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Full name: Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment continues to redefine the entertainment lifestyle with its PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 consoles. The PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system is the world's leading home console, offering the most compelling interactive content and the capability to be used as a network terminal in the coming broadband era.

Recognised as the undisputed industry leader, Sony Computer Entertainment markets the PS1, 2 and 3 console hardware and develops, publishes, markets and distributes software for the consoles.

The company has helped bring a large number of best selling games to the industry, including Gran Turismo, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and the Final Fantasy series.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Sony's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1991 title, "Hook" (SNES).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, PC, PSVita, PS3, PS2, PSP, PlayStation, Sega Megadrive, SNES, NEC PC Engine, Game Gear, Sega MegaCD, Sega Master System and MSX. Of these, "Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters" (PSP), "Monsters, Inc.: Scare Island" (PlayStation), "Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec" (PS2), "MotorStorm" (PS3), "Crash Bandicoot 2" (PlayStation) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2020 release "Dreams" (PS4).

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UK Video Game Charts: Guns Beat Fists News

Sniping violence beats kicking and punching violence in UK video game charts

30 Jun 2014

On Film: Sony's VR Headset Reactions News

Project Morpheus looks as if it might not send you to sleep.

25 Jun 2014

PS4 Beating Xbox One Again in the USA News

Console hardware sales stats are in from the USA and Sony is in the lead.

17 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Watch Dogs Bite FIFA News

The World Cup in Brazil still can't kick FIFA 14 to the top of the Chart-Track Charts

16 Jun 2014

Sony Claims Xbox and Wii Owners Switching to PS4 News

Sony quotes research to back up its claims.

13 Jun 2014

Possible GTA V Exclusive Deal for PS4 News

Sony exec comes up with the news in a form of waffle...

12 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Sony's Game to Lose News

Watch the entire two hours of the Sony E3 2014 conference here again, and again, and again...

10 Jun 2014

E3 2014 Live: Watch Sony's Event Here News

Loads to expect now the hardware is out there

09 Jun 2014

Sony Winning Console War News

First time in nearly a decade sees Sony topping hardware sales

09 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Nintendo's Huge Boost! News

Ubisoft triumphs ahead of Mario Kart 8 but Nintendo reaps huge rewards

02 Jun 2014

PlayStation Plus Gets Six Monthly Instant Games News

Starting in July: two titles each to the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

29 May 2014

PlayStation Follows Xbox to China News

Sony signs up deal to get PlayStation into potentially huge new market

27 May 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Nazi Death Squad News

Wolfenstein manages to dislodge EA's grip on the charts

27 May 2014

PS4 Singstar - Use your Phone as a Mic News

Sony's bringing the karaoke favourite to the new generation

21 May 2014

PS4 Vid Goes Games Crazy Nibble

20 May 2014

PS4 Outselling Xbox One Despite Titanfall Success News

Xbox/PC title still can't bring the Xbox One into contention Stateside.

16 May 2014

Rockstar - New Game Coming News

As Take2 shows a record profit.

14 May 2014

Sony: PS4 Can't Stave Off Losses News

Sony will be 'quitting businesses entirely"

14 May 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Titanfall Rises Again News

Despite a week-on-week fall in sales, EA's shooter hit #1

12 May 2014

Sony Reverses PS4 DriveClub Decision News

Plus two videos clarifying lots more about the delayed title.

09 May 2014

E3 2014: Sony Rumours Explode News

New Sucker Punch DLC, New Open World Guerrilla Games RPG, new Quantic Dream game... blimey!

08 May 2014

Sony Finances Looking Fragile News

PS4 success can't make up for the failings of the rest of the organisation

01 May 2014

NowTV and Sky for PS4 News

First time that Sky Go has come to Playstation

01 May 2014

PS4 System Update 1.70 Detailed News

The new update is coming today...

30 Apr 2014

At Last! PS4 Drive Club Release Dated News

Sony's PS4 launch title finally coming to a PS4 near you

29 Apr 2014

On Film: PS4 Share Factory News

Sony's ‘edit and customise’ gameplay video software shown off

29 Apr 2014

UK Video Game Charts - No New Entries News

The Top 20 remains dominated by the usual names

28 Apr 2014

Minecraft PS4 and Vita Coming News

As PS3 gets disc release is announced

24 Apr 2014

PS4 Update 1.70 Bringing Video Editor and Pre-loading 'Soon' News

Also enables USB saves and switching off HDCP

17 Apr 2014

PlayStation 4 Sells 7 Million Globally News

Plus, software sales numbers come in

17 Apr 2014

Sony Selling PS4 Spare Parts News

Japan only for now

11 Apr 2014

The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4 Emerges News

All but confirmed

09 Apr 2014

Microsoft: PlayStation Has Not Won! News

Phil Spencer refuses to answer a simple question

03 Apr 2014

UK Video Games Charts - inFamous Wins Again News

It seems that there is no movement expect sales falls

31 Mar 2014

PlayStation Now Has 1000+ Licensed Devs News

Sony says ta

31 Mar 2014

PlayStation Plus April Free Games Line-Up News

Loads of Free games added to PS+ members but not enough for some.

28 Mar 2014

Sony 'Insider' Explains Layoffs News

Says don't over-connect the dots

28 Mar 2014

UK PlayStation Devs Sacked News

Night of the long knives for hard working developers

25 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - PS4 Exclusive Wins News

Titanfall is toppled from the #1 Spot

24 Mar 2014

UK: Xbox One has Outsold PS4 News

PS4 maintaining a lead but the sales spike for Microsoft occurred pre-Titanfall

21 Mar 2014

Sony and Ubisoft in Exclusive Watch Dogs Deal News

Exclusive gameplay announced in joint release - video here

20 Mar 2014

Drive Club Delay Blamed on Project Morpheus News

Sony is naysaying rumour that VR hardware put the brakes on DriveClub

20 Mar 2014

PS4 Update Kills Content Protection News

Sharing on... video editing works... HDCP off.

19 Mar 2014

Sony Details PS4 Virtual Reality Headset News

VR headset is named and detailed - smells like a spoiler

19 Mar 2014

PlayStation Home News - Wut!? News

That's right, the new love for Playstation may breathe new life into Home

11 Mar 2014

UK Game Charts - South Park Rules News

Thief is banged up...

10 Mar 2014

Japan: Wii U Passes Xbox 360 Lifetime Sales News

But PS4 rules the Japanese roost on launch week

26 Feb 2014

PS4 Virtual Reality Headset Reveal Dated News

GDC 2014 may bring a sad shrug from the makers of Oculus Rift

21 Feb 2014

Microsoft Rejected PS4 Exclusive News

Rime and yet also reason from Microsoft

20 Feb 2014

Sony on PS4: 5.3 million Sold in 13 Weeks News

Not that hotcakes sell more than cold ones in this day and age, but you get the point

18 Feb 2014

PS4 Murdering Xbox One in North America News

NPD stats are in and the PS4 is ruling the USA!

14 Feb 2014

Bloke Gets Free PlayStation Plus Until 2035 News

Getting back at The Man, or in this case, The 14 Day Trial

13 Feb 2014

Sony Talks PlayStation Future And Past News

How long will the PS3 last, how is PSNow shaping up and more

13 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts - FIFA's Back News

10 weeks at the #1 spot for the footy title

10 Feb 2014

On Film: PlayStation Now and Killzone 3 News

Sony's cloud gaming service gets served up in video - watch it before it gets removed!

04 Feb 2014

PlayStation 4 System Updated 1.60 Dated News

Update brings support for headset...

03 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA Tackled by Lara Croft News

At last! A reboot unseats a sequel from the Number 1 spot.

03 Feb 2014

God Dram! Sony Buys Wii U Memory Factory News

It's a Fab deal for Sony but what of Nintendo?

31 Jan 2014

Sony Claims PS4 is Outselling Xbox One by Big Margin News

Fanboys... start your engines

30 Jan 2014

PS Vita Slim - Unboxed and Detailed and Priced News

New Vita replaces the previous OLED version

30 Jan 2014

PS1 and PS2 Games Emulation on PS4 Rumoured News

HD upscaling could be part of package

29 Jan 2014

Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 is Free of PS+ Shackles News

You don't need PS Plus YOU CAN JUST PLAY!

28 Jan 2014

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 14 Again News

Nothing changes at this time of year

27 Jan 2014

Sony Teases A "Slim" Announcement News

Via personal invitation, Sir.

24 Jan 2014

Sony Responds: PS4 Error Kills Game Saves - Are Yours OK? News

Error CE-34878-0 on Playstation four causing untold gamer sadness

21 Jan 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Still FIFA 14 News

Post-Xmas torpor means no real changes in the games charts

21 Jan 2014

Gamestop Looks To Be Involved With Playstation Now News

Retailer hopes to sell PS Now membership

09 Jan 2014

PS Now Needs 5Mb Net For 'Good' Experience News

Just how 'good', we can't be sure

09 Jan 2014

WWE Streaming Service Announced For Xbox and PlayStation News

Allows users to stream both live shows, and archived content

09 Jan 2014

Time for Gakai to Pay Off for Sony with New Game Streaming Service News

Plus all of the Sony CES 2014 press conference on film here.

08 Jan 2014

CES 2014: Sony's PS4 Sales Beating Microsoft Xbox One News

Millions and millions and millions and millions and a bit of PS4s

07 Jan 2014

Watch Sony's 2014 CES Keynote Here News

It's a very big year indeed for Sony watch it take off... or not.

07 Jan 2014

GT5 Server Death Date Confirmed News

Sony shutting down online server play for Gran Turismo and other titles.

06 Jan 2014

"Xbox One is a Gateway For Porn" Says Porn King News

'Xbone' doesn't live up to it's abbreviation *snigger*

03 Jan 2014

Sony Looking at Cloud Produced Content for Old Games News

Sony files for a new patent that could see backwards compatibility and also new content for old games

03 Jan 2014

PlayStation 4 and Oculus Rift Games Are Go for nDreams News

nDreams makes the announcement that brings more joy to Sony

02 Jan 2014

Last UK Video Game Charts of 2013 News

Does bang! Bang! Pew! Wooosh! beat "I say ref!"?

30 Dec 2013

Sony says Wii U "Just Getting Started" News

Sony needs competition to call it a healthy market - it just doesn't need Microsoft

20 Dec 2013

Report says PS4 Not as Good as PS3 for Blu-ray Play News

But to be honest you've got to have super-human vision

17 Dec 2013

Why Is Jack Tretton's Heart Broken about PS4? News

PS4 supply shortages make Jack a very sad man

17 Dec 2013

PlayStation 4 Hits More Countries Today News

The PlayStation 4 into new territories just in time for The Holidays

13 Dec 2013

New PlayStation Move in the Works for PlayStation 4 News

Sony patent sees the light of day and may breathe life into Move

10 Dec 2013

PS4 Sales Walloping Xbox One in the USA says Pachter News

Analyst Michael Pachter gets his figures out

09 Dec 2013

Huge Claims from Andrew House - Sony PS4 Boss News

PS4 will outsell PS3 because there are millions more potential buyers...

05 Dec 2013

Oh Crap. How Much for GT6 Micro-Transactions? News

Sit down. You're probably not going to like this very much at all.

04 Dec 2013

Sony Claims 2.1 Million PS4s Sold Already News

Unclear as ever on 'sold' or 'sold to retailers' but still good news

03 Dec 2013

£87 Million Figure Claimed for PS4 UK 48 Hour Sales News

Figures are coming in with £87million spend basis for Sony's console sale of 250k units

02 Dec 2013

Xbox One Loses to PS4 as UK's Fastest Ever Seller News

First shots fired in console war sees Sony taking the high ground

02 Dec 2013

PlayStation Network Suffers Under PS4 Load News

Too much of a good thing for PS4 punters?

29 Nov 2013

Want to See What PS4 Pack the VIPs Got News

Also - who got PS4 and who got Xbox One?

29 Nov 2013

Launch Madness: Sony Positions PS4 as Soft Porn Model News

And Microsoft says 'Congratulations on launch'

29 Nov 2013

PS4 CEO's Microsoft Head Scratch on Used Games News

Andrew House, just the right side of smug b*stard

29 Nov 2013

Sony Gets UK PS4 Launch Mostly Right News

Concentrating on getting consoles to consumers shows Sony is on the case

29 Nov 2013

PS4 System Update Patch 1.51 is Ready! News

Launch day and there's a patch to make things better already. Technology's great.

28 Nov 2013

Price Drops for PS4 Launch Games News

Following an uproar over high game pricing, some sense breaks out.

27 Nov 2013

PS4s On Sale in UK O2 Phone Shop Deal News

Interesting deal for PS4 purchasers crops up

27 Nov 2013

Sony: PS4 Controller for Hardest of Hardcore Gamer News

Big claims for the heart of gaming by House

27 Nov 2013

PS4 Users Charged Nearly £60 for EA Digital Downloads News

Xbox One owners pay £5 less

26 Nov 2013

On Film: Let's Unbox a PS4! Nibble

23 Nov 2013

Foul! EA Admits to FIFA 14 Next Gen Console Bugs News

The teeniest pong of 'rush job' takes over from the yell of 'Rush Goalie!"

22 Nov 2013

Sony's Global Historic PS4 Challenge Goes Live! News

Sony has just launched a new website enabling you to take your place in the history of PlayStation.

22 Nov 2013

ITV4's PlayStation GT6 Academy Show is Go News

GT Academy 2013 hits TV screens from Wednesday 27 November on ITV4, with three high-octane episodes airing weekly at 8pm.

22 Nov 2013

Oh Noes! Microsoft Might Not Have Enough Xbox Ones News

Seriously, Microsoft's stock control and logistics goes bad... who would have thought it.

22 Nov 2013

Sony Congratulates Xbox One Lauch Team News

All the love r belong to Microsoft

22 Nov 2013

Sony: Pre-Owned Not Necessarily Hurting Games Industry News

Pre-owned buyers are opinion formers

21 Nov 2013

Sony Resets PSN Passwords Over Secret Security Scare News

Won't say what it was

21 Nov 2013

Sony to Make PS4 Profit Straight Away News

Analysts say that Sony has learned from PS3 mistake

20 Nov 2013

Sony Ups Its PS4 Failure Rate Number News

A small rise in reported failures for the new console

20 Nov 2013

One Huge Reason Sony REALLY Needs PS4 to Win News

Somewhere in Sony someone needs to make a profit.

19 Nov 2013

Gran Turismo 6 Bows Down to Microtransactions News

Hey, even Sony has to make a buck of two

19 Nov 2013

Fanboys Cool Down: PS4 Failure Rate News News

Sony's done very well indeed with sales of PS4 in the USA... so there.

18 Nov 2013

EA Accuses PS4 of 'Instability' Issues - Then Backs Down News

Who to trust eh? Battlefield 4 PS4 issues are Sony's fault ... or not

18 Nov 2013

On Film: The New PS4 User Interface Laid Out News

Smack! Bang! Sells you things! PS4! Woah!

15 Nov 2013

Video: Next Uncharted Title Teased News

Sony's New York PS4 launch event brings Uncharted trailer

15 Nov 2013

NFL Player Makes Midnight Launch Queue Less Painful News

Dez Bryant rolls up and buys five campers their PS4s

15 Nov 2013

USA! USA! Got the PS4 - Watch How It Unfolded News

The new era is upon us all as the centre of the universe gets the PLAYSTATION 4

15 Nov 2013

First Guy to Buy PS4 Is One Happy Chap News

And of course, he has a signature "winning" pose

15 Nov 2013

Watch Southpark: PS4 vs Xbox One - Get some Perspective News

It's all a big laugh to some people who get theirs for free yo

14 Nov 2013

Microsoft Xbox One - an Apology News

We're very sorry to have be snarky about a thing that the new console can't do...

13 Nov 2013

Read the PS4 Manual Now! News

Find out how to use to dang console before you buy it (other consoles are available)

13 Nov 2013

Sony Needs Nintendo... Says Sony News

A subtle slap at Microsoft from Play Nice Sony in a softco*k interview

13 Nov 2013

Sony PS4 - Very Limited Voice Control News

Sony promising great voice and gesture controls for PS4 later...

12 Nov 2013

PS4 to Outsell Xbox One by Millions says Analyst News

Analyst sees all and tells all

12 Nov 2013

PS4 - Yes You Can Resell Your Games News

Sony really is pushing that point hard now...

12 Nov 2013

Sony Turns to Amazon for PSN Help News

New channel for Playstation DLC or a sop to suffering retail

12 Nov 2013

Sony - Are We Monitoring PSN? Yes News

Quite bold, Sony just says it's snooping.

11 Nov 2013

Caught on Film: PS4 Unboxed News

Also what are the Americans getting?

11 Nov 2013

Confusion Over PS4 Killzone Mega Bundle Delays News

Hold ups reported in Europe for the big bundle

07 Nov 2013

Truth Break: PS4 and Xbox One Overheating News

Rumours of high heat next gen consoles are already leaking out. But are they true?

06 Nov 2013

PS4 Gets X-Platform PS3 Play News

No backwards compatibility though...

31 Oct 2013

Sony Details New Rewards Scheme News

Simply titled "Sony Rewards" for PlayStation and beyond

31 Oct 2013

Huge Q&A Reveals Good and Bad of PS4 News

Full launch game list and more for PS4

31 Oct 2013

Sony Financial Woes Grow - PS4 Success a Must News

Sony posts another loss... blames movies

31 Oct 2013

Ellen Page Nude Game Character Forces Sony Action News

Debug PS3 allows camera angle alteration

30 Oct 2013

GAME Offers "Fast Lane" To Your Next-Gen Console News

Jump the queue on launch night

30 Oct 2013

PS4 and Xbox One to Sell 10 Million at Launch says EA News

So says EAs Chief Operations Officer

30 Oct 2013

Sony PS4 Controller Works with Enemy Xbox 360 News

At least this video you're about to see asserts that DualShock 4 works with Xbox 360

28 Oct 2013

Sony Ceo to Reveal Future Of Company in January News

Kaz Hirai to Come to the Plate at CES 2014

28 Oct 2013

Holy Heck: 300Mb Day One PS4 Patch Detailed News

PS4 system software update 1.50 - bit of a whooper

28 Oct 2013

PS4 vs Xbox One War Gets Hot: Xbox OS a "F8cking Mess' News

Rumour says, "The system OS and network integration was written by a group of people who do not play games..."

28 Oct 2013

No Analog Face Buttons for PS4 News

No more hardness detection for you

24 Oct 2013

PS4 Chat Will Support Up To 8 Users News

Following in PSVita's footsteps

23 Oct 2013

Killzone Shadow Fall More Details Revealed News

Sony goes all "We reveal new details on co-op, dedicated servers, weapons, DualShock 4, and much more. Enjoy!"

23 Oct 2013

Xbox One Auto Records FIFA 14 - PS4 Does Not News

Key moments from EA's soccer game are automatically saved by one console...

23 Oct 2013

PlayStation Nostalgia - Hipster Style News

Yet more nostaligia to remind us all of how great the Playstation brand was... erm.. is

22 Oct 2013

Driveclub Won't Hit PS4 Launch, Sony Confirms News

Confirmation comes following reports earlier this week

18 Oct 2013

GAME is Hosting PS4 Lock-Ins News

"Play the PlayStation 4 First at the GAME PlayStation 4 Lock Ins!"

17 Oct 2013

Video: Sony Wants You to Have an Epic, Perfect Day With PS4 News

Live action ad references DriveClub and Killzone

15 Oct 2013

Your PS3 Headset Won't Support PS4 Chat at Launch News

Not support at launch for Bluetooth and no support likely for USB

11 Oct 2013

Chinese Students Forced into Making Playstation 4s News

Local news reports claim that students are being refused credits unless they comply

10 Oct 2013

Sony Losing $60 on Every PS4 News

It dropped the camera to hit 'magic price' too - hopes to make money back on selling peripherals sold separately

10 Oct 2013

PS4 Bundles for UK Confirmed News

Lovely new bundles coming your way

07 Oct 2013

Nobody Gains from Video Game Exclusives News

Sony executive finally says what everybody else has been thinking

07 Oct 2013

PS3 Will Live On Says Sony Exec News

Now it's a cash cow, why kill it?

04 Oct 2013

Sony: Battle with Microsoft is a Good Thing News

But deep down Sony knows that Microsoft are smart guys... not in that way

03 Oct 2013

PS4 Set to Outsell Xbox One News

So says the International Data Corporation

02 Oct 2013

China to Lift Games Console Ban News

Shanghai free trade zone opens the territory

27 Sep 2013

PS4 Won't Support HDMI Capture at Launch News

Sony will be bringing HDMI capture device support to PS4 post launch.

23 Sep 2013

How to Update Game from PS3 to PS4 News

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Watch_Dogs, NBA 2K14 and Battlefield 4 upgraded on the cheap

20 Sep 2013

Caught on Film: PS4 App Rivals Xbox Smartglass News

Sony also expects PS4 to hit profit earlier than PS3

19 Sep 2013

Gran Turismo 6 Getting Big Day 1 Patch News

GT 6 needs fixing before it's even out.

18 Sep 2013

Outrage at Playstation GTA V Change News

Pre-load date sours PS+ members day

13 Sep 2013

PS4 Gameplay: No Youtube For You News

At least, not at present

13 Sep 2013

PS4 "Best Performing Game System in History" News

So says lead system architect

13 Sep 2013

No New Sony Micro Console for Europe or USA News

Sony not planning to bring microconsole to Europe or the USA

12 Sep 2013

19 Games Confirmed For Japanese PS4 Launch News

Or 18 games and a beta...

11 Sep 2013

UK Video Game Charts - The GTA V Effect News

Farming Simulator joins other new releases in the last week before GTA V releases

09 Sep 2013

New PlayStation Vita for October News

All go at Sony in Japan

09 Sep 2013

Sony Reveals Surprise New 'Console' News

Play PSP and Vita games on your TV

09 Sep 2013

PS4 Controller Count Controversy News

Fewer players than Xbox 360 and PS3 and Xbox One.

