

Gamescom will be the latest that Microsoft will hold off on price, because the company will start to actively promote, ship and start selling the device, Kaltner added. The representative also said that Microsoft understands the importance of the Cologne trade event in August, and that there will be a "bigger and more spectacular appearance at Gamescom this year than we did last year."

We can't wait.


DrkStr 17 Jun 2010 13:40
That all sounds like "expensive" to me
alexh2o 17 Jun 2010 14:02
Whats the betting the delay in knowing is all to do with a big internal war within MS - deciding just how much of a loss to take per unit...
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headcasephil 17 Jun 2010 17:00
they can now put a price on it as they needed to no the price of the ps3 move
billytech 17 Jun 2010 18:27
"Microsoft's Kinetic to be Priced at Gamescom"....Kinetic???....Ahhm, let try that again...
Sometimes spellcheck is NOT the ideal solution, PROOF READING is still your best bet...
bob 18 Jun 2010 05:13
Walmart already lists it as 149.99
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