Microsoft Points Change: Result of 'Community Feedback'

Xbox 360 owners now have 400 problems, but leftover points ain't one.

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Microsoft Points Change: Result of 'Community Feedback'
Microsoft has revealed that the reason it changed its Points purchase amount for Xbox Live is because it listened to "community feedback" on the matter.

Up until recently, if you wanted to buy Microsoft Points you would have to settle for a block of 500, which amounts to about $6.25 USD (or 4.04 GBP). As most games on the Xbox Live Marketplace are sold for 400, 800 or 1200 Points, this system has left users with leftover currency that they have felt forced to pay for.

With the change, the console currency is sold in 400-point increments, at a much more rounded $5 USD (3.23 GBP). Microsoft said it was the 'feedback' from those bemoaning the leftover points that pushed them to make the amendments.

"We made this changes based on feedback from the Xbox LIVE community, and are confident they?ll be happy with these new offerings," the company said in a statement.

Let's hope we don't hear complaints from users who wanted to use those leftover points for Gamertag pictures or something.


ronbrooklyn 12 Apr 2010 20:05
why when you had purchased a game and downloaded it in your system you can't not play it without the game been put in don't make any sense, you need to change that so you can play without insertion the game... and you need to have a way to purchase or rent the new game and old game like game fly but this time its from xbox and xbox 360...
doogie monkey 21 Apr 2010 18:28
Ron, you're an idiot. they don't all allow game play without disc insertion due to the fact that I could easily go rent say, L4D2, burn it to my harddrive, return the game, and have it forever?
and microsoft will NEVER do games out similar to blockbuster or gamefly. they don't deal with software in that form. you're an idiot and your post was a waste of my time to even respond.
Paul Fillmore 6 Sep 2010 05:16
Hey Microsoft, just let me buy the game, screw the point system, or at the minimum let me buy the exact amount of points the game requires.
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