05 Sep 2013

Sony Bringing 3D Headset to PS4 News

Forget Oculus Rift... apparently. Also forget all those 3D TVs

04 Sep 2013

Sony Confirms Voice Recognition for PS4 News

Any further details are scarce

02 Sep 2013

PS4 Killzone Shadow Fall + Camera Bundle Incoming News

Great price, nice looking bundle.

30 Aug 2013

Who is Sony Working With on PS4? News

There's a list you know... it's here

30 Aug 2013

PlayStation Home is Dead in Asia News

No more updates for the failed experiment

30 Aug 2013

EA Loves Sony - Everything is Platform Agnostic News

All this talk of EA being in love mostest with Microsoft is slack talk yo

23 Aug 2013

Video: Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Falls Asleep During Panel News

It couldn't happen to a nicer man.

23 Aug 2013

All the PlayStation 4 Launch Titles to Argue About News

OMFG that is soooo lame! No it isn't, you are. No I'm not, he is... and so on

21 Aug 2013

gamescom 2013 - Sony Announces PS4 Launch Details News

Sony lays its gaming future on the line in Germany

20 Aug 2013

Sony gamescom PlayStation Vita Gets Price Cut News

Lots and lots of Vita action including memory card price cuts

20 Aug 2013

Sony gamescom 2014 - GT 6 Gets Hot December Launch News

Gran Turismo 6 finally gets into the news again

20 Aug 2013

gamescom 2013 - Sony Goes LiveStream News

Expect November to be the release window for the PS4 to be revealed here

20 Aug 2013

Cologne gamescom 2013 the Calendar News

When to expect what from the era ending video games conference

20 Aug 2013

Sony Saudis Leak PS4 Release Window - NOT News

Apparently official goes pre-Xmas for release, but only between the lines

19 Aug 2013

MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central Coming to PlayStation News

Sony finalising deal to bring Viacom to its Internet TV offering for Playstation

16 Aug 2013

Ellen Page Alleges that Naughty Dog Ripped Her Face Off News

Actress annoyed at The Last of Us - she's in a different game you see

12 Aug 2013

Sony PS4 User Front End Exposed Early News

A crash for Blacklight:Retribution demo reveals new front end

07 Aug 2013

Sony at War Over PlayStation Division News

Stockholder's call for individual Entertainment unit thrown out

07 Aug 2013

UK Video Games Chart: So Long Pikmin News

Minecraft maintains its top spot

05 Aug 2013

PS3 vs Xbox One: All the Launch Titles News

Video describes the console battles ahead

02 Aug 2013

Sony Hands Out PS4 Dev Kits "Like Candy" News

Microsoft will charge a fee

25 Jul 2013

Sony Goes After Indie Game Devs News

Planning to host regular indie dev meets

25 Jul 2013

Xbox One vs PS4: The Specs Nibble

25 Jul 2013

EA - Waiting for Sony and Microsoft Before Game Pricing News

Peter Moore stalls when talking game costs for Xbox One and PS4

24 Jul 2013

Sony's PS4 Passes Test in USA News

US government is happy to let it go on sale

23 Jul 2013

Xbox One Will Record Your Last 5 Minutes of Gameplay News

PS4 will record extra time

22 Jul 2013

Sony Tones Down DRM Rules On Video Unlimited Service For Playstation Devices News

Have Microsoft finally set the right example?

16 Jul 2013

PS4 "Stress Sensing Controller" Dropped by Sony News

The device was tested but, stressfully, never made it. Why?

16 Jul 2013

UK Video Game Charts - Mario & Luigi Can't Do It News

Nintendo's Dream Team can't dislodge PS3 exclusive

15 Jul 2013

Game Changer as China Aims to Unban Foreign Consoles News

Vast opportunity opening up for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

11 Jul 2013

Sony Cock-a-Hoop on Last of Us Sales News

Massively happy sales people as dystopian game brings Utopia to PS3

09 Jul 2013

UK Games Charts: PlayStation Exclusive Beats Xbox Exclusive News

The Last of Us does battle with Minecraft

08 Jul 2013

At Last PS3 Catches Up with Xbox 360 on Now TV News

It has been on 360 since last year, now PS3 finally gets it

05 Jul 2013

PlayStation Store Gets Mobile Payment Option News

First step towards PS4 vision.

03 Jul 2013

UK Chart: Minecraft Creeps After The Last of Us News

Sony's blockbuster thriller stays at top, though.

01 Jul 2013

Sony: PS4 Release Doesn't Mean PS3 Will be Abandoned News

There's life in the old dog yet

28 Jun 2013

Ellen Page: The Last of Us Character Likeness Was 'Not Appreciated' News

Has a little bit of a dig at the AAA studio.

24 Jun 2013

Report: Sony 'Opened the Floodgates' on PS4 Pre-Orders This Weekend News

Taking advantage of positive buzz.

24 Jun 2013

UK Chart: The Last of Us Remains King of the Top 10 News

Animal Crossing sticks to second place.

24 Jun 2013

PS4: Dutch Retailers Claim November 13 Launch Date News

Mid-week console launch?

20 Jun 2013

PS3 Firmware 4.45 Pulled After Update Bricks Consoles News

Mass problems cause SCE to investigate.

19 Jun 2013

Jack Tretton: Interest in PS4 Will Exceed Supply News

Better get pre-ordering.

18 Jun 2013

Sony on Game Ownership: 'If You Buy It, You Own It' News

CEO makes game policy stance crystal clear.

17 Jun 2013

PS4 Remote Play Natively Supported - Every Game on Your Vita! News

Well, not absolutely -every- game.

14 Jun 2013

PS4 Japan Launch Date Still to be Determined News

US and Europe are key territories for the platform.

13 Jun 2013

Sony: PS4 Can Perform Cloud Computations, If Developers Choose News

But the feature is not mandatory.

13 Jun 2013

E3 2013: Sony Clarifies Exec's 'PS4 Third Party DRM' Statement News

There is no DRM. Only online passes. Unless you're a first party game.

12 Jun 2013

E3 2013: PS4 Specs Revealed News

Get a load of Sony's vital statistics.

11 Jun 2013

E3 2013: Transistor, Don't Starve Lead PS4 Indie Push News

Slew of creative games heading to Sony console first.

11 Jun 2013

E3 2013 Gallery: Glossy New PlayStation 4 Pics News

The PS4 from every angle

11 Jun 2013

E3 2013: PlayStation 4 Priced at £349 News

No firm date, but still pegged for Holiday 2013.

11 Jun 2013

E3 2013: PlayStation 4 Unveiled News

Check out the details inside!

11 Jun 2013

E3 2013 CONFERENCE VIDEOS: Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony News

Watch all of Monday's conferences right here!

10 Jun 2013

E3 Conference Schedule: Get Your Times Here! News

Exciting times ahead.

04 Jun 2013

Analyst: PS4 to Sell at $349, Xbox One at $399 News

Subsidised consoles could be the future.

03 Jun 2013

Sony to Showcase The Last Guardian at E3 2013 News

After a long absence.

03 Jun 2013

Hirai: PS4 is 'First and Foremost a Game Console' News

CEO focuses on core games for platform's launch.

31 May 2013

Sony and LEGO Collaborating on Interactive Toys News

Could we see video game applications of this research?

28 May 2013

Gamers Target Sony Execs With PS4 Anti-DRM Campaign News

Gamers are pro used games too.

28 May 2013

UK Newspaper Ad Confirms PS4 2013 Launch News

Sony: What, you thought we'd leave Europe behind?

24 May 2013

PS4 First Look Day and Date Announced in Video News

With Next Xbox reveal tomorrow, Sony hits out with a spoiler

20 May 2013

Sony Registers Domains for The Last of Us 2 and 3 News

Future titles? Or simply protecting its IP?

17 May 2013

Shareholder Revolt Preceding Sony's PS4 Launch News

New stockholder forcing Kaz Hirai's hand on investment

15 May 2013

Sony Aims for 2013 Launch for PS4 in Europe News

SCEE "prepared to do whatever it takes" to stop Microsoft expansion.

14 May 2013

'Father of PlayStation' Finds New Job at Marvelous AQL News

Will join the board at the end of June.

10 May 2013

Sony 'Not Planning a Major Financial Loss' with PS4 News

Has learned from PS3 development.

09 May 2013

Gran Turismo Event Teases "Exciting Future Announcements" News

Could a GT6 reveal be imminent?

08 May 2013

Sony Waives PlayStation Mobile Development Fee News

Developers can release their content for free.

08 May 2013

Sony: 'Always-Online' Never Considered for PS4 News

Exec puts pressure on Microsoft to comment on Xbox.

08 May 2013

Grand Theft Auto Sale Kicks Off on PlayStation Store News

Get 'em while they're hot.

08 May 2013

PS4 Share Functionality Can Be Disabled by Developers News

To avoid sharing spoilers.

07 May 2013

GameStop to Cease PlayStation 2 Trades After June 1 News

Will continue to sell pre-owned products until it runs out.

07 May 2013

Sony E3 Press Conference Follows Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA News

Middle of the night for UK viewers

03 May 2013

PS4 to be Hands-On at GameStop Expo News

Public will get their mitts on the new gear.

02 May 2013

Sony PS4 - Biggest PlayStation Launch Line-Up News

Loads of software based on system familiarity

24 Apr 2013

ASDA Begins PlayStation 4 Pre-Order Service News

A first for the supermarket chain.

11 Apr 2013

Sony: We'd Hate to See All PS4 Games be FPS or Photorealistic News

Knack leading the charge in diverse PS4 content.

10 Apr 2013

LulzSec Hacker Pleads Guilty in Court Over Nintendo and Sony Attacks News

Rogue organisation falls apart.

10 Apr 2013

Guerrilla: The Sony of Today is Different From The Sony of Five Years Ago News

Better communication between developers.

10 Apr 2013

Xbox 360 Owners Best at Sex - PC Gamers Basically Terrible News

Look don't blame us... we've got Amigas

04 Apr 2013

Xbox 720 "Aligned" in Tech with PS4 Says Ubisoft News

Yannis Mallat pleased with what he's seen

04 Apr 2013

National "Newspaper" Scoops Amazing Pink PS4 Exclusive News

Sony Confirms No Pink PS4 as Sun Writer Guesses PS4 Launch Date

03 Apr 2013

GameStop Confirms PS4 Launch for Xmas 2013 News

Working on GameStop's official word that is

02 Apr 2013

PS4 Lead Architect: Sony 'Clearly Had Some Issues With PS3' News

Such issues are likely to be resolved with next-gen.

27 Mar 2013

GDC: Sony Goes Big on Indies as New PS4 Titles Announced News

Blacklight: Retribution and Primal Carnage: Genesis joins The Witness

26 Mar 2013

Vlambeer Champions Sony as Luftrausers Announced for PS3, Vita News

"We loved working with Sony"

22 Mar 2013

Unity Confirmed for PS4, Vita and PlayStation Cloud Services News

Great for independent studio support.

22 Mar 2013

UK Video Games Charts: Tomb Raider Beats God of War News

Also beats SimCity and Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

18 Mar 2013

Japanese Hardware Chart: PS Vita Smashes 60,000 Units After Price Cut News

Phantasy Star Online 2 release also helps beef up numbers.

07 Mar 2013

Sony: PS Vita Sales Have Quadrupled in Japan News

Following price cut.

05 Mar 2013

Sony Hosting PlayStation 4 Presentation at GDC News

Maybe some new info will come out.

04 Mar 2013

Sony Hints at PS4 Support for Upcoming 4K Movie Service News

We won't be disappointed.

01 Mar 2013

Rumour: Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Going Free-to-Play News

Level caps apparently imposed.

26 Feb 2013

Sony Confirms PS4 Projects from All First Party Studios News

Throws up some interesting possibilities.

26 Feb 2013

PS4 Euro Developers No Longer has Mojang, Criterion... News

But new devs are added to bolster to line up

25 Feb 2013

Sony Patents Method for Detecting Pirated Software News

Could it be used for the PS4?

25 Feb 2013

Sony Expects PS4-Vita Remote Play Working on "All Games" at Launch News

Studios boss asking developers to look at feature before certification.

22 Feb 2013

PS4 Will Come Bundled With a Headset News

Also: curved triggers!

22 Feb 2013

Carmack on PS4: Sony Made Wise Engineering Choices News

id Software legend praises new console.

22 Feb 2013

Are there any Pix in the Full PS4 Specs? Read Them Here! News

Memory, Blu-ray... networks

21 Feb 2013

PS4 Priced at £499 Says UK Retail News

Price already slashed by £100

21 Feb 2013

Sony PS4 Announce: No Kaz Hirai as House Slips Up News

Slip of the tongue or surprise announcement for Sony?

21 Feb 2013

PS4: See All The Announced Games Here News

Teaser trailers for your eyeballs.

21 Feb 2013

Sony: PS4 Will Play Second Hand Games News

Shuhei Yoshida spills the beans.

21 Feb 2013

PS4: All The Rumours, Rounded Up News

See if any of these come true.

20 Feb 2013

Watch the PlayStation 4 Announcement Right Here! News

Live stream, live stream, fresh ice cold live stream.

20 Feb 2013

Next PlayStation Could Support Cross-Platform Connectivity News

Hook up more than just PS Vita?

19 Feb 2013

PlayStation 4 Could Retail at £300 News

So aggressive.

19 Feb 2013

US Chart: Microsoft Outsells Wii U Once Again News

Leap year provides some interesting statistics.

15 Feb 2013

PlayStation 4 to Cost Upwards of $400 News

Japanese media sources going crazy with 'news'

07 Feb 2013

Sony Needs PS4 as Games Income Nose Dives News

"This decrease was primarily due to the above-mentioned decrease in sales of PS3 software and PSP hardware."

07 Feb 2013

PS Vita Gets Free PlayStation Home Arcade Application News

Frogger, Asteroids and more.

06 Feb 2013

Nintendo States that Consoles Will "Not Die Out" News

Nintendo also calls on Laws of Physics to Diss Sony's Cloud Gaming

05 Feb 2013

PlayStation 4 - Share Button + Delayed Europe Release Already News

The PS4 is not even officially born yet, but it's going to late.

01 Feb 2013

PS4 and Xbox 720 To Release in 2013 Say "People Familiar with The Matter" News

All bets are on... as Rupert Murdoch's organ breaks the news...

01 Feb 2013

Sony Teasing PlayStation 4 with Video News

It's an incredibly vague video... but it is a tease

01 Feb 2013

Sony Dates Vita Killzone Nibble

31 Jan 2013

Sony's "Game Day 2013" has Greek Goddess Looking Lady... Looking News

God of War Ascension sneaks into 'strange video'

29 Jan 2013

Chinese Government Currently Reviewing Video Games Ban News

Could open the floodgates for console manufacturers.

28 Jan 2013

ICO Fine Sony for PlayStation ID Hack News

Sony to contest a £250,000 fine ironically from ICO

24 Jan 2013

Survey Suggests PS Vita is Japan's Most Desired Console News

There might be life in the new dog yet.

22 Jan 2013

Hirai on PS4 Launch: Why Release Before Our Competitors? News

CEO considering letting Microsoft launch first.

21 Jan 2013

Rumour: Sony to Drop DualShock Design for Next Console News

Looking to the PS Vita for tech.

18 Jan 2013

Sony to Sell US Headquarters News

$1.1bn sale will net the corporation $770 million.

18 Jan 2013

Hirai On Sony's Comeback: We Are More Nimble and Focused News

But isn't so certain on 4K TV adoption.

18 Jan 2013

Rumour Mill Churns into Overdrive: Which Next-Gen Console is More Powerful? News

Two different reports claim totally different things.

17 Jan 2013

Kevin Butler Actor Settles in Sony Lawsuit News

Admits to potential consumer confusion in competing advert.

17 Jan 2013

Viva the PS Vita! Sony Rallies Software Support for Handheld News

Four games, Cross-Buy compatibility and a free PlayStation Plus title.

16 Jan 2013

Analyst: Sony, Microsoft Could Sell Next-Gen Consoles for $400 News

Based on meetings at CES.

14 Jan 2013

PlayStation Store Gets Performance-Enhancing Update News

Sneaky new patch addresses a number of performance issues.

14 Jan 2013

Sony on PlayStation 4: "Wait Until May at Least" News

Reveal could be made before E3 in June.

14 Jan 2013

PS3 has Shipped More than Xbox 360 Globally News

Such is the claim made in a reputable report

10 Jan 2013

Sony: Console Gaming "Not Going Away Any Time Soon" News

Dedicated to supporting PS3 until 2016.

09 Jan 2013

Sony CEO on PlayStation Vita Sales - Glum but Honest News

Low end of sales predictions

08 Jan 2013

Rumour: Sony to Use PS3 and Vita Event to Announce PS4 News

It's far-fetched, sure, but at least Sony's got some attention out of it.

07 Jan 2013

Industry Figures Discuss End of Consoles in PlayStation 2 Eulogy News

The PS3 didn't do as well as the PS2. What does this mean?

07 Jan 2013

Sony Preparing Broadband Multichannel TV Service News

Internet TV could use PlayStation Network to huge benefit.

04 Jan 2013

Sony Files Patent for Pre-Owned Games Block News

Uh-oh, spaghetti-o's.

03 Jan 2013

End of an Era as Sony Stops Making PlayStation 2 News

Over a decade since it was launched... PS2 ceases.

31 Dec 2012

Nintendo 3DS Outsells PS3 Lifetime Sales in Japan News

Nintendo Wii has fantastic launch week.

13 Dec 2012

Nintendo: Sony and Microsoft Need to React to Us News

"Need to figure out what their innovation will be."

27 Nov 2012

Sony's "Loss of Technology Leadership" Sees Stock Downgraded to "Junk" News

Uncertain times for Japanese corporation.

22 Nov 2012

Sony Celebrates 70m PlayStation 3 Consoles Shipped News

Not sold to gamers, but to retail - but catching up with Microsoft.

16 Nov 2012

Japan: Nintendo 3DS Lifetime Sales Closing on PS3 News

Handheld mocked outside of Japan is selling well at home

15 Nov 2012

Sony Share Price is Lowest Since 1980 News

Having to issue bonds for the first time in a decade to help repay Gakai buy

14 Nov 2012

PlayStation Network Gets Permanent Bans for Bad Software Users News

Use hacker software? Get caught? Get banned for life.

14 Nov 2012

PlayStation Plus Comes to PS Vita on November 20 News

Uncharted, Gravity Rush and Chronovolt among first Instant Game Collection titles.

13 Nov 2012

Massive News for Game Consoles as China Looks to Drop Decade Old Hardware Ban News

PlayStation 3 gets official certification from Chinese government

09 Nov 2012

Sony Gaming Chief Must Now Take on Music and Other Media Matters News

Sony's gaming focus becoming diluted with executive movement

08 Nov 2012

Japanese Chart: Tales of Xillia 2 Leads Charge News

PS3 takes software chart, Nintendo 3DS takes hardware.

08 Nov 2012

Updated: New Uncharted Outed by Ratings Board - Mobile Game Predicted News

Brazilian board calls Vita title.

07 Nov 2012

PlayStation 3 Granted Chinese Sales Certificate News

Ban on consoles may be lifting.

05 Nov 2012

PlayStation 4 to be "Very Affordable", But No Slouch News

Full reveal expected at E3 2013.

02 Nov 2012

Sony Finances - Games Down But Losses Change to Not Losses News

Sales in "Game" division down...

01 Nov 2012

Folding@Home Comes to an End with New PS3 System Update News

We do get PS Vita trophies on our consoles, though.

22 Oct 2012

Sony Exec Yoshida on Comments onPlayStation Store: "Careful What You Wish For" News

Shuhei Yoshida speaks up about local versus regional

19 Oct 2012

UK PlayStation Store Having Problems News

Slow and re-directing to older Store

18 Oct 2012

PlayStation Store - New Look - New Feel Now Dated News

Sony finally makes the much needed changes to its online PlayStation offering

11 Oct 2012

Sony Claims 5 Million PlayStation Sales in the UK News

Brands the console as 'iconic' and claims big number

11 Oct 2012

Sony Pushes PlayStation Exclusives onto its New Platform News

Gakai's cloud gaming gets great line up for Sony fans

11 Oct 2012

Bridgestone: That's Not Kevin Butler in Our Advert News

Denies Sony has any protectable property in the character.

09 Oct 2012

Sony Sues Kevin Butler and His Advertising Firm News

VP of Playing Mario Kart Wii gets busted.

08 Oct 2012

Sony to Offer Digital Discounts for AAA Games on PSN News

Only if you have PlayStation Plus.

26 Sep 2012

Wonderbook Dated: Book of Spells Hits in November News

All kinds of bundles on offer.

26 Sep 2012

Ex-PlayStation Man Dumps on Sony of America News

Then backtracks over the whole thing

25 Sep 2012

Let's Unbox Our New PlayStation 3 Slim News

Lots of pix of SPOnG's PS3 Super Slim

21 Sep 2012

Sony Bitch-Slaps Nintendo's Wii U as Old Tech News

PS3 and Vita can already do all that stuff

21 Sep 2012

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale - Video - All Characters News

You've got catch 'em all.... or something.

20 Sep 2012

PlayStation Plus Coming to Vita in November News

Dated and everything

19 Sep 2012

It's Official! Sony's New PS3 Wii U Spoiler News

12Gb flash and smaller form factor, lower price. Pix here

19 Sep 2012

Who in Gods' Names Wants a 12Gb PS3? News

You will if that 12Gb is flash storage

14 Sep 2012

Japanese Chart: Hatsune Miku Rescues PlayStation Vita News

Handheld sells over 50,000 units.

10 Sep 2012

Sony Officially Unveils Killzone Trilogy News

Includes HD update of PS2 Killzone release.

07 Sep 2012

PlayStation Store Update - Counter Strike Global Offensive Outrage More Like News

Another week - another no show - Walking Dead too.

