New Xbox 360 CPU Delayed

65nm Xbox 360 CPUs not ready till mid-2007

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The Xbox 360 Red Ring of Shame
The Xbox 360 Red Ring of Shame
According to a number of industry sources, production of the Xbox 360’s new, updated 65nm chip is being delayed.

Chip manufacturer Chartered Semiconductor has reportedly postponed the mass production of its quieter and more efficient CPU for the 360. Production was originally planned to start in April 2007, but has now gone back to ‘the middle of 2007’ according to a report on reliable news source, DigiTimes, earlier this week.

“Microsoft Taiwan declined to comment on the news, while Chartered also declined to comment, stating it did not comment on the production schedule of any of its customers,” the DigiTimes report states.

In fact Chartered has not even thought to bother its shareholders with any related news, stating, “The quarter is essentially progressing in line with what we had anticipated earlier... We are also reiterating the revenue and net income guidance we originally provided in October,” said George Thomas, senior vice president and CFO of Chartered.

So, what does this mean? It basically means that the quieter, cooler, cheaper Xbox 360 that Microsoft needs to counter Sony’s PS3 is now at least a few more months behind the company’s original schedule.

Some good news at last for Sony then!


Moschops 30 Dec 2006 11:53
Eh? How is a CPU "quieter" ?

Is it giving out loads of RF noise or iss the cpu hot sot the *fan* is noisy?
crs117 1 Jan 2007 07:27
Its simply referring to the cooling device. So the fact that it is smaller means it requires less electricity, meaning that it runs cooler, and does not require as extensive a cooling solution.
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