Major New Xbox 360 Game for Japan Hinted

Something to do with robots.

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Major New Xbox 360 Game for Japan Hinted
Since Microsoft's high-profile Japanese event with Capcom back in January, we've not seen much of the Xbox Special Mission Division - a trio of suits that go on adventures to secure major Xbox 360 games. The latest advert on the Xbox website suggests that a new title is about to be announced.

The video shows the three characters in a restaurant, celebrating the signing of the latest Xbox 360 game. Unwilling to reveal what it is, the Chief of Division hands the co-worker a scribble that suggests a game featuring robots. San Roku Maru ('3-6-0' in Japanese - the chap with the Xbox logo for a head) is drinking away in the background.

It was reported earlier that Famitsu 360 Editor-in-Chief Munetatsu Matsui hinted of a new game from a developer that has never committed to the console before - could this 'robot' game be from this studio?

Watch the video at the Special Mission Division website.


deleted 4 Mar 2010 18:27
My guess is either Dragon Quest or Kingdom Hearts, but Kingdom Hearts as its almost due ??
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