05 Sep 2012

GameStop: Only One Console Will Launch in 2013 News

Sony and Microsoft will apparently not go head to head.

04 Sep 2012

Sony Unveils Massive Tokyo Game Show Line-Up News

Nearly 50 PS3 and PS Vita titles on show.

04 Sep 2012

Sony Close to Releasing ICO HD Vita Remote Play Patch News

Likely to be presented at Tokyo Game Show.

03 Sep 2012

EA's Gibeau Dates New Console Hardware News

Opens mouth... world goes craaaazy

31 Aug 2012

Archos Targets PS Vita With GamePad Tablet News

Comes with buttons and analogue sticks.

30 Aug 2012

PlayStation 4 to Support 4k Resolution News

One source has told one website that PS4 will match Sony's new telly

23 Aug 2012

Kaz Hirai "No Longer as Close to PlayStation" News

The future of cloud gaming might not be as near as you think...

21 Aug 2012

Japan: Vita Outsold by PSP in First 35 Weeks News

Latest handheld fails to reach 1 million units.

20 Aug 2012

LittleBigPlanet Vita and PS3 Get Costume Cross-Compatibility News

New screens in place too, treat yourself.

16 Aug 2012

Sony PlayStation Network 'Hack' was Duped Media News

The power of Anonymous is like a scary ghost... attracting hits

16 Aug 2012

Video: First Free-to-Play RPG in PlayStation Home News

Sony adding to its F2P line-up

14 Aug 2012

Sony Moves to Acquire Broadband Company So-Net News

Will have full ownership of internet services.

10 Aug 2012

Sony Trademarks 'Rain' - Leaked Footage News


07 Aug 2012

God of War Saga, inFAMOUS Collection Announced News

Kratos comes with a month's free PlayStation Plus.

06 Aug 2012

New Peripheral Pairs Android Phones with PS3 Controllers News

But GameKlip will come in many different shapes and sizes.

06 Aug 2012

Sony Planning Public Beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale News

PlayStation Plus members getting earlier access, though.

02 Aug 2012

Sony Expects Gaming Sales to Decrease - Blames Portables News

Refuses to detail PSP and Vita sales as individual items though

02 Aug 2012

Sony on SOCOM; It's Not Done News

May be set for a 'fresh look'

01 Aug 2012

Okami, ZOE and Yakuza HD Remakes Showcased in Sony Trailer News

Tasty comparison shots included.

30 Jul 2012

Japanese Government Investigating Overheating PS Vitas News

Sony says issue is not a malfunction.

25 Jul 2012

PlayStation Home to Get Free-to-Play Shooter This Week News

No Man's Land will launch after scheduled PSN maintenance.

25 Jul 2012

No New PlayStation Launch at gamescom 2012 News

Too many old PS3s in stock apparently

23 Jul 2012

Japan: PS Vita Sells Under 800k Units in Six Months News

Persona 4 The Golden a big hit though.

18 Jul 2012

Sony Puts Sale of Nasne DVR on Hold - One Day Before Release News

Retailer speculates a hardware bug at fault.

18 Jul 2012

Limbo Developer Snubbed Sony Over IP Rights News

Popular indie title could have hit PSN first.

16 Jul 2012

PlayStation 3 Super Slim in Pictures News

Brazillian site post what it claims are pix of PS3 that look remarkably like a Gaf mockup

16 Jul 2012

PlayStation Vita and the Improving Sales Tale News

Yes, we're going with good news on Japanese hardware sales... what of it?

05 Jul 2012

Filing Confirms a New PlayStation 3 on Its Way News

A picture paints quite a few words about a new PS3

05 Jul 2012

Sony's Gakai Cloud Gaming to Hit More than PlayStation News

More than a simple gaming strategy

04 Jul 2012

PlayStation Vita Update Adds PSOne Classics News

A lovely slab of nostalgia as old games win...

03 Jul 2012

Sony Points at PS4 with Gakai Buy News

Sony confirms purchase of Dave Perry's Cloud Gaming Gakai

02 Jul 2012

PlayStation vs Xbox: More PS3 Gamers Pay for Digital Content News

Xbox gamers, get your wallets out!

28 Jun 2012

Kaz Hirai Steps Down as Sony Computer Entertainment Chairman News

But he's still a part-time member of the board.

27 Jun 2012

Japanese Chart: Persona Win Leads to Vita Sales Boost News

Lollipop Chainsaw performs well.

22 Jun 2012

Ōkami HD Hitting PSN This Autumn News

Exclusive to PlayStation 3.

20 Jun 2012

WipEout HD and HD Fury Coming to 2048 News

Buy PS3 version, get Vita version for free!

19 Jun 2012

Sony: Vita Has Advantage Over Nintendo's Wii U News

That handheld needs a processor!

19 Jun 2012

Sony Offers Free PS3 or Vita With Student Vaio Campaign News

Buy a laptop, get a free PlayStation.

14 Jun 2012

Japanese Chart: Sony King of the Tokyo Jungle News

But Nintendo still dominates the chart.

14 Jun 2012

Sony Sees Wii U as a Risk to... Sony News

Just not a huge threat as it doesn't have the games

13 Jun 2012

Sony and Nintendo Staff Hit by Pay Cuts News

Serious business or merely pleasing for stock-holders to see.

13 Jun 2012

Molyneux Worries about PlayStation Development News

Ex-Microsoft man frets for Sony

13 Jun 2012

Honest Sony Exec Admits PS3 is "In Third" News

Sony's head of hardware marketing, John Koller, talks straightish about PS3 failure to win this generation

12 Jun 2012

E3 Sony Exec: Competitors "Are Losing The Plot" News

Same guy says that "we've had a fantastic E3"

07 Jun 2012

Sony's House Betting Big On PlayStation Vita News

Predicted sales figures coming in for PlayStation family

06 Jun 2012

Exec Admits Sony Messed Up with PlayStation Vita at E3 News

Sony Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshid, "That was, in retrospect, our fault..."

06 Jun 2012

Naughty Dog's The Last of Us: Vidz Screenz but No Game in 2012 News

2013 is possible for release...

06 Jun 2012

Loads of David Cage's 'Beyond: Two Souls" Footage News

The next game from Heavy Rain-maker Cage in some of its motion glory.

06 Jun 2012

Despite E3 No Show Last Guardian Remains a PS3 Game News

Technical problems stopped E3 appearance

06 Jun 2012

PlayStation Plus 'Instant Game Collection' Comes to Europe News

PS Plus gets more content but no price change

05 Jun 2012

E3 2012: JK Rowling Brings Harry Potter to Sony's Wonderbook Platform News

Augmented Reality tries to revitalise book industry.

05 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Assassin's Creed III Liberation Announced for Vita News

Crystal White Vita bundle pack planned.

05 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Quantic Dream Reveals Beyond News

Heavy Rain developer casts Ellen Page.

05 Jun 2012

New Ratchet & Clank Game Announced - Hits Autumn News

"Fun-sized" adventure in a similar vein to Quest for Booty.

31 May 2012

PS4 and Xbox 720 Will Retain Discs News

Wall Street journal cracks open the 'download-only' myth and lays it to rest.

30 May 2012

Report: Sony Close to Acquiring "High Profile" Cloud Gaming Firm News

Gaikai or OnLive apparently on the table.

30 May 2012

Sony E3 Conference Open to Members of Public News

First 200 non-industry attendees will get seats at the show.

30 May 2012

Report: PlayStation Plus Overhaul Announcement at E3 News

PS Vita support and cloud gaming rumoured.

30 May 2012

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Gets Kevin Butler News

Also Nathan Drake, Sly Cooper and Cole McGrath and Snake

18 May 2012

Sony Unveils New Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC News

Out today, in Asia.

16 May 2012

Sony Launching BBC Sport App for PS3 News

Free to view, live streaming of Wimbledon, Olympics and F1.

15 May 2012

Robbie Bach: Xbox 360's Success Down to Sony's Mistakes News

Admits Microsoft got a bit lucky with publisher support.

14 May 2012

Sony Fesses Up to PlayStation Vita Numbers News

Kaz Hirai is happy-ish...

10 May 2012

Sony Financials in a Bad State - PS3 Sales Down News

Look away everybody, it's all going well, don't worry about Sony

10 May 2012

Sony to Launch Crystal White, Hatsune Miku Branded Vita News

To hit Japan in June and August.

08 May 2012

George Hotz Met With Sony Engineers on PS3 Security News

Was reportedly happy to collaborate.

01 May 2012

God of War: Ascension - Sexy Screens and Vibrant Video for Multiplayer! News

Yes, the franchise that needed multiplayer like a hole in the head gets... multiplayer

30 Apr 2012

Nintendo Forgets Apple as It Announces Competitor Hardware Sales News

PS3 leading in Europe according to figures used at Nintendo shareholder meet

27 Apr 2012

PlayStation AllStars: Battle Royale Brawler Arted Up News

Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Parappa, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper fight each other!

27 Apr 2012

Microsoft Service Coming to Sony PlayStation News

Skype hitting PlayStation Vita on April 2012

24 Apr 2012

PlayStation Hunger Gaming Battle Royale? News

New domain registration hints as big reveal

23 Apr 2012

Sony Chasing Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Solution News

Promotion hopefully coming soon

20 Apr 2012

God of War 4 Named, Video'd and Here News

Yes, poor old Kratos is put to the test again

19 Apr 2012

PS3 Standalone DVR Announced for Japan News

Nasne is its name, TV is its game.

17 Apr 2012

E3 2012: Sony and Microsoft Dates Revealed News

Let's all get ready for E3!

17 Apr 2012

Bioware Bitch-Slaps Sony Over Mass Effect 3 Mutiplayer News

Sony gets called out online in public by Bioware

12 Apr 2012

Troubled Sony Asks "Will Vengeance Bring Redemption?" News

Giant Japanese game maker in teasing question

12 Apr 2012

Despite 10,000 Lay-Offs Sony is Sticking with PlayStation Gaming News

The great restructure begins for Kaz Hirai and his team

12 Apr 2012

Ouch! Sony Hit with Additional £2 Billion loss News

Kaz Hirai Struggling to Rescue Sony!

10 Apr 2012

PS4 to "Go Toe-to-Toe" With Microsoft's Next Xbox News

Spec sheet gobbledegook inside.

05 Apr 2012

Pachter: PS4 Won't Block Pre-Owned Games News

If it did, retailers would block console sales.

29 Mar 2012

"Orbis" Name Triggers PlayStation 4 Rumour Frenzy News

PS4 gets confusing pix and rumours. We've got pix of 'design' images since removed...

28 Mar 2012

PlayMemories Studio Launches on PS3 News

PlayStation Plus members get it free.

28 Mar 2012

As Kaz Hirai Prepares for Presidency Sony Restructures Entertainment Division News

With Kaz Hirai's promotion comes changes...

27 Mar 2012

PlayStation 3 Turns Five in Europe Today News

SPOnG takes a look back at the night's launch event.

23 Mar 2012

Sony's Indie Games Funding - More Attractive than Microsoft News

Forget Kickstarter and give Sony your exclusivity

08 Mar 2012

Report: LulzSec Leader Sells Out His Own Organisation to FBI News

FBI: "We're chopping off the head of LulzSec."

06 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Chart: SSX Takes the Piste News

Mario Party 9 performs well despite no stock at GAME.

05 Mar 2012

Sony PSP Riot Muggers Convicted - One Angers Judge News

One of them walks out of courtroom..

02 Mar 2012

PlayStation 4 to be 'Essentially a PC' says Rumour News

More and more rumours of PS4 fuel... rumour mill

02 Mar 2012

Pre-Owned Gamers Can Unlock Vita Trophies News

Workaround allows second-hand players to earn their own awards.

01 Mar 2012

Rumour: PlayStation 4 Will Not Feature Cell Processor News

When rumours turn into wild speculation - what fun!

01 Mar 2012

Sony PlayStation Vita Sales Figures are In - Over One Million News

That sure looks like a lot... but hold on a sec...

28 Feb 2012

Sony Releasing Killzone 3 MultiPlayer for Free News

It maybe level-capped but for £0.00 it's a good deal.

24 Feb 2012

Ex-AMD Employees Confirm New Sony PlayStation News

Forbes lets slip AMD not nVidia support

23 Feb 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Motorstorm RC Trophy List Reveals Upcoming DLC News

Pro-Am and Carnival add 40 extra stages.

20 Feb 2012

Next Call of Duty Hitting PlayStation Vita News

Also, Naughty Dog on Vita eventually.

20 Feb 2012

Sony on a New PlayStation: "Right Now, We're Focused on PS3" News

Jack Tretton on PS4... it's not coming yet.

17 Feb 2012

Sony Denies PlayStation Dev Support Exits News

Japanese newspaper claims devs are jumping to the Nintendo DS

16 Feb 2012

Sony Closes Digital Comic Service on PlayStation Store News

No more PSP comics for you!

15 Feb 2012

Warners and Sony Caught Up in Arkham City Imposters Lock Out News

Things are not looking great in Gotham City and it's not down to the various super-villains rushing around the place. Impostors running into more problems.

10 Feb 2012

Microsoft has Extended the Xbox 360 Life-Cycle News

Microsoft's figures keep the native console in top spot

10 Feb 2012

PlayStation 3 Update Gives DropBox Support News

File-sharing system comes to PS3

08 Feb 2012

LittleBigPlanet Karting Leaked News

Plus - new Square Enix title Sleeping Dogs.

08 Feb 2012

Sony: No UMD Passport for the US News

Won't follow Japan's lead.

08 Feb 2012

PlayStation 3: Jailbreaking is Not a Crime Campaign Go! News

EFF post video and starts campaign

08 Feb 2012

Sony CEO's "Oh Sh*t" Moment has Arrived News

Kaz Hirai's believes that his task is huge and not everybody in the company is onboard

06 Feb 2012

PlayStation Vita Gets Maps and Video on Wednesday News

Plus: Sony Entertainment Network branding and Mac OS X support.

06 Feb 2012

PlayStation Network to Get a Name Change News

Sony Entertainment Network for PS3 and Vita - but not PSP

06 Feb 2012

Sony Consumer Products Division Post $1bn Quarterly Loss News

Blame placed on increasing network costs and PS3 price cut.

02 Feb 2012

Sir Howard Stringer Steps Down at Sony CEO News

Kaz Hirai named as president

01 Feb 2012

Sony Wii in "In Decline" Means Less Pressure for PS4 News

Head of Sony France moves to calm Next Gen nerves.

30 Jan 2012

Microsoft's Swipes at Sony's HD Remakes News

Xbox is the place for hardcore gamers...

23 Jan 2012

PlayStation Network to Go Down Today News

PS Vita coming... so PSN gets some maintenance

19 Jan 2012

Sony: We're Tailoring PS Vita Game Pricing News

SCEE being "rather intelligent, tailored" in its game pricing

13 Jan 2012

PlayStation Vita - Some Sales Facts News

Actual figures collated for Japan and the Vita.

13 Jan 2012

No PlayStation 4 for E3 2012 says Sony News

Kaz Hirai affirms the no-show

11 Jan 2012

6.5 Million PlayStation Consoles Sold Over Christmas News

Sony has a Happy Holiday.

10 Jan 2012

Sony Denies Reports of Hirai Promotion News

'We haven't made a decision,' company says.

09 Jan 2012

Japanese Video Game Chart: 3DS Second Wind Continues, Vita Falls News

PSP outperforms its younger, faster brother once again.

06 Jan 2012

Report: Next Xbox and PlayStation 4 to be Unveiled at E3 2012 News

Platform Manufacturer Smackdown!

06 Jan 2012

Sony Quiet on Vita Sales Slump News

78 per cent sales drop in handheld's second week on sale.

03 Jan 2012

SOPA Loses Support from EA, Nintendo and Sony News

US Entertainment Software Association still has its name down.

03 Jan 2012

Anonymous Hack Group Issues 'Death Warrant' to Sony News

SOPA support brings hacking onslaught on Sony and Associates... including Justin Bieber. Lady Gaga. Kim Kardashian. and Taylor Swift

30 Dec 2011

"Delusional" PlayStation Vita Pricing Could Force a Price Cut Soon News

Forbes magazine says US launch could be a 'debacle'

30 Dec 2011

Sony Shares What It Learned from Japan Vita Launch News

Apparently, it was designed by the Walkman Designer. Plus, what you get in the box.

23 Dec 2011

Gamestop Apologises - Last Guardian Not Cancelled News

USA! USA! US WTF? As apology is issued

23 Dec 2011

Sony Sued over PlayStation Network Terms of Service Change News

Man in USA takes Sony to court.

20 Dec 2011

Day One PlayStation Vita Figures Good but not 3DS Good News

The initially troubled handheld performs nicely in sales

20 Dec 2011

PlayStation Vita: We're Sorry Says Sony News

Early Vita batch suffered from problems. Sony has patched.

20 Dec 2011

Sony: PS3 Sales 'Ahead of Target' No Target for Vita News

We'll Sell 15 Million PS3s by March 2012 says Sony

15 Dec 2011

Analysts Slam Sony's Multi-Billion Dollar Buys News

Loss Making Sony Spent More than Eight Billion Dollars in 2011 on Acquisitions

14 Dec 2011

PS3 'Other OS' Lawsuit Dismissed, Sony Not Liable News

Failed to prove liability.

13 Dec 2011

Sony Confirms Departure of Team ICO Boss News

Work on freelance basis.

13 Dec 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Skyrim Price Slash Success Proves Games are Too Expensive? News

Retailer slicing up the pricing gets a #1 award for Bethesda

12 Dec 2011

PS3 Exclusive 'Last of Us' Gets Really Dull Screen News

That's right... also a dull 'video' with an ant

08 Dec 2011

Only One User Account on PlayStation Vita News

Forget about

05 Dec 2011

Team Ico's Fumito Ueda Rumoured to Have Left Sony News

Major first-party dev on his way out.

30 Nov 2011

PS3 System Update 4.00 Brings Vita Compatibility News

Sync it up, sync it back.

30 Nov 2011

Hong Kong Hammered by PlayStation Vita News

Reports of frenzied demand.

28 Nov 2011

PlayStation Vita Will Not Support PSOne Classics at Launch News

Likely to be added later - unknown if Western launches affected.

28 Nov 2011

TV Episodes Available on UK PSN Video Store News

24, Arrested Development, Family Guy, South Park...

25 Nov 2011

Japanese Hardware: New Bundles See Sony Sales Double News

Nintendo 3DS still on top.

25 Nov 2011

PlayStation Vita Gets No Card Markerless AR News

PSP Vita coming with more incentives...

23 Nov 2011

Sony, Microsoft, Activision in MW3 Love Fest as Records Fall News

MW3 in a huge number of records...

17 Nov 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Battlefield Fends off Uncharted News

Sonic Generations debuts at #10.

07 Nov 2011

PlayStation Home Updated - Gets Shooting - Live Now News

PlayStation Home gets a number of new zones and a new look

03 Nov 2011

Uncharted 3 Gets Oscar Directed Movie - Right Here News

With voice overs from Amy Hennig and Nolan North

21 Oct 2011

Video: Jack Tretton Shows PlayStation Vita to Dr Gamification News

Uncharted Golden Abyss looks really good on PS Vita

21 Oct 2011

Sony Studios at Work on PS4 Says Trusted Source News

PlayStation 4 projects are in process, PS3 still priority

20 Oct 2011

Indiana Jones Plays Uncharted 3 News

Calls it "Sugee!" Don't worry, it's Japanese.

20 Oct 2011

Uncharted 3 "Fortune Hunters’ Club" is $24.99 News

Uncharted 3 DLC club... we're awaiting European detail

18 Oct 2011

USA Games Hardware Figures: PS3 Up vs Xbox 306 Down News

Oh and Nintendo sells some units too.

14 Oct 2011

Sony No Credit Card Theft for October's PlayStation Network Hack Victims News

The company also breaks out the New PlayStation Network Numbers

12 Oct 2011

Sony Admits "Massive" New Attack on PlayStation Network News

93,000 Sony Online Accounts Suspended in New Hack Horror

12 Oct 2011

Pricing For PlayStation Vita Games - World Prepares For Financial Terror News

Hello? Mr Bank Manager? I'd like to remortgage my house.

11 Oct 2011

MTV Game Awards Wins Prize for 'Most Absurd Game Award Show' News

KillZone is Best Game of the Year...

10 Oct 2011

Jack Tretton Unsure on PlayStation Vita Data Cap News

Is sure that PSN Hack wasn't Sony's responsibility

07 Oct 2011

Sony Could Buy Ericsson Outright for a Billion Bucks News

Watch the glacier move...

07 Oct 2011

PlayStation Network "More Popular Than Xbox Live" with Game Developers News

How to skew your numbers, lesson 103a

07 Oct 2011

Sony's PlayStation Play Teaser is Vaguely Offensive Damp Squib News

Basically, it's "Thank you for buying our stuff"

05 Oct 2011

PSN Import Section Launches With Three PSOne Titles News

Arc the Lad never before released in the West.

05 Oct 2011

European PlayStation Vita Packaging and Launch Apps Revealed News

Just tell us a date and price, would you?

04 Oct 2011

Sony Takes On Used Games Market with Uncharted 3 Online Pass News

Back up the truck, here comes the free money

03 Oct 2011

Sony Limiting 3G Downloads Through Vita To 20MB News

20MB? I can't even get Jet Set Willy for that.

30 Sep 2011

Spec 2.0 Update Coming Soon For Gran Turismo 5 News

DLC is also en route according to producer

29 Sep 2011

PSN Down For Maintenance Later Today News

Bunch of cowboys installed this one, mate.

29 Sep 2011

New Update for PlayStation Home: Prepare for Excitement News

OK, perhaps not all that exciting.

29 Sep 2011

Steam On 360? Valve Reckons So News

Never going to happen but it's still fun to listen to crazy talk.

28 Sep 2011

Sony Changed Vita Launch Date Due to Stock Issues News

Could've had an early Christmas pressie! But no. No.

28 Sep 2011

Vita to Allow for Live Game Broadcasting News

Features available in the new year.

22 Sep 2011

Sony's Uncharted 3 the PS3 Pack Hits News

Coming to Europe... honest... we hope

22 Sep 2011

Is The Future of PlayStation Gaming Ultraviolet? News

And if it is, will we be able to see it?

21 Sep 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Still an Undead Island News

Yup, zombie game retains gamers' cash

19 Sep 2011

Sony's Vita is Definitely, Sensibly, Brilliantly Region Free News

That's another year of the importers' kid's public school paid for.

19 Sep 2011

New Lumines Promises To Be A "True Evolution" On Vita News

Less Black Eyed Peas, more bloody mental J-House synaesthesia please.

16 Sep 2011

NPD Wants to Own Video Gaming Language News

US company attempts to put words in your mouth

15 Sep 2011

PlayStation Suite Kits Available From November News

Developers able to program for Sony mobile phones, tablets and PlayStation Vita.

15 Sep 2011

Sony Reveals Full List Of Vita Launch Titles For Japan News

Fightin', fishin' and... God Eatin'

14 Sep 2011

Sony Takes To The Stage in Tokyo with A Stack Of New Announcements News

Vita gets a big push, of course.

14 Sep 2011

UK Chart: Marketing Triumphs as Dead Island Grabs No.1 News

Four new entries into the Top 10.

12 Sep 2011

US Video Game Chart: 3DS Beats PS3 in Price Cut Wars News

Both platforms see sales surge following cuts however.

09 Sep 2011

Sony Turns to Homeland Security Man in Hack Help News

New man comes aboard - once worked with Microsoft

06 Sep 2011

Valve and Blizzard Want Console Makers To Grow Up News

Play your games your way.

06 Sep 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Remasters of the Universe News

Monster Hunter dominates charts on a whole new platform.

05 Sep 2011

No Torchwood On Demand for Xbox 360, a Nation Weeps News

Netflix and Starz Split Up, Sadness Ensues

02 Sep 2011

Sony Rebrands Qriocity, Launches Entertainment Network News

So much for that name.

01 Sep 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Nintendo Keeps its Rhythm News

3DS still top of hardware, Rhythm Heaven Wii takes back software chart.

25 Aug 2011

Sony: Mobile Gamers Will Move to PlayStation Vita News

Offers expanded gameplay experience.

19 Aug 2011

Japanese Hardware Chart: Nintendo 3DS Bounces Back News

Price cut does the trick.

19 Aug 2011

PSP Vita Specs - No Memory Cut News

It's all okay folks!

17 Aug 2011

Cerny: Single Player Experience Gone in Three Years News

World becoming more connected.

17 Aug 2011

Traditional Sony Conference Leak: PlayStation Vita Europe Launch Window News

Swedish press release indicates a release date

16 Aug 2011

Japanese Hardware Chart: 3DS Sales Plummet by 70% News

Nintendo handheld sees 70% drop.

12 Aug 2011

Sony and LG Settle Blu-ray Patents Dispute News

No more PS3-holding in Netherlands, then.

11 Aug 2011

PS3 System 3.70 Adds PSP Remasters for Japan News

Also, PlayStation Plus Perks for the rest of us.

10 Aug 2011

Sony Packaging Centre Set Alight in London Riots News

Delivery of CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays impacted.

09 Aug 2011

iPlayer Updated for PS3 - No New Hope for Xbox 360 News

Beeb repeats Xbox Gold claims from 2009

08 Aug 2011

Sony Reveals PlayStation Response to Xbox Summer of Arcade News

PlayStation Network Play is Go... (pardon the pun)

08 Aug 2011

PlayStation Vita to Launch in Japan Late 2011, West 2012 News

Portable won't arrive for Christmas in US and Europe.

04 Aug 2011

PSP Vita to Hit Before Xmas Says Blockbuster News

Price and date

01 Aug 2011

Sony and Nintendo Take Stock Hits News

All is dour and dark in Japanese trading

29 Jul 2011

Sony: PS3 Sales Down by 600,000 Units News

PSP sales up though...

28 Jul 2011

Video Gaming Financials in One Place News

Capcom, THQ, Nintendo, Sony...

28 Jul 2011

Wii U Will Force Sony and Microsoft to "Rethink Schedules" for Next Gen News

Also, "smartphones and handheld consoles will eventually converge"

27 Jul 2011

PlayStation Vita - Online Modes Cross-Game Chat News

PlayStation Vita's online modes Near, Party, LiveArea and Activity.

26 Jul 2011

PlayStation 3 to Beat Xbox 360 for Second Place News

Analysts predict a bright future for Sony

26 Jul 2011

Japanese Video Game Charts: Baseball Beats All News

Nintendo 3DS takes control of hardware chart.

22 Jul 2011

Zurich Sues Sony, Claims Non-Liability for PSN Hack News

When insurers get ugly.

22 Jul 2011

Microsoft-Sony Domain Registrations a "Defensive Hold" News

The two companies are great partners.

18 Jul 2011

Microsoft's Strange New Domains Uses Sony Name News

Weird move from Redmond

15 Jul 2011

Ridge Racer Vita - Sony and Namco Bandai's Joint Venture News

New research-focused joint venture

14 Jul 2011

Sony Exec: PSN Hack a 'Great Experience' News

We all learned a valuable lesson today...

14 Jul 2011

Sony to Invest $6.66 Million for PSN Game Devs Over Three Years News

Indie developers could benefit big time

14 Jul 2011

Sony Wants to Support Smaller Dev Teams News

That's why Vita is so easy apparently

12 Jul 2011

NPD Says U.S.A. Game Spending Actually Up News

Changes its mind a bit on USA games spend

12 Jul 2011

Pete Donaldson Presents: SPOnG's Gaming Vidcast News

Hitman, bad box art, Bioshock Infinite... and more

11 Jul 2011

Sony Confirms PlayStation Pass - Will Limit Pre-Owned Sales News

There is no Resistance to it...

07 Jul 2011

At Last! Live Search for PlayStation Network! News

For the hard of reading...

06 Jul 2011

Kinect-a-Like PlayStation 4 Coming in 2012 News

So says one report...well rumour

04 Jul 2011

PlayStation Home Users "the Most Hardcore" on PS3 News

'Rabid consumers'

01 Jul 2011

PSN Hack Blamed on Sony Security Oversight News

Eugene Kaspersky speaks out

30 Jun 2011

PSP to PS3 HD Engine Named Nibble

30 Jun 2011

Cranky Yanks Go Legal on Star Wars Galaxies News

Yup, fallen MMO gets legal attack

30 Jun 2011

Sony Planning 80s' Style Virtual Reality for PS3 News

Also on 3D, " Most Of The Really Exciting Stuff is in R&D"

29 Jun 2011

Sony's Stringer Hangs onto Job Despite PlayStation Hack News

Sony hacked because it was protecting its IP.

28 Jun 2011

"Top Developer" PlayStation 4 Unveiling in 2012 News

More rumours abound

27 Jun 2011

StarHawk: No SixAxis and Blu-ray Only Release News

Info incoming

27 Jun 2011

Sub-£180 PlayStation 3 Expected Soon News

People are starting to talk 'Sweet Spot'

24 Jun 2011

Microsoft "Doing What it Can" to Secure Xbox 360 Online News

Comments on PlayStation Network hack

23 Jun 2011

PlayStation3 Firmware Update 3.66 Arrives News

And we're downloading it

23 Jun 2011

Sony On Why The Playstation Portable Became Old News News

PSP: "People Get Used To Looking At Pretty Pictures"

22 Jun 2011

PlayStation Plus 'Mid-Month Treats' Detailed News

Braid, MAG more

22 Jun 2011

New Sony PS3 has PS2 Compatibility 'with Proprietary Software' News

Listed on Sony Japan's site apparently

20 Jun 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Hardcore Nostalgia Unfit for Top News

Zumba Fitness beats Zelda

20 Jun 2011

Sony's Kaz Hirai Either Confused or Contrary on PSN Hack Details to US and Japanese Governments News

Freedom of Info report indicates Sony delayed informing customers

15 Jun 2011

USA May Video Games: PS3 Sales Figures at Odds with Microsoft Claims News

They've all done very well though

14 Jun 2011

Xbox 360 'Wins' the USA in May News

Despite market being down

14 Jun 2011

Police Claim Three Arrested over PlayStation Network Hack News

Anonymous apparently "dismantled"

10 Jun 2011

PlayStation Vita Priced at GAME and Play - Not £240 News

Both Game and Play price the same

07 Jun 2011

Sony Vita Less than £235 in UK News

So says source close to the action

07 Jun 2011

E3 2011: PS Vita to Cost From $249 News

Cheap as chips?

07 Jun 2011

E3 2011: Street Fighter X Tekken Heading for PS Vita News

Cole to feature as playable character.

07 Jun 2011

E3 2011: PS Vita to Bridge Gap Between Handheld and Console News

Street Fighter X Tekken also confirmed for the handheld.

07 Jun 2011

E3 2011: NGP Officially Titled PlayStation Vita News

Brilliant name, eh?

07 Jun 2011

E3 2011: Sony Announces PlayStation Branded 3DTV News

Splitscreen no longer an issue.

07 Jun 2011

God of War 3D for E3 2011 News

More in the works for Sony

06 Jun 2011

NGP Backwards Compatible With PSP, PS Suite Games News

No Android apps allowed, though.

03 Jun 2011

Sony: We Made Mistakes With the PSP Go News

Studio boss admits problems.

03 Jun 2011

PlayStation Store Enjoys Massive Update News

Discounts, PS1 games and new titles galore!

02 Jun 2011

NGP Specifications, Games Details Published News

Days before E3.

02 Jun 2011

PlayStation Plus - Welcome Back Content Detailed News

What you can expect to get.

02 Jun 2011

PlayStation Store is Back Online News

You can now buy things.

02 Jun 2011

Sony Considering 3D Technology for Portable Devices News

But would you need glasses?

01 Jun 2011

Tupac Hacker Claims to be Attacking Sony Right Now News

Sony under attack again

31 May 2011

Sony Promises Full PSN Restoration by End of Week News

Just in time for E3.

31 May 2011

Sony Live Streaming Five Hour E3 Press Conference News

Prepare for a late, late night with Kaz Hirai

30 May 2011

Sony CEO Thought Free PSN was Unlikely to be Attacked News

Because PSN was free

27 May 2011

PlayStation Network Asia Restore on Saturday May 28th News

Good news all round

27 May 2011

Sony is Working on the PlayStation 4 News

Development has begun.

26 May 2011

Minecraft to Sony Phone Exclusive News

Then onto other phones

25 May 2011

PlayStation Network Maintenance Suggests Imminent Store Return News

Can't play online tonight though.

24 May 2011

Sony to Fall from Predicted Profit to Massive Loss News

A bad time gets worse

23 May 2011

BBC Tech Editor Tweets Sony PSN "Phising Campaign" News

Sony Unknowlingly Hosting Phising Website

20 May 2011

Sony Says PSN Web Sign-In Fixed - Actual Site Isn't News

Strange messaging

19 May 2011

L.A. Noire Players Notice PS3 Overheating After 3.61 Update News

Rockstar comments, un-comments.

19 May 2011

PlayStation Network: New Password Hack Hits News

Web-based insecurity discovered

18 May 2011

Sony CEO Bites Back at PSN Outage Critics News

Shows support for Kaz Hirai

18 May 2011

Calls to Close Down PSN in Australia News

The public needs more reassurances of personal data security.

17 May 2011

Bought a PS3 During PSN Outage - No Free Gifts for You News

They're 'Welcome Back' gifts remember

17 May 2011

Sony Announced PlayStation 'Welcome Back' Games to Internet Derision News

Something for nothing isn't worth it apparently

17 May 2011

NPD: Nintendo Consoles See Sales Drop News

Sony and Microsoft see gains.

16 May 2011

Japan Blocks Sony's PSN Restoration Process News

It can't get no satisfaction.

16 May 2011

PlayStation Network Back Up - Amazon Servers Source of Hack News

PlayStation Store still wobbly

16 May 2011

Sony: 'Select Group' of Users Currently Testing PlayStation Network News

Hopes rise for return of gaming service.

13 May 2011

Report: PlayStation Network - Online Gaming to Return Soon News

Developer network switched on, as are the hopes of gamers.

13 May 2011

What's the Longest Video Game Music Track Ever? News

It's very long.

11 May 2011

PixelJunk Dev: A 'Week or Two' Before Sony has Concrete PSN News News

"I think they are running around patching holes"

11 May 2011

Sony on PlayStation Network Outage Latest: No Exact Date News

An update, which isn't

11 May 2011

Sony 'Uncertain' on PlayStation Network Restoration News

Players could be dealt with six week blackout.

09 May 2011

Sony Backs Off PSN Restoration as Data is Posted Online News

Sweepstake data goes up...

09 May 2011

Sony's "One Year Identity Protection Program" for PSN is 'Complicated News

Let's hope it's not like Lloyds...

06 May 2011

Hackers Threaten Another Sony Attack News

Counter-productive hack trumpeted

06 May 2011

Sony CEO Uses Tsunami for PSN Sympathy News

At least he's saying something

06 May 2011

US Senator Calls Sony 'Half-Baked and Half-Hearted' in PSN Response News

Sony response to Congress as weak as response to public

05 May 2011

EA's John Riccitiello Comments on Sony PSN Outage News

Partners now making calls

05 May 2011

Anonymous Mystified by Sony's Congress Hack Allegations News

Responds to Congress letter

05 May 2011

Sony Implicates Anonymous to Congress in SOE Outage News

One file on one server

05 May 2011

Sony Names PSN Detective - Goes Literally NCIS News

Security firms front and centre

04 May 2011

Sony Sued for $1 Billion by Law Firm News

And it's not even in the USA.

04 May 2011

Sony Online Entertainment: Euro Credit Card Details Stolen News

Servers still down...

03 May 2011

PlayStation Network: Credit Card Details with Hackers News

According to one source in the dirty underbelly

29 Apr 2011

Playstation Saves, Trophies and Friends Fail to Fail News

All is safe and well in PSN world... it's just asleep

29 Apr 2011

PlayStation Blog Comments Going Offline News

Prepare for anti-Sony fanboys screaming 'censorship'

28 Apr 2011

Sony Confirms that Limited PSN Up "Within a Week" News

Fighting the good fight

28 Apr 2011

PlayStation Network - a Social Hack? News

Moving to 'more secure' premises

28 Apr 2011

US Senator Questions Sony's Tretton Over PlayStation Network Breach News

"When a data breach occurs, it is essential that customers be immediately notified"

27 Apr 2011

Sony on PSN Info Delay News

Down to forensics

27 Apr 2011

PlayStation Network: Sony Warns "Check Your Credit Card" News

More than a small problem

26 Apr 2011

Sony - No News on PSN Relaunch is Bad News News

No news is bad news

26 Apr 2011

Sony Reveals Tablets - Adds PlayStation Gaming - Trailer Here News

PlayStation Suite part of Sony's iPad challenger

26 Apr 2011

Rumour Control: Playstation Network Outage - Deliberate by Sony News

To avoid credit card hacks

26 Apr 2011

Playstation Network Hacked - Still not Risen Again News

Still no fix in Sony's Easter Disaster

25 Apr 2011

Get PSN Plus Free for Three Months News

Well, free if you pay for 12 months

21 Apr 2011

PlayStation Network Outage Prompts 'Hacking' Conspiracy News

Could just be an outage

21 Apr 2011

Japan: Sony PSP Outsells Nintendo DS - Again News

It's a crazy world

21 Apr 2011

God of War 4 for September 2012 News

According to 'sources'

20 Apr 2011

Sony Japan on the Death of PSP Go News

It went apparently

20 Apr 2011

Fumito Ueda Confirms Last Guardian Delay News

Fulfilling first-party obligations

20 Apr 2011

Sony Denies Japanese Death Knell for PSP Go News

Blog sends message

19 Apr 2011

Hacktivist Sony Store Sit-In Fails to Sizzle News

Damp Squib sales soar

18 Apr 2011

March 2011: Xbox 360 Rules the USA... Again News

Figures are sort of in

15 Apr 2011

PS3 at 50 Million Sold Worldwide News

Move selling too apparently

15 Apr 2011

Sony Ericsson Posts Android Bootloader Unlock Code News

"Please note that you may void the warranty of your phone if you unlock the boot loader"

14 Apr 2011

Awesome Trinigy Engine Demo for Sony NGP Gapes Mouths News

It's a demo but it bodes well

14 Apr 2011

Bollywood Spy Game Coming to PSP with Bloody Fights News

Major Indian interest

13 Apr 2011

Carmac: PS3 'Crappier Debugging' but More Performance than Xbox 360 News

Still very diplomatic though

13 Apr 2011

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Beat Apple in Harris Poll News

Apple not king of the hill

13 Apr 2011

Hacker Hotz Humbled by Sony Legal News

Signs away rights

12 Apr 2011

Sony Settles Out for Court with Hacker Hotz News

Case closed... maybe not

11 Apr 2011

Sony's Tretton Hits Out at Xbox 360 AND Wii News

SCEA top man says competition "starting to run out of steam now "

11 Apr 2011

SOCOM: Special Forces: Single Player Trailer is Fighty News

Multiplayer to be revealed later

11 Apr 2011

Sony Slashes Prices of PSPs in Europe News

NGP incoming

08 Apr 2011

Sony: Earthquake Won't Effect NGP Release News

Tretton contradicted

07 Apr 2011

Anonymous Hacktivists Back Down on PSN Attack News

Confusion in the ranks

07 Apr 2011

"Anonymous" on Sony Consumers as Collatoral Damage News

Stalin would be proud

07 Apr 2011

Soul Searching Sony Supremo Slings Hook News

Ray Maguire resigns

05 Apr 2011

Sony Remains Cool on Hacktivist Attacks News

Response is politically 'Sssh'

05 Apr 2011

Anonymous 'Hacktivists' Target Sony Staff Families News

A great leap too far

05 Apr 2011

Sony Hacked by 'Anonymous' with Wrath! News

PS3 'hacktivism' ahoy

04 Apr 2011

PS3 Overtakes Xbox 360 Global Ownership says Report News

Reports do that though

04 Apr 2011

PS3 Overtakes Xbox 360 in Europe News

The US now Microsoft's sole stronghold.

01 Apr 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: PSP Fights Back News

Final Fantasy IV Complete leads software chart.

31 Mar 2011

Hotz Lawyer Refutes Sony Legal Claims News

Sony making stuff up

24 Mar 2011

PlayStation Hacker Hotz Breaks for the Border News

Heads to South America

24 Mar 2011

Former EA Man: Sony is in Games Hardware Trouble News

ngmoco founder weighs in

21 Mar 2011

Now Sony Gets Access to PS3 Hacker's PayPal Records News

That's Google, Youtube, PayPal and more...

17 Mar 2011

Xbox Kinect Outselling PS3 Move by 5-to-1 News

Says analyst of NPD figures

14 Mar 2011

Sony Responds to NPD PS3 Figures News

Sony wants to be positive about non-existent hardware numbers

11 Mar 2011

USA! USA! Xbox 360 Wins February Sales Race News

Overall video games market is up

11 Mar 2011

Sony Defeats LG in PS3 Port Blocking News

Dutch court kicks out LG's claim

11 Mar 2011

"Online Storage" for PlayStation Plus Arrives News

Uploading and downloading of game saves

10 Mar 2011

Playstation Man Gets Closer to Sony CEO Role News

Promotion for the Kaz Hirai

10 Mar 2011

Hawk-Eye Tech for PS3? News

Ball tracking to be added?

08 Mar 2011

Sony Granted Access to GeoHot Website, Visitor IP Addresses News

Google, Twitter and YouTube subpoenas reinstated.

07 Mar 2011

Sony NGP: Not as Powerful as PS3 News

Running at 2GHz Would "Set Fire to your Pants"

03 Mar 2011

Sony Opens Up PS3 Move Dev to Home Users News

Development initiative

03 Mar 2011

European PS3 Stock Seized in LG Patent Battle News

It only does patent infringements.

01 Mar 2011

UK Videogame Charts: Killzone 3 Smacks Bulletstorm Down News

Platform exclusive damages "satire" in the face

28 Feb 2011

Playstation Home Users are "The Hardcore of the Hardcore" News

Lots of developers on it too.

24 Feb 2011

Killzone 3 - GAME to Open at Midnight - Venue List News

Do not all queue at once...

24 Feb 2011

Sony on PS3: "We Have a Very Aggressive Plan This Year" News

And beating Microsoft is a big part of it

22 Feb 2011

Sony Fights but Microsoft Welcomes Hardware Hackers News

MS to issue hacking kit

22 Feb 2011

US Video Game Chart: Sales Down 5% News

Kinect and Move beefed Accessory sales.

18 Feb 2011

Sony Working on a PlayStation Tablet News

Who knew?

17 Feb 2011

Sony Begins PS3 User Bans News

They've figured out the PSN workaround too.

17 Feb 2011

Sony "Learnt From PS3" for NGP, Still No Price News

Maybe FOUR hundred and ninety nine US Dollars?

15 Feb 2011

PlayStation Phone - Not Integrated into PSN - You Must Rebuy Games News

Sony Ericsson vs Sony... again

14 Feb 2011

Hacker Raps Upside Sony's Face in PS3 Law Case News

Oh no u di'nt! Oh yes WE did.

14 Feb 2011

PS2 Crosses 150m Shipments Mark News

Over 1.5 billion games sold

14 Feb 2011

Killzone 3, Crysis 2 Leaked News

PlayStation 3 blown wide open.

14 Feb 2011

PlayStation Phone Out in March News

High profile game support

14 Feb 2011

Sony to Inspect PS3 Hacker's Hard Drive News

Things are getting Hotz.

11 Feb 2011

Sony Denied PlayStation Hack Subpoenas News

A hearing still to be made regarding Hotz.

10 Feb 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Ace Attorney Investigates is Happy News

Four new entries take the Top 4.

10 Feb 2011

Sony's Kevin Butler Circulates PS3 Jailbreak Code News

Twitter gets fictional exec in problems

09 Feb 2011

Rumour: Sony PSP2 Priced at $50 More than Nintendo 3DS News

According to a Gamestop 'image'

09 Feb 2011

Sony to YouTube, Twitter, Slashdot: Give Up Hacker Details News

Subpoena side so strong.

08 Feb 2011

LG Wants PlayStation 3 Banned in the USA News

Litigation getting silly

08 Feb 2011

Video: Sony Ericsson Officially Unveils PlayStation Phone News

Android is ready to play now.

07 Feb 2011

Japanese Hardware: is it Time to Kill the PSP Go? News

Sells a teeny tiny 280 units.

04 Feb 2011

Sony PS3 Firmware Update Screws HD Upgrades News

So says Neogaf among others

01 Feb 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Dead Space 2 Scares Competition News

Making everyone else armless.

31 Jan 2011

PSP Games May Be Re-Released on NGP Cards News

Rights issues may prevent most games from re-release.

31 Jan 2011

SEGA Rally Online Arcade set for PSN? News

Game Over No?

28 Jan 2011

Sony Toyed with 3D for NGP News

Dismisses third dimension for handhelds

28 Jan 2011

Nintendo's Iwata Chimes In on Sony's NGP News

Handhelds going in different directions

28 Jan 2011

PS3 Hackers Gagged by Temporary Restraining Order News

Sony wins initial hearing in California.

28 Jan 2011

NYPD Blue's David Milch Scripting Heavy Rain Film News

Film getting fast-tracked

27 Jan 2011

PS3 Firmware Attacks Security Issues News

Hackers of the world prepare for battle...

27 Jan 2011

Sony's Lips Tight on PSP2 Pricing News

Amazing non-statement on cost

27 Jan 2011

PlayStation Suite Announced for NGP, Android Devices News

Will most definitely offer PSOne games.

27 Jan 2011

PSP2 is Backwardly Compatible - Can Play PS3 Titles News

Ported PS3 titles according to SEGA

27 Jan 2011

Sony Unveils PSP2 - Kills UMD - Plays PS3 Ports News

OLED screen, no UMD

27 Jan 2011

Sony PlayStation Phone Reviewed Claim News

Called Xperia Play

26 Jan 2011

Sony PSP2 Picture has Media Guessing News

Is it? Isn't it?

25 Jan 2011

Sony PSP2 3G'd Up in Japan News

Can Sony build relationships in Europe?

24 Jan 2011

Sony UK Hosting Public PlayStation Access Events News

You can come along and see games and that

20 Jan 2011

Sony PSP Phone Reveal is Next Month News

Play as you talk

19 Jan 2011

Jurisdiction Concerns Hold Up PS3 Hacker Case News

Why does Sony want to hold the case in California?

17 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops Takes Back #1 News

DC Universe Online enters the Top 10.

17 Jan 2011

Report: UK to Get 'PlayStation Phone' via Orange News

So says the editor of the Wireless Federation

17 Jan 2011

PS2 Game Discovered on PlayStation Network News

Placeholder listing hints at backwards compatibility.

17 Jan 2011

PS3 Hacker Brings Up Legal Precedents News

Hotz: Why Can't I Jailbreak My PS3?

14 Jan 2011

Nelson was Right: Xbox 360 Didn't Win December News

Wii did. Xbox 360 beats PS3 though.

14 Jan 2011

Japanese Hardware: PSP Slumps, PS3 Gains News

Monster Hunter reaching its peak?

14 Jan 2011

"Free Speech Activist" Hosting PS3 Jailbreak Mirror News

US University looking for trouble?

13 Jan 2011

PSP2 to be as Powerful as PS3 News

That's going to take some believing

13 Jan 2011

Report: Sony Able to Detect PS3 Homebrew, Can Ban Consoles at Will News

Can even brick them, if the mood takes them.

12 Jan 2011

Sony Planning 27th January Reveal of PSP2 News

Surprises are apparently in store at Tokyo showcase.

12 Jan 2011

Sony Sues PS3 Hacker "Conspiracy" Over Encryption Leak News

Console manufacturer truly hacked off.

12 Jan 2011

Infamous Analyst Throws Up Xbox vs PS3 Sales Estimates News

Yes, you know who it is.

11 Jan 2011

PlayStation Phone Video Demonstrates Resident Evil 2 News

Latest sneak recording shows off touchpad.

10 Jan 2011

Sony Boss Asked to be Taken Off BBC List News

Stringer's sticking with Sony

07 Jan 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Nintendo Takes the Holidays News

Monster Hunter and PSP still lead the chart.

07 Jan 2011

Sony Shows Uncharted 3 in 3D, Hints at PlayStation Tablet News

No official mention of PlayStation Phone.

06 Jan 2011

Japan Hardware: PSP Level, Wii Sees Present-Buying Boost News

All platforms enjoy sales lift.

24 Dec 2010

Sony Buys Back CELL Plant, Plans Conversion to Camera Chips News

What will become of the PlayStation 3 processor?

23 Dec 2010

Hirai Talks PSP2 Possibilities, PlayStation Phone Challenges News

Touch panels? Marketing difficulties? Existing?

23 Dec 2010

PlayStation Home Focuses on Games as 'Killer Apps' News

Service has seen 'significant revenue growth' from microtransactions.

22 Dec 2010

EA: Microsoft Can't Compete With PlayStation Brand News

Sony still has an "almost-impossible-to-supercede headstart."

21 Dec 2010

Japan: Sony PSP Beats Nintendo DS for 2010 News

It's Sony's year

17 Dec 2010

Japanese Hardware: Nintendo Benefits From Holiday Spree News

Monster Hunter still pushes PSP ahead.

16 Dec 2010

PS3 Gets ITV Player, Channel 4 on Demand News

Joining the BBC iPlayer this week.

13 Dec 2010

Call of Booty as Sony Announces Rifle for Move-Based FPSs News

For your PlayStation Move.

10 Dec 2010

PSP Phone Video: Benchmarked Apparently News

See 'it' in action

10 Dec 2010

Xbox 360 for the USA Hardware Win in November News

NPD figures are out...

10 Dec 2010

Sony Announces GT5 "Sold" Millions News

Wording ahoy

10 Dec 2010

Japan Hardware: PSP Sales Quadruple over Monster Hunter News

Impressive run for a handheld so late in its life cycle.

09 Dec 2010

PSP2 Rumours Fail to Agree on Design Specifics News

Some sources say slider, others say candybar.

08 Dec 2010

NeoGeo Games Arriving on Japanese PSN News

More updated classics for your PS3 and PSP!

08 Dec 2010

PS3 Patch Day: GT5 Damage, Console Security News

Smash your cars, not your console.

07 Dec 2010

Chances of Kaz Hirai as Sony CEO Increase News

Sony CEO Rise as Stringer Approached by BBC

06 Dec 2010

Sony Develops New Tech for its 3D TV Range News

Pushing the new technology forward

03 Dec 2010

Japan Hardware: GT5 Doubles PS3 Sales News

Wii and DS also see gains.

02 Dec 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Gran Turismo 5 Races Ahead News

Beats robots and Mario.

02 Dec 2010

Sony Owns-Up: Move Figures Were to Retail Not Consumers News

'Clarifies' previous statement

01 Dec 2010

Pachter: Sony's Move Numbers Actually Closer to 2.5m News

Microsoft has the edge, apparently.

01 Dec 2010

Sony's Move Stats Counter Kinect News

Sony sells 4.16 million

30 Nov 2010

Sony: Who Will Make Gaming's 'Avatar'? News

More about 3D technology.

26 Nov 2010

Japanese Hardware: Kinect Helps Xbox 360 Sales News

PSP takes the lead in overall chart.

25 Nov 2010

Gran Turismo 5 Getting Upgrades "Every Week" News

Polyphony boss promises to fix some things.

25 Nov 2010

Kaz Hirai Tipped as Next Sony CEO News

PlayStation boss contender for Howard Stringer's role.

25 Nov 2010

Joe... Danger.... PS3 DLC Details Ahoy! News

More fun with everyone's favourite daredevil

24 Nov 2010

Sony PSP Update is a "Qriocity" News

New music service

24 Nov 2010

Gran Turismo 5 Review Round-Up: A Mixed Bag News

Harsh words, but are they being reflected in the scores?

24 Nov 2010

Japan Hardware: Wii Sales Rocket News

More than trebles last week's sales.

19 Nov 2010

Old Format PSP2 Shots in the Wild News

Dual analogs

18 Nov 2010

PlayStation 2 Still Japanese Gamer's Console of Choice News

128-bit console ranked most-used platform.

16 Nov 2010

UPDATE: Sony Slashes PSP Go in UK Once More News

Second time in a month.

15 Nov 2010

GT5 Get November 24th Release Date - That's 2010 News

Not another false start please

12 Nov 2010

Gran Turismo 5 "Restricted" by PlayStation 3 Hardware News

Like a double rainbow, Yamauchi's vision can't be fully captured.

08 Nov 2010

Sony: Distances Itself from GT5 Pre-Xmas Release Date News

Sony still has dated it.

05 Nov 2010

Sony Senior Researcher Swipes at Kinect News

Talks control limitations

04 Nov 2010

EA has Access to PSP2 News

Mr Soderlund goes at it again

02 Nov 2010

Killzone 3 gets a £130 Hellghast Edition News

It's not too ghastly

29 Oct 2010

PS3: M.A.G. Escalation DLC Dated News

November 3rd for you fighty types

29 Oct 2010

Sony PSP2 Rumour Mill Churns Out More Specs News

"More RAM than the Xbox 360"

29 Oct 2010

Sony in Profit but PSP Sales Halved - PS3 Slightly Up News

Portable sees decline for 2010 sales

29 Oct 2010

Engadget Denies Fakery - Re-Confirms "PlayStation Phone" News

Goes All Passive Aggressive on cries of fake

28 Oct 2010

Sony Re-Affirms GT5 "Late This Year" News

Plus a new car

28 Oct 2010

PS3 Rewards Beta Invites Today News

If you're a GAP or PSN Plus member who ticked 'receive marketing'

28 Oct 2010

Sony Excludes PS3 from VAT Payback Promotion News

Not included in promotion

27 Oct 2010

UPDATE: "PlayStation Phone" Shots in the Wild News

No PlayStation logo though

27 Oct 2010

Cor! Sony Shares Rise on Apple Rumour News

Hilarity in Rumours: Apple 'to Buy Out' Sony

26 Oct 2010

Sony Claims One Million Moves 'Sold' in the Americas News

The old 'shipped' vs 'sold' wordplay

22 Oct 2010

USA: Video Games Sales Down Again - Xbox Up News

Microsoft has a happy hardware month

15 Oct 2010

Got Playstation Plus? Then get Free Fallout 3 DLC! News

No reason to fall out now

14 Oct 2010

LOVEFiLM Service Hitting PlayStation 3 in November News

Moving picture perfect.

13 Oct 2010

Rumour: PSP Go to get $50 Slashing News

PSP Going down.

13 Oct 2010

NPD Nixes Games Hardware Figures News

Be prepared for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to really start marketing guff

12 Oct 2010

Wii 2 to get Cell Processor as IBM Breaks Cover? News

IBM working with Sony and Nintendo on Cell development

12 Oct 2010

LoveFilm Loves PS3 with New App News

Rental service hitting PS3 soon

11 Oct 2010

Killzone 3: Public Beta Details Here News

Sign up and kill lots of things!

07 Oct 2010

Video: New God of War Ghost of Sparta with Blast from the Past News

New playable character is old 'friend'?

07 Oct 2010

New SDK Brings iPhone & Android Games to Sony PSP News

Minis could benefit.

06 Oct 2010

PS3 Trophy Hacking Application in Development News

Hacking Sony right off.

05 Oct 2010

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 11 Top of the Table News

Kicking everyone's Electronic Arts.

04 Oct 2010

Dev Hint: PSP2 for Easter 2011 News

Tight lipped dev lets dates slip

29 Sep 2010

Hollywood: Pre-DVD $30 Streaming Flicks for Xbox and PS3 News

Would release day-and-date with theatrical launches.

28 Sep 2010

Multiple Developers Confirm PSP2 for 'Significant Launch' News

First and third-parties in on the deal

28 Sep 2010

EA: Sony "Could Come Back" to Beat Microsoft News

Won't place bets on Kinect or Move.

27 Sep 2010

UK Video Game Charts: F1 2010 Takes the Title News

Halo: Reach knocked off its perch.

27 Sep 2010

Japan Hardware Sales: Pokemon Boost DSi Range News

DSi and DSi LL take top positions in overall chart.

23 Sep 2010

PS3 Firmware Saves You From Exploding Controllers News

Locks out various third party USB devices.

23 Sep 2010

Latest PS3 Update 3.50 Adds Grief Reporting News

New PS3 firmware update to add 3D, Facebook as well

21 Sep 2010

Japan: PS3 Beating Wii in 2010 News

Nintendo getting squeezed in both US and Japanese territories.

21 Sep 2010

Android Hint for Sony PSP Phone News

PSP Phone rumours fire up once more.

21 Sep 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Halo Reach vs PS3 Move News

PlayStation Move bringing up the rear.

20 Sep 2010

Sony: Xbox Kinect Helps Us Tell PS3 Move Message News

Will concentrate on making future Playstations easier to work with

20 Sep 2010

Microsoft's Greenberg Slams Move Games as Ports News

Move's games are "controller-based" with motion controls shoehorned into them.

20 Sep 2010

Gran Turismo 5 Uses PS3s as Browser Games Server News

Race from your computer, using your console as a bridge.

17 Sep 2010

Xbox 360 S Make PS3 Slim Sales Seem Slight News

Higher sales increase following Microsoft's new platform launch than Sony's.

17 Sep 2010

Japan Hardware Sales: Xbox 360 Slim Sells 700 Units News

Only 700 units sold in its first week.

17 Sep 2010

Mortal Kombat Dev has "Pretty Powerful" PSP2 Kit News

Netherrealm executive lets it slip

17 Sep 2010

Sony: PS3 Sales "Better than Expected" News

On track to 15m this year.

16 Sep 2010

PS3 Firmware 3.50 - 3D Blu-ray Support Added News

Coming later this month.

16 Sep 2010

Hardware Add-On Could Bring PS3 Backwards Compatibility News

Shows what could become of future setup

15 Sep 2010

Electronic Arts: No New Xbox, PlayStation Consoles for Years News

Pricing suggests we're in mid-cycle.

14 Sep 2010

Killzone Move: the Tip of the Hardcore PS3 Move Iceberg News

But Killzone Move will be 'interesting' for gamers

14 Sep 2010

Japanese Games Hardware: Time to Kill PSP Go? News

Portable still doing good business in the Far East

13 Sep 2010

USA: Video Games Sales Bomb News

Sales down on all aspects

10 Sep 2010

Japan was too Dominant: Reality Check from Playstation Boss Hirai News

Kaz Hirai brings common sense to the party

08 Sep 2010

Sony's Actual PS3 Move FAQ is Intense News

Still a tiny bit of bitching though...

08 Sep 2010

Sony Turns to Misleading Bitching to Counter Kinect News

Kevin Butler website misleads

08 Sep 2010

PS3 Firmware Update Kills USB Piracy Gadgets News

Only a minor security fix though

07 Sep 2010

Japan Hardware: Go PSP, Go! News

Monster Hunter help push the Sony portable along.

03 Sep 2010

Sony to Announce New iTunes-Challenging Media Store News

To launch on PlayStation 3 and PSP in 2011.

01 Sep 2010

Australian Gamer Loses PS3 'OtherOS' Court Case News

Sony had already been cleared of wrongdoing.

01 Sep 2010

Sony: Move's Lack of Speaker, Analog a Cost Benefit News

Prototypes didn't need Navigation Controller.

30 Aug 2010

Japan Video Games Hardware: Robots Secure PS3 Win News

Sony platforms dominate.

27 Aug 2010

Sony Games CEO and Exec Disagree over PS3 Life Cycle News

Also, expect big sales on day one of move

26 Aug 2010

Hirai: PS3 Can Beat PS2 Sales at End of 10 Year Lifecycle News

SCE President feels the company has turned a corner.

26 Aug 2010

Sony Senior VP Owns Up: 3D Glasses are a Bit Rubbish News

Glasses free 3D TVs in work

26 Aug 2010

Sony Considering Adding Crackle to PSN News

Online video service could be the main one for PS3 users.

24 Aug 2010

Valve: PS3 "A Very Open Platform" News

Recognise Sony's machine as a viable platform for their future projects

23 Aug 2010

PS3 Hackers Warn: PSJailbreak Could Get You Banned News

Your PS3 could get banned for all the "legitimate" things that could be done.

23 Aug 2010

Japan Hardware: Sales Up Despite Software Slump News

PSP and PS3 dominate.

20 Aug 2010

PS3 Jailbreak Maker Attempts to "Convice Youtube Plebs" News

Where are you George Hotz?

19 Aug 2010

Heavy Rain Move - You Don't Need a Move News

Confusing message from Sony

19 Aug 2010

Next-Gen PSP to Feature Touch Controls News

Report confused as to where these controls actually go.

19 Aug 2010

Pachter Admits: "I don't Really Know" News

But Sony is still complacent on PSP2

19 Aug 2010

Special Edition PS3 for Japanese GT5 Release News

Titanium Blue, to shock all of your senses. Maybe.

18 Aug 2010

UK Ad Authority: PS3 FFXIII Better than Xbox 360 News

ASA upholds claim

18 Aug 2010

Free Medal of Honor in Sony Hardware Bundle News

Sony and EA's relationship sweetens.

17 Aug 2010

Sony makes PSP into iPhone Challenger News

iPhone not for big boy's games

16 Aug 2010

NPD: Xbox 360 Storms Ahead in July News

Outsells Wii and PS3 in the US

13 Aug 2010

Japan Hardware: PSP Plummets Despite Popular Releases News

PS2, DSi and DS Lite pick up the slack.

13 Aug 2010

More Uncharted 2 DLC in This Month News

New skins, theme to be included

13 Aug 2010

Doc: 3D Gaming Won't Permanently Damage Your Eyes News

If you're over four years old, you shouldn't have to worry about long-term effects.

12 Aug 2010

Sony PSP Go Phone Teams with Google Gaming News

Will be running Google's Android operating system... as the rumour goes

12 Aug 2010

PlayStation Move Out of the Box Pix News

Look at our box!

11 Aug 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 and PSP Sales Impress News

Sengoku Basara and Project Diva does good.

09 Aug 2010

Sony Sorry for PS3 Firmware Update Cock-Up News

Issues new update with same name

03 Aug 2010

ModNation Racers Load Time Speed Up Dated News

And other shenanigans

03 Aug 2010

Japan Hardware: Handhelds Rule, Consoles Drool News

Wii and PS3 down, PSP 3000 and DSi up.

30 Jul 2010

Sony Profits from PS3 Glee News

TVs also help out

29 Jul 2010

Japan Hardware: Nintendo Down, Sony Up News

PSP leaps over DSi LL.

23 Jul 2010

Sony, Microsoft Backing New DRM System News

'Digital locker' intends to allow playback of content across multiple devices.

20 Jul 2010

US Games Industry in June Blues but Xbox Slim Saves Hardware News

Games down - hardware up

16 Jul 2010

Sony: 3D Can Make You Better at Games News

You'll be able to measure distance better.

15 Jul 2010

Japan Hardware: Wii and PS3 Continue the Endless Fight News

DSi LL sales drop despite software domination.

09 Jul 2010

New Sony Handheld to Adopt 'Netbook and Gaming Characteristics' News

Apparent discussions with 3G carriers for implementing technology in portable devices.

08 Jul 2010

Hirai: The PS3 was Built With Move in Mind News

That's the reason why it was so expensive.

08 Jul 2010

Sony Working on 'Future Platform Activities' News

Calls of PS4! abound.

06 Jul 2010

Sony Makes Big Move Push, Reveals Ape Escape News

Prices and launch titles within.

06 Jul 2010

Sony: PlayStation Home Is Profitable News

Company still considers it a success.

02 Jul 2010

Japan Hardware: Xbox 360 On Level Playing Field News

Microsoft's console plays with the big boys.

02 Jul 2010

USA Videogames in May: Xbox 360 Red Dead Saves some Face News

Software saved by Red Dead Redemption

02 Jul 2010

Hulu Confirmed for Xbox 360 AND PS3 News

If you pay the subscription fee, of course.

30 Jun 2010

PlayStation 3 Finally Profitable - But No Price Cut News

No price cut! They don't want to lose it now, after all this time.

29 Jun 2010

PS3 Firmware 3.40 Arrives with PlayStation Plus News

But still not cross-game chat.

29 Jun 2010

EA: Sony's PlayStation 3 is "on Fire" News

Publisher to put a lot of stock in Sony success this year.

28 Jun 2010

GAME Sparks PlayStation Move Pricing War News

Competition matches price drop.

25 Jun 2010

Sony Brags about Poor PlayStation Home Figures News

E3 visitors in home

24 Jun 2010

Sony Confirms No Cross-Game Chat for PlayStation Plus News

Sony admits its existence however.

24 Jun 2010

White Knight Chronicles 2 Comes With Pre-Owned Busting Code News

Geonet subscription can only be tied to one PSN account.

23 Jun 2010

Heavy Rain DLC On Indefinite Hold News

Move version of the game holding things up.

21 Jun 2010

PlayStation 3 Says "Hello World" Courtesy Of Exploit News

StreetSkaterFU continuing what George Hotz started.

21 Jun 2010

Sony's Hirai Slams Nintendo 3DS as "Limited" News

Although he hasn't used it himself.

21 Jun 2010

Japan Hardware: Nintendo Gains Over E3 2010 News

All other platforms down.

18 Jun 2010

inFAMOUS 2 Trailer is Shocking News

Featuring lightning-fast action.

16 Jun 2010

Sony: PlayStation Plus Satisfies The Impulse Buyer News

Who is Sony to deny people wanting to throw money at them, after all?

16 Jun 2010

Rumour: PS3 Cross-Game Voice Chat In Firmware 3.40 News

Will coincide with the launch of PlayStation Plus, apparently.

16 Jun 2010

PlayStation Network Plus Detailed News

Web portal revealed

16 Jun 2010

E3 2010: Sony Twisted Metal Returns To PS3 News

So it's actually in development then, Dave.

15 Jun 2010

Gran Turismo 5: The Release Date - At Long Last News

And it's this decade, too.

15 Jun 2010

E3 2010: PlayStation Plus Priced but Locks Users into Optional Bonuses News

Opt-in subscription service, with content you only own if you keep paying.

15 Jun 2010

E3 2010: PlayStation Move: Release Dates and Prices CONFIRMED News

Worldwide dates and how many bones you'll need.

15 Jun 2010

E3 2010: PlayStation Move Sorcery Makes Sense News

Sorcery game impresses

15 Jun 2010

PS3 to Get 500Gb Move Bundle News

Faster WiFi too

14 Jun 2010

Sony: PlayStation 4 Virals - FAKE News


10 Jun 2010

ITV to Compete on PlayStation 3 News

Not Xbox 360 or Wii though.

10 Jun 2010

Most Bored People Ever Play PlayStation Move - Video News

Seriously, cheer up.

07 Jun 2010

Japan Hardware: Mario Edges Wii Closer to PS3 News

Wii and PS3 in galactic battle for top position.

04 Jun 2010

Sony Dates 3D PS3 Games News

Three games will be made 3D-ready, along with a demo of Motostorm Pacific Rift.

01 Jun 2010

Battlestar Galactica Composer Scoring SOCOM 4 News

And he'll be giving an audience to contest winners too.

28 May 2010

Sony's Roll-Up OLED Screen is Actually Good News

Bound to mean PSP2 for sure... not

28 May 2010

Japan Hardware: All Fall Down News

Except Xbox 360 and Wii. They go up a little.

28 May 2010

PS3 Market Share Grows At Expense Of Xbox 360 News

It's the Slim wot dun it.

27 May 2010

PS3's Natal Spoilers Kick-In as Format Skirmishing Starts News

Kung-Fu live and a teeny bit of the black arts

26 May 2010

Sony PSP Take to the Air on Back of Fib News

Signs several airline deals

26 May 2010

Sony Ranked #2 Most Reputable Company In The World News

Just behind Google.

25 May 2010

PS3 To Offer HBO TV Programmes News

Curb your enthusiasm for this latest media deal.

25 May 2010

Sony Makes Killzone 3 3D Playable Official + Pix News

Details and pix

24 May 2010

Xbox 360 Beats PS3 in Red Dead Redemption Race News

Microsoft's console wins shoot-out

24 May 2010

UK Software Charts: John Marston Most Popular Outlaw News

Red Dead Redemption shoots its way to #1.

24 May 2010

PS3 Move - 22ms Lag but Better Than Wii News

Rumble is 'buzzy' too

19 May 2010

Killer Apps Least Important Console-Buying Factor News

Nielsen study reveals gamers seek console features.

18 May 2010

More Movie Streaming for PS3 - £12 Per Month News

A Hulu of a deal... but not Hulu though... see

18 May 2010

Rumours of PS3, PSP Updates Ahead of E3 News

Premium PSN Service, redesigned XMB, PSP2...

18 May 2010

PS3 Linux Removal Hits USAF News

Huge server farm impacted

14 May 2010

Japan Hardware: Wii And DS Only Gains News

PS3 and PSP platforms see significant drop.

14 May 2010

Sony Aims at 15 Milllion PS3 Sales in 2010 News

Flagship console sells 13 million units in fiscal year.

13 May 2010

Rumour: PS3, 360, Wii Price Cuts Expected News

Fighting for Christmas supremacy.

11 May 2010

Japan Hardware: Boost For All Platforms News

Even the PlayStation 2.

07 May 2010

God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Ready at Dawn in PSP Fib Announce News

New God of War puts paid to two year old pledge

04 May 2010

Gran Turismo 5 - 90% Done News

It'll still be ready when it's ready

04 May 2010

Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack Hits PlayStation Network News

Prepare for people to moan but download it anyway.

04 May 2010

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA World Cup Scores Big News

Football fever strikes the high street.

04 May 2010

Nintendo Wii Awarded Most Valuable Gaming Brand News

Nintendo DS comes second.

30 Apr 2010

Bungie: We Showed Our New Project To Microsoft And Sony News

And both were naturally very keen on having it.

30 Apr 2010

Japan Hardware: Sony Platforms Edge Victory News

RPGs help bolster PS3 and PSP sales.

30 Apr 2010

PS3 Owner Sues Sony For OtherOS Removal News

Class action lawsuit touting $5m worth of damage.

29 Apr 2010

Rumour: Mass Effect 3 on PS3 for E3 2010 News

Image suggests Twisted Metal too, Jaffe says it's bogus.

28 Apr 2010

Initial PlayStation 3D Games Will Be Downgraded News

But a graphics chip reduction might help the console's power consumption.

27 Apr 2010

Sony Demonstrates 3D And Move Technology News

Developers will need to implement technology.

26 Apr 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 Maintains Lead News

PSP holds the top for handhelds

23 Apr 2010

PS3 to Stream Major League Baseball News

Keep me in for the ball game...

22 Apr 2010

PS3 Firmware Update 3.30 Adds Trophy Sorting - Readies 3D News

And a preparation for 3D entertainment.

22 Apr 2010

Jaffe: We'll Stay Sony Exclusive As Long As It Wants News

May work on other consoles one day, though.

20 Apr 2010

PSN Users Experiencing Free Content Code Scams News

They want to give you free stuff... honest.

20 Apr 2010

Sony: No PS3 'OtherOS' Refunds News

Removal of feature does not cross any Sale of Goods Act terms.

19 Apr 2010

Sony And Microsoft Respond To NPD Sales News

And they're both very happy indeed. Naturally.

16 Apr 2010

NPD Sales: God of War III, Nintendo DS Dominate March News

PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII fares better.

16 Apr 2010

Sony Shuts PlayStation Room News

PSP's Home equivalent put to pasture.

16 Apr 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 and Wii Gap Gets Tighter News

Week on week sales drop outs Sony level with Nintendo.

16 Apr 2010

Sony Sells Over 5 Million PS3s In Japan News

Final Fantasy XIII best selling title in the country.

14 Apr 2010

PlayStation Move's Nunchuk Named... not Shamed News

Bit of an obvious name, really.

12 Apr 2010

Japan Hardware: PS2 Is The Only Winner News

Every other platform sees drop in hardware sales.

09 Apr 2010

Hotz Creates PS3 Custom Firmware, Keeps OtherOS News

3.21OO may also add OtherOS to 'slim' consoles.

08 Apr 2010

PlayStation 3 Firmware Update Now Live News

Sayonara, OtherOS.

01 Apr 2010

PS3 Hacker Hotz: I Will Make Custom Firmware News

"It's about making sure you do get what you pay for."

30 Mar 2010

Sony Kills PS3 OS Support In Self Defence News

Exploit threats force Sony to nix operating system support.

29 Mar 2010

Sony Brushes Off Natal During Move Demonstration News

Could have worked with similar tech, but found it added nothing new.

29 Mar 2010

San Andreas-Like Exclusivity Deal for PS3 'Leaked' to Media News

Sony's media handling gets going

24 Mar 2010

Sony Snubs Portable 3D as Analyst Predicts PSP2 News

Would rather work on 3D for home consoles.

24 Mar 2010

LittleBigPlanet 2 Outed with Move by Sony News

Dutch Sony rep outs the game

23 Mar 2010

BAFTA 2010 - Stealth Destroys Cinema News

While Modern Warfare wins gamers' hearts

21 Mar 2010

PS3 Shortage "Not Ideal" During God of War III Fever News

Many retailers sold out of the console.

17 Mar 2010

PS3, PSP To Get Non-Game Apps News

'Skinny' software development kit allows for quick one day code turnaround.

16 Mar 2010

PlayStation Home Gets First Real Retailer News

As Blockbuster goes up for sale

15 Mar 2010

Sony: UMD Is "Alive And Well" News


15 Mar 2010

UPDATE: Sony: Gran Turismo 5 Planned For October 2010 News

Spreading the release window for 2010 a little bit.

15 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: PS3 Claims FFXIII Victory News

PS3 version outsells 360 version with 54% of total sales.

15 Mar 2010

Japan Hardware: Pokemon Fails To Ignite DS Sales News

PSP gets ahead despite hosting the lower profile game.

12 Mar 2010

Xbox 360 Tops U.S. Console Chart News

But Nintendo calls foul on Microsoft's NPD win.

12 Mar 2010

PlayStation Move: First Games and Developer Support News

36 companies on board to make games for the device.

11 Mar 2010

PlayStation Move: Details and More Pictures News

Learn more about the wireless wonder, wrist strap and all.

11 Mar 2010

PS3 Move in Action Trailer Fun News

Plus the reveal itself.

11 Mar 2010

PlayStation Home Gets Version Update - Tomorrow News

Version 1.35 coming

10 Mar 2010

Sony Explains PS3 Motion Control Development News

Video and everything

10 Mar 2010

PS3's Motion Controller Gets Nunchuk Aimed at Wii Developers News

Helps devs move from Wii to PS3

09 Mar 2010

Sony Will Launch PS3 3D Update In June News

First model will have a 46-inch screen and two pairs of 3D glasses.

09 Mar 2010

Rumour: Sony's Motion Controller Button Config Revealed News

Includes a Nunchuk for those more involved games.

08 Mar 2010

Sony and the Degrading Game Demos News

The longer you play, the more goes away

05 Mar 2010

Japan Hardware: Wii Breaks Ahead News

PSP Go still slumping - on its last legs soon?

05 Mar 2010

Sony's Surprise Sequel is Call of ... No, it's SOCOM News

Built from the ground up, offering an apparently new experience.

05 Mar 2010

Sony Trademarks 'PlayStation Arc' In Japan News

Sounds better than 'Gem', at least.

03 Mar 2010

PS3: The Fatpocalypse Is Over News

Internal clock error rights itself on 2nd March.

02 Mar 2010

Sony Admits PS3 Fault Cause - Still No Resolution News

The cause is a bug in the system's clock.

01 Mar 2010

Heavy Rain Stock Shortages as PS3 Problems Persist News

Sony delighted by Heavy Rain

01 Mar 2010

PS3 Fatpocalypse: Now Dev Units Are Locking Out News

Problems suspected to be related to the internal clock.

01 Mar 2010

Sony Responds to Fat PS3s' Offline Kicking News

Sony scrambling to issue a fix for older consoles.

01 Mar 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 And Wii In Close Quarters News

Sony's console outsells Wii by a squeeze.

26 Feb 2010

Sony Ericsson Hints At PSP Tie-Up News

Sony seems serious about this whole integration thing, huh?

24 Feb 2010

Sony: Our Motion Control Approach Is Better Than Microsoft's News

We'll see a range of third and first-party titles at E3.

23 Feb 2010

Sony's Xbox 360 & NES Controller was Filed 2008 News

Universal controller is old hat

22 Feb 2010

God of War III Demo for Available to All on PSN News

Limited number of users.

19 Feb 2010

Sony: PS3 Has Sold Out in Many Places News

Plus a bunch of 'maths'

17 Feb 2010

PlayStation Network Confirmed for Phones News

Bluster or news?

16 Feb 2010

Uncharted 2: DLC - New Trophies Detailed News

Lots of new pix as well. Awelots!

15 Feb 2010

Sony: More PS3 Shortages Nibble

15 Feb 2010

Sony's Tretton: PS3 Sales Up Despite 'Tight Inventory' News

36% year-on-year rise

12 Feb 2010

Brand Spanking New God of War III Trailer News

Raw power ahead

12 Feb 2010

Sony: Losing Less on Each PS3 Sold News

$18 per unit.

08 Feb 2010

Japanese Hardware: DS Sales Unaffected By Dragon Quest News

PSP is the one that comes out on top.

05 Feb 2010

Sony Plans To Challenge Apple's iPad News

Is happy with its Sony Readers right now though.

04 Feb 2010

PlayStation Range Slumps as PS3 Sells 6.5 Million in One Quarter News

PS2 and PSP sales down, but PS3 made up for the loss in revenue.

04 Feb 2010

Sony's Dille More Than 10 Years for PS3 News

Xbox won't be around in 10 years.

03 Feb 2010

PlayStation Network Gets Reality Show News

Become a games tester.

01 Feb 2010

Sony Studio Liverpool Staff to Be Cut in Half News

We can't work a Psygnosis line in anywhere.

01 Feb 2010

Nintendo President Shrugs Off iPad, 3D Gaming News

Suggests people will look silly wearing 3D glasses.

29 Jan 2010

Japan Hardware: PSP Sucks The Least News

Week-on-week sales slump continues. Lame.

29 Jan 2010

PlayStation Store Update: What? No Final Fantasy VIII! News

That's what we said

28 Jan 2010

Sony Games Division to Post Profit News

PS3 sales praised

28 Jan 2010

Sony's Motion Controlled Pet-Raising and Sport Titles News

Includes sports and pet-raising games. Yay.

28 Jan 2010

PS3 Exploit Released To Public News

George Hotz posts zip file to community on his blog.

27 Jan 2010

PlayStation Arc Becomes Domain Reality News

Suggests official name of upcoming motion controller.

25 Jan 2010

Sony's Koller: No On Demand Game Plans to Discuss News

More PSOne games coming

21 Jan 2010

Unnamed, Unpriced, Undated PS3 Motion Controller is 'De Facto' News

Still no name and no price

20 Jan 2010

Japanese Hardware: PSP At Top And Bottom Of Charts News

Kingdom Hearts props UMD version, PSP Go bringing up the rear.

15 Jan 2010

PS3: European and PAL MAG Dated News

Massive release news for PS3 people

13 Jan 2010

Pachter: Xbox 360, PS3 Price Cuts News

In other news... sun might rise or set

12 Jan 2010

Nintendo: Wii More Efficient than PS3 and Xbox 360 News

Kyoto company fires back at Greenpeace's 'eco unfriendly' report.

12 Jan 2010

Microsoft: Still Plenty of Power Left in PS3 News

President, Entertainment & Devices Division says so

12 Jan 2010

God of War Ultimate Trilogy Price Stunner News

Breath in before reading.

11 Jan 2010

Japan Hardware: Sony Console Gains, Wii Still Leads News

All Nintendo platforms see sales drop, but is still #1 in console chart.

08 Jan 2010

All PS3s Get 3D Upgrade News

Firmware update will allow for new capabilities.

07 Jan 2010

PSN Content To Expand To Laptops, TVs News

Single user ID for different online Sony stores.

07 Jan 2010

Wii Sold Most - Xbox 360 Made Most - PS3 Starred in 2009 News

This is how to create a politically correct press release

06 Jan 2010

Heavy Rain Gets Street Date Unofficially News

February 26th to you.

06 Jan 2010

Sony Trademarking Continues: voyAgent News

Registered at the same time as 'Cloudsurf' service.

05 Jan 2010

Japan Hardware: Nintendo Domination News

Wii smashes PS3 into oblivion this week - yes, Nintendomination

04 Jan 2010

Sony Trademarks 'Cloudsurf' Gaming News

Content delivery service for consumer electronics - PSN integration?

04 Jan 2010

In-Theatre Movie Accidentally Hits PlayStation Store News

Nimrod Antal’s Armored goes up and down

31 Dec 2009

Rumour: PlayStation 4 to Drop Cell News

Yes, it's that time of year again

29 Dec 2009

No PSP4000 Despite Advert Nibble

21 Dec 2009

Survey Suggests Potential 'PSN Premium' Plans News

$29.99-$69.99 a year for optional benefits.

21 Dec 2009

Japan Hardware: All Platforms Sales Rise, Except PSP Go News

Wii still selling strong in home console charts.

21 Dec 2009

PlayStation Home Gets MMO Starts 'Virtual Goods Business' News

Sodium One comes to liven up home

17 Dec 2009

Sony Sells Over 4 Million PS3s In Japan News

Still a long way to catch Nintendo's 9 million Wii's though.

17 Dec 2009

PSP Comics Service Get Go News

Disney Signs To PSP Digital Comics Service

17 Dec 2009

PlayStation Network: "Monthly Fees" Rear Up Again News

Confusion or restatement.

14 Dec 2009

PS3 Scoops Metacritic's Platform of the Year 2009 News

Uncharted 2 beats Modern Warfare apparently

11 Dec 2009

NPD November: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly News

Still, nearly everybody is pleased

11 Dec 2009

EA's Riccitiello Blurts Out PS3 Motion Controller Name News

But everybody denies it.

10 Dec 2009

PS3 Pre-Xmas Update - PSP Minis & More News

Also file transfer

08 Dec 2009

Sony Motion Controller's Many Attachments News

US Patent Office reveals torch peripheral, baseball bat and more.

08 Dec 2009

Rumour: PSP Minis Playable On PS3 Before Christmas? News

French website PS3Gen seems to think so.

07 Dec 2009

Gran Turismo 5 Demo - Based on Full Code - Dated News

It's you entry to GT5... at last.

03 Dec 2009

PSP Go and the Free Games News

Sony really pushing PSP Go

01 Dec 2009

HMV Slashes PSP Go Pricing News

Sony helps out with some tweets

30 Nov 2009

Royal Naval Seamen to Get All over the PSP News

Naval gazing with the portable

27 Nov 2009

Microsoft and Sony "Keen On Subscription MMOs" News

Undead Lab's Zombie MMO will be subscription based.

27 Nov 2009

Japan: DSi LL Doubles PSP Go Life Sales in a Week News

One handheld to rule them all

27 Nov 2009

Rumours of PS3 Processor Death - Failed News

PS4 stories still occurring though.

24 Nov 2009

PlayStation Cloud now PlayStation iTunes - What Next? News

How a system evolves - news in front of your eyes.

20 Nov 2009

Sony's Hirai States PS3 Sales Goal News

Confidence abounds

20 Nov 2009

Firefox Heading to PS3? News

Browsing gets choice on console

20 Nov 2009

PS3 Network: New Subscriptions Won't Replace Free News

Sony talks its way out

19 Nov 2009

PS3 Facebook Confirmed in Update 3.10 News

Social networking fight!

17 Nov 2009

Japan Hardware: Portable Sales Down, PS3 Still Top News

Pro Evo 2010 leads Sony's console to ultimate victory.

16 Nov 2009

PS3 Gets Netflix Now News

More films for your PlayStation

10 Nov 2009

PlayStation Video Store and PSN Maintenance News News

Two nibbets (yes) of PlayStation News

09 Nov 2009

PlayStation Video Store Pre Xmas List News

Movies to watch when games get too dull.

04 Nov 2009

Sony Executive was Misrepresented on PlayStation Home Priority News

Monetizing Home is less of a priority.

02 Nov 2009

PS3 Sales Now at 27 Million News

Q2 sales up on all hardware. 35m installed PS3 forecast for April 2010.

30 Oct 2009

Sony Trims Annual Loss Projections News

Losses for past quarter smaller than expected, company readjusts forecast.

30 Oct 2009

PlayStation Home - a Failed Experiment? News

No longer a priority for Sony

29 Oct 2009

UK Charts: PES 2010 beats Forza Week 43 2009 News

Lots of lovely entries

26 Oct 2009

Netflix for PS3 in November News

Disc-based solution

26 Oct 2009

Apple to Drive Mobile Gaming - Nintendo, Sony Have Peaked News

DS and PSP sales have peaked apparently

23 Oct 2009

Video: Really 3D Vision from Sony News

Rocket-suits, X-Ray glasses and two-headed-dogs not on the agenda.

23 Oct 2009

Pachter: Natal to Cost $50 - PS3 Sphere $100 News

Industry analyst looks into crystal ball, sees peripheral pricing.

16 Oct 2009

Sony Ericsson Launches PlayStation Remote Play Phone News

Lets you access videos, music, friends... but not games.

14 Oct 2009

7Digital: Sony and Microsoft's Duopoly a "Worry" News

Might Nintendo have a look in?

13 Oct 2009

PSP Games to Digital Download Challenged by Licensing News

Old licensing appears to be a problem

12 Oct 2009

Sony's Plans For Google Apps On PS3 News

Company's love interest with open source has them chasing Google.

09 Oct 2009

UPDATE: PSP Go to Scare Others Away from Digital Retail News

UK retailer very negative about PlayStation portable

07 Oct 2009

Jack Tretton: Sony is in between Microsoft and Nintendo News

Soft interviewing saves his day

05 Oct 2009

UK Game Charts: Biggest FIFA Ever News

Nearly as big as GTA. Xbox 360 beats PS3 in FIFA wars.

05 Oct 2009

PlayStation Home Universal Game Launching Arrives News

Plus there's cake.

01 Oct 2009

Sony World Wide Game Studio Opens Up... a Bit News

Insightful maybe...

30 Sep 2009

Uncharted 2 Playable in Cinemas News

Games to become big part of movie house strategy

30 Sep 2009

PSP Go + Free Gran Turismo Details News

Not much has changed

29 Sep 2009

Uncharted 2 and Reviewer Twitter Death News

How many review copies are out there?

29 Sep 2009

New Gran Turismo Shots Nibble

28 Sep 2009

Nigeria Calls for Sony Boycott News

Now, there's a company not doing itself any favours.

28 Sep 2009

PS3: LittleBigPlanet - with Motion Control News

The way it was meant to play

25 Sep 2009

Sony's Hirai: We're not in the Hardware Business News

Sony is all about entertainment.

25 Sep 2009

No UMD Conversion for PSP Go News


25 Sep 2009

PSP Go - the UMD Solution Revealed News

We say 'solution' with trepidation

24 Sep 2009

PSP Gets Home News

Take your place on the road.

24 Sep 2009

Sony's 'Secret' Press Conference Lists PS3 Motion Control Games News

New games to be retro fitted.

24 Sep 2009

PS3 Motion Controller for Spring 2010 News

The battle heats up.

24 Sep 2009

PS3 Slim 250Gb Bundles Priced Dated News

inFamous, Uncharted 2 and more.

24 Sep 2009

PS3 Slim Pops a Million Sales in Three Weeks News

And PlayStation video service dated for UK

24 Sep 2009

All-Electric Audi e-tron Hits PlayStation Home News

First car-maker on the block apparently.

22 Sep 2009

EA Games: Compares PSP Go to iPhone News

It's less about the hardware.

21 Sep 2009

Uncharted 2 Gets Perfect Review Score News

From guess where.

15 Sep 2009

PlayStation 3 and Scary Facial Avatars News

Get yourself into the game

10 Sep 2009

PS3 Manages to Annoy Entire Government News

Sense of humour conspiracy...

08 Sep 2009

Killzone 2 Goes PlayStation Platinum Already News

Joins Metal Gear Solid and more...

08 Sep 2009

PlayStation Slams Apple's "Hobbyist" Developers News

Harsh words from Sony man

07 Sep 2009

PS3: MAG - Massive English Trailer Ahead News

People with estuary English talk over excellent trailer

04 Sep 2009

Japan: Day 1 PS3 Slim Gundam Bundle Sales Astonish News

That's what people were waiting for

04 Sep 2009

Pre-Slimpact: PS3 Sales Almost Dead in Japan News

Everybody waiting for PS3 Slim to hit

04 Sep 2009

PlayStation Network: Mostly Blokes News

Gearing towards women

02 Sep 2009

God of War Collected PS2 to PS3 News

A strange way to handle backwards compatibility

01 Sep 2009

PS3 Phats will Retain Other OS After Firmware 3.0 News

And more on the update

28 Aug 2009

Japan Quiet: Awaiting PS3 Slimpact News

PS2, well, everything outsells PS3

28 Aug 2009

Sony Only has a Go at Innocent Bloggers Outrage! News

Poor people like us come under the corporate hammer!

27 Aug 2009

Square Enix Will Feel PS3 Slimpact Next Year News

Not enough to boost this year's forecasts

26 Aug 2009

Sony's Latest PS3 Slim TV Ad: Not Weird News

Not even slightly

25 Aug 2009

Kaz Hirai: PS3 Platform Profitable Since Last Year News

Plus: Motion controller coming in Spring

25 Aug 2009

Uncharted 2: DLC Undecided News

Possibly Uncharted 1 locations as DLC.

21 Aug 2009

Handhelds Battle for Developers Heats Up News

Royalty rates affected by size.

21 Aug 2009

Major Retailer Excited for PSP Go News

Shortly after the arrival of PS3 Slim

21 Aug 2009

USA Facing PS3 Slim Shortages... Already News

so says Amazon

20 Aug 2009

PS3: MAG Beta Goes Open Next Month News

Are there 256 players out there?

20 Aug 2009

PS3 Slim has Enhanced Cell Processor News

Slimmer as well.

20 Aug 2009

Ubisoft Helps Out Sony News

Praises price cuts AND Slim

20 Aug 2009

Two Girls One PS3 Response Type Adverts News

Yes, we know it's got 'druggy' actors in it.

20 Aug 2009

Translated Sony's Koller's Spews Forth on PS3 Slim News

Someone stop these people

20 Aug 2009

Electronic Arts Helps Out Sony News

Praises price cut.

20 Aug 2009

Did Sony Really Sneak the PS3 Slim Past the US Government? News

Clever way to get around news leaks

19 Aug 2009

PS3 Slimmer - Pix and Specs - No PS2 Compatibility News

The specs have already hit the wires - no more Linux installs.

18 Aug 2009

Gamescom 2009: Register a PSP Go - Get a Free GT PSP News

Downloable freebie

18 Aug 2009

Gamescom 2009: Sony Announces PS3 Slim - Image News

The rumours were true.

18 Aug 2009

Gamecom 2009: SPOnG's Live Blog News

World changing announcements or squibs of dampness.

18 Aug 2009

Kmarts PS3 Slim "Pre-Sell" Announced News

Listing updated

18 Aug 2009

SingStar Beatles on the Way? News

Karaoke-only Beatles game may launch with The Beatles: Rock Band

18 Aug 2009

Major Retailer Goes Early with New PS3 and Price Cut News

No details on exciting new PS3 though

18 Aug 2009

USA Games Sales Descent Continues News

Also, Pachter prediction comparison

14 Aug 2009

PS3 Slim Already Outdated by 3D Blu-ray News

Bored with PS3 Slim rumours, try this.

13 Aug 2009

Can Sony Respond to Netflix Xbox 360 Exclusivity? News

Xbox 360's Netflix exclusive one-ups VidZone

12 Aug 2009

Sony 'PlayStation Thanks' Trademarked News

Trophies not enough now

07 Aug 2009

Xbox 360 to Pull Ahead of PS3 at Xmas News

PS3 Slim and price cuts not affecting Activision's outlook

06 Aug 2009

Sony on the WipeOut HD Ad Removal Decision News

Rapid action taken to speed loading times.

04 Aug 2009

Amazon's German PS3 Slim is Deleted News

For one brief moment the lithe machine was there

03 Aug 2009

Sony: Gaming Revenues too Difficult to Compare News

Breakdown of the new division to complex to talk about.

31 Jul 2009

Sony Forgets to State the PS2 Outsold the PS3 and PSP News

The stuff Sony didn't say...

30 Jul 2009

Game Division Disappears from Sony's Report News

PlayStation sales take a dive.

30 Jul 2009

Sony Europe Paid for Atari's US Growth News

Who you gonna call? Sony!

28 Jul 2009

PS3 Chip Supply Falling Short of Demand News

Chip manufacturers ready for a million more PS3s

28 Jul 2009

Sony PSP Phones-in Skype Success News

Who really needs Ericsson for the PSP phone?

25 Jul 2009

Double your Killzone 2 XP this Weekend News

Get some in.

24 Jul 2009

Sony Cagey on PlayStation Network Collaboration News

Vaio might or might not see PSN...

24 Jul 2009

Confusion: The Lack of Second PSP Go Analog News

Sony left out the hardware, but retained the functionality.

22 Jul 2009

Kotick Fuming? New U2 Video on PlayStation Network Now News

Universal recording artists hit Sony

22 Jul 2009

Japan! Nintendo DS Doubles it Business News

What a difference a game makes

17 Jul 2009

PS3 Home: 85% or 30% of Users Return - Confusion! News

How many users make 5 ... or 12 ... or 2

15 Jul 2009

Sony PSP: No more Concept Approval - Shorter QA Process News

Hot on the heels of new PS3 dev kit for unis

14 Jul 2009

PS3 Dev Kits Get Cheaper - for Students News

Time for Bobby Kotick to head back to class?

14 Jul 2009

Electronic Arts' Bioware at Activision: Don't Poke Fun at Sony News

Time to grow up Activision

13 Jul 2009

Internet Gives Up Trying as 'Fake PS3 Slim' Video Hits News

Desperation strikes

13 Jul 2009

Sony's CEO: Clubbable Quote Nibble

10 Jul 2009

Latest Uncharted 2 Trailer: Solid Hair Day News

Lots and lots and lots of plot

10 Jul 2009

Sony's Tretton: We Could Have Come Out with PS 2.5 News

And a Wii stab in the front.

08 Jul 2009

PlayStation Bust-Up: Sony Putting Pressure on Activision News

Still no price cuts though

08 Jul 2009

NetFlix and the Blu-ray FUD Nibble

07 Jul 2009

Sony on PS3 and Hulu: We have No Idea News

Don't ask us.

07 Jul 2009

Sony to Microsoft: Wanna Copy the PS3 XMB, Go for It? News

More power to you. And the hidden 2.8 update.

07 Jul 2009

No PS3s Sold in January says Game Figures News

However, PS3 install base is growing on a par with Xbox 360.

06 Jul 2009

Motion Control Fight: Round Eight - Sony's Any Object Controller News

Unnumbered patent revealed

03 Jul 2009

Non-UMD Sony PSP was Always Planned News

Of course it was...

02 Jul 2009

Nintendo DS Sweeps UK Console Ownership News

Installed base closes on 24 million

02 Jul 2009

Sony to Third-Parties: Help Us with PlayStation News

New licensing deals ahoy

30 Jun 2009

Lots of PlayStation 3 Backwards Compatibilty Patents News

'New patent' discovered... but where is it.

30 Jun 2009

Analyst: PlayStation 3 Will Beat Xbox 360 by 2015 News

Japan to blame or to praise.

30 Jun 2009

Microsoft's New Ad Deal: Why Hulu Blocked PlayStation? News

A new Microsoft Ad service emerges

29 Jun 2009

PlayStation Game Phone is On Again News

Will definitely take on iPhone... if a little late.

29 Jun 2009

Exclusive: PS3 Motion Control for Home Will Happen News

But: not in development just yet

29 Jun 2009

PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.0 Details Rumoured News

Huge overhaul planned

26 Jun 2009

Sony's Kaz Hirai Readying for Bigger Things? News

Deputy appointed.

26 Jun 2009

Obvious News: Sony Snaps Up Movie Rights to Uncharted News

No Statham connection as yet.

26 Jun 2009

Kaz Hirai's Expanded PlayStation Network - Cloud-Like? News

Mixed signals galore.

26 Jun 2009

More Killzone 2 Apartment Furniture for PlayStation Home News

Scary stuff apparently

24 Jun 2009

Calm Down! PlayStation 3: Firmware Update 2.80 Up News

Everybody just calm the hell down

24 Jun 2009

Activision: We Will Support Sony News

The 'If' remains...

23 Jun 2009

Big Media Gives E3 Best of Awards News

List of awards is declared 'definitive' by people who make the list

23 Jun 2009

PlayStation 3 Wand Motion Control Dated News

The motion control race is on...

22 Jun 2009

Massive God of War III Game Play Vid News

Saturday morning fun...

20 Jun 2009

Gamestop Meeting Appears to Confirm August PS3 Price Cut News

Analyst backs up his statement.

19 Jun 2009

Tokyo Game Show PS3 Price Cut and Slim? News

Did Kotick know in advance?

19 Jun 2009

Sony Responds to Activision Threat News

Not much to say

19 Jun 2009

Activision Might Stop Supporting Sony News

Big, big warning shot

19 Jun 2009

PSP Go Add-On for PSP Peripherals 'Considered' News

And other questions posed

12 Jun 2009

Sony's Tretton: Third-Parties Blurt Secrets News

People don't respect confidentiality.

12 Jun 2009

USA Games Industry: Recession? Poof! News

Claims of recession beating are only portable

12 Jun 2009

Retail: 'Surprisingly' Excited' by PSP Go News

Shops like the accessories

12 Jun 2009

Kaz Hirai: PSP-3000 'Still Key for Us" News

And why we had to choose Blu-ray

10 Jun 2009

PlayStation: Hirai - Casual Gamers are Fickle News

Why you need the hardcore

10 Jun 2009

Sony: No Trophies for PSP News

It's all about keeping it secure

09 Jun 2009

Analyst Dates $100 PS3 Price Cut News

US-centric price cut.

09 Jun 2009

Rockstar Games: Sony to Lead the Market News

Ben Feder opens mouth...

08 Jun 2009

Bad Decisions: Sony Drops PSP Go Standard USB Port News

Special special connector

08 Jun 2009

EA Damns and Praises PlayStation AND Xbox 360 News

Double hit and double placate.

08 Jun 2009

Nintendo: Natal and PS3 Wand are Technology not Fun News

Natal and Sony wand: dismissed!

08 Jun 2009

Uncharted 2 - the Video Gloriousness News

It's really rather good you know.

04 Jun 2009

Trico / Last Guardian Images Ahoy News

All new all for you

04 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Microsoft Shane Kim's 100-Hand Bitch Slap News

Kim socks it with price, Facebook, motion sensing

04 Jun 2009

Hardware News: PSP Go Tech Specs and Pix News

Shout out to the tech lovers...

03 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Heavy Rain Video Falls News

Plus: new screens!

03 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Can Sony's Magic Wand Abort Natal? News

PlayStation MotionController tech demo wows at E3

02 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Gran Turismo Finally for PSP News

Kazunori-san shows portable Gran Turismo at E3

02 Jun 2009

E3 '09: PSP Go Confirmed: Won't Kill PSP News

Dated and priced

02 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Natal Fury - PS3mote for Sony's Press Conference News

What's Sony got in its pants?

02 Jun 2009

Get Your FREE inFamous Home T Right Here News

Free, all you have to do is send the right email to the right SPOnG address.

22 May 2009

Sony Supplier Cut to Enable PS3 Price Drop? News

SCE buying folded into Sony Corp

21 May 2009

$50 PSP Digital Rentals: The Cost of UMD Death News

Sony considering $50/month for PSP game rental

21 May 2009

Team ICO's Project Trico Caught on Film? News

Video surfaces

20 May 2009

Sony's (E3 Booth) is Bigger than Yours News

Floor plans revealed

19 May 2009

Man Sues Sony Lawyers Over Controller Bum Deal News

Yes, we said 'Rumbles on', what of it.

19 May 2009

Sony's Free Realms: One Million in Under a Month News

"An unprecedented achievement for a new IP", says Sony.

18 May 2009

PlayStation 3 Price Cut 'Announced' by Media News

Quotes plus facts = price cut.

15 May 2009

PS3 Slim - More Pix from Torn Site News

Growth in rumours...

14 May 2009

PlayStation: More Losses Next Year News

PlayStation 2 Loses Damage Sony

14 May 2009

Pre-E3 Rumour Roast: PS3 Redesign News

Definitely, positively, absolutely rumoured

13 May 2009

Altered Beast, Shinobi, More for Xbox Live Confirmed News

Also some SEGA Classics head to PlayStation Network

11 May 2009

Sony's Stringer: Rinse, Repeat - PlayStation Network News

We're going to do things we said we were.

11 May 2009

Sony Grabs Ghostbusters for Timed Exclusive News

Sony grabs from Atari so game coincides with Blu-ray movie release

06 May 2009

Japan: Sony Platforms Top Nintendo News

Plus: why Japanese gamers don't want a 360

01 May 2009

Wii-Mote for the PS3 FUD? News

Another E3 announcement apparently

01 May 2009

E3: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo: Excited News

Game on...

29 Apr 2009

PSP GO! - the New PSP Rumour News

New rumour says new handheld in Autumn

29 Apr 2009

Sony's Bioshock 2 Reveal News

More pics and detail

24 Apr 2009

Absolutely NO PlayStation 3 Price Cuts... Yet News

Interview sliced and diced

22 Apr 2009

Sony: The Wii Owns the Closet News

Great Quotes of our time

22 Apr 2009

PSP Update v5.50 Detail Nibble

21 Apr 2009

Japan: PSP Scrapes Past DSi Nibble

17 Apr 2009

PSP SOCOM So Good: Bravo 3! News


16 Apr 2009

Retailer Rejects PS2 Price Cut, Fingers Wii News

PS2 cut too late

16 Apr 2009

How Close is SCEE's New CEO to Kaz Hirai? News

The pair's Sony history examined

15 Apr 2009

Killzone 2 DLC: Sony Responds News

Is it free or is it not?

14 Apr 2009

Killzone 2 DLC - Not Free! News

Confusion reigns

14 Apr 2009

Sony Confirms no PS3 Price Cut... Again News

Asian exec speaks out.

09 Apr 2009

More PSP2 'Confirmations' Nibble

07 Apr 2009

Japan: PlayStation 3 Beats Wii in March News

Xbox 360 trails at the back

06 Apr 2009

PlayStation 3 Update Confirmed News

Much muttering on the Internet

02 Apr 2009

Sony's New Cheaper PS3 Dev Kit News

Tries to lure new talent

24 Mar 2009

Sony Annoys Publishers with PSN Fee News

Will it drive publishers away?

20 Mar 2009

Sony Freezes Wages - Even Management News

Across the board cash cuts...

19 Mar 2009

Sony Chief Held Hostage By Own Staff News

French revolution?

13 Mar 2009

PlayStation 3 Beats Wii in Japan News

The weekly Media Create figures

06 Mar 2009

PS3 Certification Delays Unreal Tournament III DLC News

Pushed back to late March

05 Mar 2009

PlayStation 2 Enters 10th Year News

Happy Birthday to you PlayStation 2

05 Mar 2009

Big in Japan: Yakuza 3 News

This week's Media Create figures

05 Mar 2009

Sony President Steps Down News

Business restructured - Kaz Hirai gets new division.

27 Feb 2009

Sony's Koller: We Never Engaged with Dave Perry News

But won't deny UMD-free PSP2.

27 Feb 2009

Sony Responds to PlayStation Disease Story: Why? News

For some reason, Sony feels the need to dignify the tail.

25 Feb 2009

Sony: 20 Million PSN Users News

Compared to 17 million paid on Xbox Live

25 Feb 2009

Killzone 2 - New Behind the Scenes Trailer News

Politics, philosophy, music and architecture.

24 Feb 2009

Nintendo, Sony Sued for Wireless Patent Breach News

WipEout Pulse also named

24 Feb 2009

Newish PlayStation Portable in 2009 News

Sliding doors for December

23 Feb 2009

Killzone 2: Game on the Web Nibble

23 Feb 2009

Sony: Our PlayStation Exclusives Against Anyone's News

Marketing man spills the beans.

23 Feb 2009

Killzone 2 "In 4D" Playable Demo in March News

Sony is going to make an in-engine advert playable.

20 Feb 2009

Quote: Sony on PSP Downloads Nibble

16 Feb 2009

USA: Xbox 360 Second to Wii in Jan News

Shock horror outrage fury

13 Feb 2009

Sony Hints at New PSP News

Plus sales figures.

13 Feb 2009

Ninjas Join Street Fighter Costumes in Home News

Capcom goes Home friendly

11 Feb 2009

Idol Hope: Sony PSP to Home Connectivity News

A glimmer of hope twinkles...

10 Feb 2009

Uncharted 2: More Realistic Damage News

Also some flannel about chasing and catching

10 Feb 2009

Sony Shows off Home Supporters News

24 corporates agree to come home

09 Feb 2009

Piracy: PSP-3000 Costs Less than First Gen News

The price of piracy is high.

09 Feb 2009

Sony's Sir Howard Stringer is Londo Mollari News

Sci-Fi fantasy or simple fact?

02 Feb 2009

Sony: PS3 is "On Track" News

Even if "relatively" it's behind

30 Jan 2009

Analyst: Xbox 360 to Relinquish Second Place to PlayStation News

No hope of catching Nintendo

29 Jan 2009

PlayStation 3 Sales Follow Sony Plummet News

Sony heading downhill

29 Jan 2009

Sony: Unify & We Will have No Rivals News

Spring time before we find out how.

28 Jan 2009

Pachter Watch: Sony and Microsoft Both Right News

But the maths is wrong...

22 Jan 2009

Sony's Stringer Won't Take Bonus News

More restructuring plans ahoy.

22 Jan 2009

Kaz Hirai: Far Sighted or Farcical? News

Sony Computer Entertainment boss and the clinging of straws.

21 Jan 2009

Wii Tracks to Outsell PlayStation 2 News

Have Nintendo and Sony swapped places?

20 Jan 2009

Sony: PlayStation Continues Official Leadership News

Plus, Xbox 360 won't go the distance

20 Jan 2009

Official Killzone 2 UK Bundle News

Let the fanboyisms commence!

20 Jan 2009

Sony to Steam in Digital Delivery News

SOE gets hot.

19 Jan 2009

Sony to Sony Ericsson: No PSP Phone! News

PlayStation brand only to be used by Sony.

19 Jan 2009

PSN/Xbox Live Deja Vu News

17 million PSN users explained

15 Jan 2009

Sony Offers Money to PlayStation Home Users News

Hong Kong gamers to benefit.

14 Jan 2009

Media Molecule: LittleBigPlanet Launch 'Rocky' News

Media Molecule says Sony wouldn't let it have perfect servers

09 Jan 2009

Sony CEO: One Year Takes Its Toll News

CES keynote sees trimmed down Stringer.

09 Jan 2009

EA Sports Support for PlayStation Home News

Aiding the digitisation of EA Sports business.

09 Jan 2009

Japan Xmas: PS2 & Xbox 360 Draw News

But it's a handheld Xmas.

08 Jan 2009

Wipeout and Motorstorm Devs to Merge News

It was always the intention says Sony.

07 Jan 2009

Xbox 360 Widening Lead News

Greenberg stakes his claim.

06 Jan 2009

Sony to Slay Sacred Cows News

But denies further restructuring

05 Jan 2009

PlayStation 2 Most Played in 2008 News

Xbox not Xbox 360 tops PS3

02 Jan 2009

PS3 Beats Wii on Internet Use News

Gaming versus Internet use... Wii doesn't win.

02 Jan 2009

LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Cock-Up News

DLC apparently loses level progress and more

31 Dec 2008

Cell Chip Designer Felt 'Contaminated' by Xbox News

New book reveals how Sony helped Microsoft with consoles... by accident.

31 Dec 2008

Nintendo Owns Japan News

Sony not quite as dead as might be believed

29 Dec 2008

iSupply: Sony to Re-spin PS3 Hardware News

Retail price... not so much.

23 Dec 2008

PlayStation Home: Voice in Private News

Nation can speak unto nation... at home.

22 Dec 2008

PlayStation Home Update Downdates News

Voice chat not the only thing lost

19 Dec 2008

Sony Removes Voice Chat from Home News

No more Sweary Marys

18 Dec 2008

Europe Xbox Beats PS3 by One Million? News

Figures are confused at best

16 Dec 2008

Rumour: Sony PSP Vapour for 2009 News

Apparently a new one to arrive or maybe just an update.

16 Dec 2008

Sony Gaming Losses 'Not that Much' News

Standing by no price cuts

12 Dec 2008

Sony Shoots Back at Microsoft on Home News

Also, new screens

11 Dec 2008

Sony: PSP Weakness is Games News

Startling admission

11 Dec 2008

LittleBigPlanet: Mod Deletion Still Unsolved News

Still no date for online co-op

10 Dec 2008

New Killzone 2 Screens News

Don't anybody say 'Platform Saviour'.

09 Dec 2008

Sony Electronics Cuts 8000 Jobs News

Electronics giant shows the strain

09 Dec 2008

Protests in PlayStation Home News

Users up in arms

01 Dec 2008

Sony Home Open Beta 34-Day Countdown News

Definitely by the end of the year

27 Nov 2008

PlayStation Home Beta Updated News

For those lucky enough to get it

27 Nov 2008

Sony PSP2 Draws Nearer News

More weight to case for new PSP

27 Nov 2008

Fanboy Dismay: Sony Movies Return to Xbox 360 News

It was all a big mistake

26 Nov 2008

PlayStation Credit Card but No Competitive Price Cut News

With Xbox 360s cheaper than Wii - Sony launches a Visa card.

25 Nov 2008

Sony Movies Cut from Netflix Xbox 360 Service News

Evil corporate machinations to blame?

19 Nov 2008

The UK Video Game Charts: Call of Duty in a World of Warcraft News

What happened to LittleBigPlanet?

18 Nov 2008

LittleBigPlanet: When Moderation means Deletion News

Examine that phrase, eh?

17 Nov 2008

PlayStation 2 Gets Most Game Time - Wii Gets Used News

Have that you graphics garglers!

14 Nov 2008

Who is NOT Banning Gamers Now? News

Everyone getting on the banned-wagon?

12 Nov 2008

Media Molecule Puts Number to Level Deletions News

New moderation method in the works

11 Nov 2008

Sony and Electronic Arts - and No One Else News

India is quite refreshing

10 Nov 2008

The LittleBigPlanet Image Import Politics Show News

Will it? Won't it?

05 Nov 2008

Mainstream Media: PSP and DS Should Fear iPhone this Xmas News

Interesting take on gaming

04 Nov 2008

Sony PSP 3000 Screen Issues 'Explained' News

It's the pixels isn't it.

31 Oct 2008

Canadian PlayStation Site Attacked by Sackboy News

It's just funny.

30 Oct 2008

Sony Profits Plunge - Video Games Losses Halved News

It's the downturn dummy

29 Oct 2008

Sony: Developers Don't Need Publishers for PS3 and PSP News

Straight relationship for PS2 and PSP development

29 Oct 2008

LittleBigPlanet Servers Under Stress News

Media Molecule and Sony working on it

29 Oct 2008

Sony: Open Home Beta This Year - Maybe News

Working hard or hardly working?

28 Oct 2008

Sony Cuts Profit Forecast by Over 50 Per Cent News

Analyst says it's not enough

23 Oct 2008

Sony PSP: 5.01 Update Coming but No Screen Fix News

Will not or cannot?

22 Oct 2008

Sony PSP 3000 - Good Sales but Poor Screen? News

Swings and roundabouts though...

21 Oct 2008

No Mascot was Sony Official Policy News

That's psychologically telling

20 Oct 2008

CONFIRMED: LittleBigPlanet Delay is Global News

Sony having to recall discs

17 Oct 2008

LittleBigPlanet to be Delayed in Europe News

Details are scant

17 Oct 2008

Xbox 360 Outsells PS3 in Japan... Part 1 News

Sony's land of the falling sun?

17 Oct 2008

PlayStation 3: Your User Material R Belong to Us News

LittleBigPlanet monetizing fun.

17 Oct 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 CAN Run Metal Gear Solid News

Our dad is bigger than your dad

16 Oct 2008

Busted: Three Thousand Es in a PlayStation News

How to add zest to your PS2

15 Oct 2008

Hirai: PlayStation 3 Still Full-Price for Xmas News

PS3 already "very good value proposition"

13 Oct 2008

Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy Hit LittleBigPlanet News

More LittleBigPlanet makeovers!

09 Oct 2008

Japan: Xbox 360 Beats PS3 in September News

Nintendo still leads the pack

03 Oct 2008

TGS, Sony's 'Unannounced Games' and Common Sense News

Internet says yes, common sense has other ideas...

01 Oct 2008

Jaffe Responds to Brett Ratner on God of War Movie News

Kind of wishes it was Ridley Scott...

01 Oct 2008

Rumour: Sony PS4 to Beat Xbox 720 to Market News

Specs leaked?

30 Sep 2008

Xbox 360 Beats PS3 in Japan - Again News

But guess what's on top...

26 Sep 2008

Sony 'Amazed' at Samsung's Blu-ray Death Slam News

Blogging heck from Sony Exec

26 Sep 2008

Former Xbox Exec on Sony and FUD News

Fighting talk from a console wars vet

16 Sep 2008

Sony: Move Away from Retail in Two Years News

Shuhei Yoshida talks turkey

12 Sep 2008

Sony's Waterloo? Singstar ABBA News

Insert more ABBA puns here please... Mama Mi... no, we can't do it.

10 Sep 2008

Phil Harrison Watch: Another Sony Exec Leaps to Atari News

Phil Harrison's charisma at work?

08 Sep 2008

Microsoft Balmer and Sony Stringer for CES 2009 News

Let's hope they've got something interesting to say.

04 Sep 2008

PSP Gets Direct PlayStation Store Access News

Plus: more PSP/PS3 connectivity

03 Sep 2008

Sony's Stringer: We Can't Make Enough PS3s News

Also missed an opportunity to take on Wii.

28 Aug 2008

Official: Autumn for PlayStation Home Far Eastern News

Closed beta hitting the region soon

28 Aug 2008

Microsoft and Immersion Court Rumble Over News

Immersion pays up

27 Aug 2008

PlayStation 3 BioShock Extends 'Experience' News

Genetically enhanced apparently

19 Aug 2008

UK 80Gb PS3 to Ship Week Early? News

David Reeves' second release date changed?

18 Aug 2008

PlayStation 3: Leipzig Fog Rolls In News

Sony announces that something we didn't think would happen... won't

18 Aug 2008

EA and Sony Say Retail is Burnt Out News

Direct to you

15 Aug 2008

More PlayStation Home Beta Screens News

And email...

15 Aug 2008

Exactly How Much can Marketing Insult Video Gamers? News

Seriously, how stupid do platform holders think we are.

30 Jul 2008

PlayStation 3: Firmware Update 2.42 - No Life News

Well, here it is then.

30 Jul 2008

Why PS3 Won't Get Backward Compatibility News

PS2 is alive and kicking - and it wants to kick Wii.

30 Jul 2008

Sony Figures: PS3 Outsellls PS2 in Software and Hardware News

Also outsells PS2 in terms of software.

29 Jul 2008

Is Sony Softening Us Up for Further Home Delay? News

Launch date "doesn't matter"

24 Jul 2008

Microsoft versus Sony in Console Spat News

Their dad is better than your dad.

24 Jul 2008

Shock! Microsoft Disses PlayStation Network News

PSN has "just a handful of titles"

23 Jul 2008

Sony Working on Wireless HDTV for PS3 News

Flying cars on their way? No, this is serious.

23 Jul 2008

PlayStation 3: Google Earth and Zombies Collide News

Bizarre video here

22 Jul 2008

Sony's Hirai: Repeating PS2-Size Sales for PS3 'Not Fun' News

He's already seen the movie.

21 Jul 2008

E3: Sony Presentation - The Past. The Future - Little Presence News

Jack Tretton is a man alone.

15 Jul 2008

Something from Sony: Free Warhawk Modes Tomorrow News

Yes... Warhawk...

15 Jul 2008

Sony PSP TV Goes Live News

Now you can watch TV... all...the...time

14 Jul 2008

Sony's Stringer: Wii is Expensive News

It's a "niche" device?

14 Jul 2008

Sony PlayStation 3 - No Price Cuts Due News

Says the CFO

11 Jul 2008

Sony's Stan Glasgow: Blu-ray to be a Social Network News

And the art of not answering the question

03 Jul 2008

Japan: Wii Outsells PS3 in Metal Gear Solid Month News

But PS3 closed monthly gap a little

03 Jul 2008

Now it's Phil Harrison's Wii Controller News

Is the US Patent Office is kidding you... because we're not.

02 Jul 2008

Sony Names Touch Screen Device After Phil Harrison News

Can't be the same fella?

01 Jul 2008

PS3 Slim'n'Lite for Fiscal 2008? News

Shrinkage not always a bad thing.

26 Jun 2008

Sony: PlayStation Profits Tops 'To Do' List News

Plus: why won't Sony's board reveal its salaries?

20 Jun 2008

PlayStation 3 Firmware Snow News

A new thing will happen sometime in the future and it will have stuff.

18 Jun 2008

PlayStation's Own Network Show Confirmed News

Victoria Belmont to host

03 Jun 2008

Sony's Hirai: We Could Pay for Exclusives Again News

Things going well since Ken left.

30 May 2008

Sony CEO: PlayStation 3 was 'On Life Support' News

But GTA IV will make things better

29 May 2008

Nintendo Claims Wii Software World Record News

Nintendo shows off software and hardware figures

22 May 2008

PlayStation Home Core Users are Gamers News

Home creators discuss its future

15 May 2008

Sony: Game Division in Another Loss News

But things are looking up.

14 May 2008

Sony's Kaz Hirai Can't See The Competition? News

Is it snowing again?

09 May 2008

Codemasters Wins F1 License News

British publisher takes official F1 games off Sony's hands

09 May 2008

Sony's Kaz Hirai: Dealing with Gaming Issues News

Details of Kaz Hirai's PlayStation Day 2008 address right here

07 May 2008

Sony Gaming Division Loses More Money News

But that's not all bad news.

02 May 2008

Xbox 360 Discs Won't Hold GTA V? News

Rockstar co-founder raises concerns over Xbox 360 disc space

23 Apr 2008

Official: PlayStation Home Not Coming Until Autumn News

More registrants to be invited to beta

22 Apr 2008

Nintendo Dominates 2007 Japanese Software Sales News

Xbox 360 suffers

14 Apr 2008

Sony and Microsoft Wanted to Control BBC iPlayer Claim News

BBC makes the claim

10 Apr 2008

PlayStation Store Update April 15th News

Plus update 2.30 due.

10 Apr 2008

US PS3 Rumble Dated PLUS US Compatibility List News

European news... not yet

02 Apr 2008

GT5 Prologue - Sexy Launch Pics Inside News

Girls and cars!

28 Mar 2008

Microsoft Attorney Digs Masterchief on PlayStation 3 News

Sharing list much love is almost rude

27 Mar 2008

UPDATED: Sony Readying PS3 for Cheaper Blu-ray Discs News

Firmware update gets bonus feature

26 Mar 2008

Metal Gear Online says Sony CAN do Online Betas News

Capcom keeps quiet

17 Mar 2008

Capcom: PS3 Can't Support Online Betas News

Plus: fanboys bitch-slapped

17 Mar 2008

US Hardware Charts Feb 2008: Our Trends Electric News

Nintendo still rules the roost

14 Mar 2008

Sony's CEO Stringer: PS3 Press Conference this Month News

'We will battle the software companies.'

13 Mar 2008

Confirmed: NO Sony and Microsoft Blu-ray Talks News

And that's fact

13 Mar 2008

Microsoft No 'Current' Xbox Blu-ray Plans News

Plus: platform holder expects to "trail" in February sales in US

13 Mar 2008

Microsoft's Controller Trial Rumbles On News

Platform holder called bald

11 Mar 2008

PSP Outsells Wii - PS3 Outsells PS2 in Japan News

See how we didn't say "Pwn"... damn!

07 Mar 2008

Microsoft's Ballmer: We Support Blu-ray News

Microsoft's English office doesn't though...

07 Mar 2008

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: 71 Cars Confirmed News

Drift, Split-Screen... and Clarkson... Vroooom

06 Mar 2008

Sony's Clue to PlayStation Network Expansion News

And cheaper Blu-ray players undermine PS3?

06 Mar 2008

Sony vs Microsoft: Who Wants the New GTA IV Gamers More? News

Is a new customer worth more than an old one?

05 Mar 2008

PlayStation 3 In-Game Communication This Summer News

SCEE's managing director lets it slip.

03 Mar 2008

Nintendo Wii Outsells PS3 Four to One in Japan News

Plus: Last week's Japanese software sales

28 Feb 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4: June 12th Japan Release PLUS Box Art News

Get your snake's eye on these...

27 Feb 2008

Phil Harrison Resigns from Sony News

A week after blaming Sony of Japan for mistakes?

25 Feb 2008

Sony Flaunts In-Game XMB News

Oh, very bloody amusing...

20 Feb 2008

UPDATED: High-Def Format War - Toshiba Surrenders News

White flag from Microsoft likely to follow soon

19 Feb 2008

Warhawk with HOME Integration Free News

And a monkey wrench

18 Feb 2008

Sony is 'Hip' Says Toshiba Insider News

Good idea to let it have the Hi-Def format then?

18 Feb 2008

Toshiba Refuses to Deny Abandoning HD-DVD News

Wal-Mart drops HD DVD, Toshiba rumoured to surrender format war

18 Feb 2008

Analyst: Owners Dump Wii, Xbox 360 In 2011 News

Bizarre installed base forecast inside...

15 Feb 2008

HD DVD Camp Responds To Netflix and Best Buy Rejection News

HD DVD backers seeing defeat on the horizon?

13 Feb 2008

US Retail, Rental Giants Back Blu-ray News

Another blow landed against HD-DVD

12 Feb 2008

PS3 Cell Processor to Shrink Again News

Price cut stories to grow and grow...

07 Feb 2008

Analyst: Sony and Microsoft are Innovation Killers News

Or is it consolidation?

07 Feb 2008

A Wander Around PlayStation Home News

New screens inside

01 Feb 2008

ASDA Outdoes Sony On PS3 Bundle Price News

FIFA and Need for Speed thrown into the mix

31 Jan 2008

PS3 Drives Sony Games Sales Leap News

10.49 million PS3s sold worldwide

31 Jan 2008

PlayStation Network Gets PixelJunked News

Dredd gets his drokk on

25 Jan 2008

PSP Skype - Delayed In Japan News

Europe not affected

23 Jan 2008

Sony's Hirai: We Won't Promote PS2 Games News

End of the road for PS2 support?

22 Jan 2008

'Record' Holiday Season for PS3 in Europe News

But will Sony hit 11 million target?

22 Jan 2008

PlayStation 4 Compatibility Insanity News

Backwards going forwards

18 Jan 2008

Resistance Fall of Man 2: 2008 Release is Semi Official News

First sequel in PlayStation 3 line-up...

16 Jan 2008

Everybody is Sued: Video Gaming Legal Round-Up News

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo... or not.

15 Jan 2008

Sony Explains: PlayStation 3 Bundle News

60Gbs have sold through... well... almost.

14 Jan 2008

PlayStation 3 Production Costs Slashed News

From $800 to $400 apparently

14 Jan 2008

UPDATED: God of War Creator - Single Gaming Platform Please News

Why one hardware platform would be GOOD for competition

11 Jan 2008

Farewell 2007: Who Made the UK's Gaming Cash? News

Stats galore...

10 Jan 2008

High-Def Format War: The Battle Continues At Retail News

Warner Bros move not deciding blow say retailers

10 Jan 2008

No More Backwards Compatibility For PS3 in Japan News

40GB PS3 to be only Japanese model

10 Jan 2008

Confirmed: LittleBigPlanet 'on Track' for September News

Ready... ready...set...

09 Jan 2008

Motorstorm New Tracks Screens Here News

The eagle has landed... well, it's nest has.

09 Jan 2008

Microsoft Could Consider Blu-ray Support For Xbox News

Warner Bros defection a "bummer"

09 Jan 2008

PlayStation 3: In-Game XMB Ruffles CES News

Q&A and project manager spills the beans... maybe

09 Jan 2008

No Skype for Original PSP News

Plus: Huge memory stick, GPS in America and PSP keyboard

08 Jan 2008

Confusion Surrounds Paramount's Blu-ray Decision News

Now PlayStation 3 really can start pimpimg BD Live

08 Jan 2008

High Def DVD - is the War Won? News

Well, Sony would like you to think so...

07 Jan 2008

Wii Outsold PS3 3 To 1 in Japan for 2007 News

While DS outsold the lot

07 Jan 2008

Sony Eyeing Fiscal 2008 for PS3 Profit News

But don't expect any promises

07 Jan 2008

Uncharted 2 On The Way for PS3 Confirmed News

Naughty Dog confirms sequel in the works

03 Jan 2008

UPDATED: Skype Coming to PSP News

More phone functionality on the way for Sony handheld

03 Jan 2008

Microsoft: Sony Has More European Staying Power News

But Microsoft will sell more consoles next year.

20 Dec 2007

Bravia Move from Sony: Free PlayStation 3 News

G'day... time to whip over to Harvey Norman?

20 Dec 2007

The Goat That Sacked Sony's Holy Places News

It's like SCEE's being haunted...

19 Dec 2007

Sony PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 2.10 News

DivX... and Blu-ray. Still no in-game XMB

18 Dec 2007

Sony's Hirai: Game Division Back in Black in 2008 News

When did it go into the red?

17 Dec 2007

Sony KNOWS You Want In-Game XMB On PS3 News

Instant messaging on the way

14 Dec 2007

Sony PSP Turns Into Video Recorder News

Japanese firmware update detailed

13 Dec 2007

PlayStation on Your iPhone and iPod Touch! News

Mmmm homebrew.

11 Dec 2007

Sony CEO: PlayStation Home for April 1st 2008? News

Stringer's master plan to be unveiled in April.

11 Dec 2007

Devil May Cry 4 Demo Early Next Year News

Wipe those tears from your eyes...

07 Dec 2007

Kane & Lynch Heads Up PSN Store Releases News

PSP gets Syphon Filter demo

07 Dec 2007

Killzone 2 Gets Street News

Guerilla shooter pops its head up again

03 Dec 2007

Killzone 2 Beta Next Year News

Full game due in March?

29 Nov 2007

Sony PSP Firmware 3.73 Update Available In Japan News

UMD stability improved

29 Nov 2007

Blu-ray Movies Hit 1 Million In Europe News

Blu-ray Disc Association attempts to mislead us

28 Nov 2007

Activision: PS3 And Xbox 360 Need To Be £97 News

Other statements of the bloody obvious to follow...

28 Nov 2007

PS3 Graphics Chip Going 65nm? News

45nm process coming soon

27 Nov 2007

England's Euro 2008 Exit Is Sony And Microsoft's Fault News

Nintendo blameless.

26 Nov 2007

Private Investor Buys 'Substantial' Chunk Of Sony News

Sony share prices up

26 Nov 2007

PSP Slim And Lite Sells A Million In Japan News

Beats the original PSP

26 Nov 2007

Warhawk Getting New Content News

New map and vehicle up for grabs

26 Nov 2007

Sony: PlayStation Phone NOT In The Works News

Latest rumours unfounded

22 Nov 2007

PlayStation Phone Apparently Confirmed News

It's a possibility, don'tcha know?

21 Nov 2007

PlayStation Store Goes All PC For PSP? News

PSN for PSP on PC and PS3...Phew!

21 Nov 2007

PS3 Price Cut Doubles Sales News

“Turning point” passed

15 Nov 2007

Midway Gets Stranglehold On PlayStation Network Update News

New MotorStorm pack up for grabs

15 Nov 2007

Sony Refuses To Mend Dirty PS3s News

Clean this sick filth!

15 Nov 2007

PS3 And DivX Confirmed News

PS3 joins DivX "ecosystem"

14 Nov 2007

Singstar PS3 Dated News

Gays and girls celebrate

09 Nov 2007

Sony CEO: Time Travel To Unite HD-DVD And Blu-ray News

Stalemate in format war.

09 Nov 2007

Sony America's Holiday Line-Up Revealed News

50 PlayStation 3 titles...

08 Nov 2007

Derision, Anger Over No PS3 In-Game XMB News

Some days it doesn't matter what your title is...

08 Nov 2007

Sony's Kaz Hirai Talks PlayStation Pricing Strategy News

PS3 won't go against trend.

08 Nov 2007

New PlayStation 2 For Europe: On Cards News

So what's all this about concentrating on PS3?

06 Nov 2007

PlayStation 3 Closing Monthly Sales Gap on Wii News

Latest Japanese sales stats just in

05 Nov 2007

PlayStation 2 Loses Weight - And Price - Again News

Price cut reportedly imminent

02 Nov 2007

Folding At Home Bags World Record For PS3 News

PS3s part of most powerful distributed network ever

01 Nov 2007

65nm Processor In 40GB PS3? News

The latest hardware rumoury

01 Nov 2007

Sony Raises PS3 Loss Forecasts News

Electronics profit margin expectations up

29 Oct 2007

Ratchet & Clank Lead Bumper PSN Update News

PlayStation Network puts on weight

26 Oct 2007

PS2 Is Seven Today: Happy Birthday Forgotten One News

Respect the elderly

26 Oct 2007

Drake's Fortune Demo Coming In November? News

Naughty Dog says 'yes'

25 Oct 2007

Sony Games Division Losses Up News

Below-cost PS3 price blamed

25 Oct 2007

Gran Turismo Kicking Into Top Gear News

Watch BBC content through your PS3

24 Oct 2007

Blu-ray Outsells HD-DVD Two To One News

HD-DVD to take over in run up to Christmas?

24 Oct 2007

Detailed: Warhawk 1.2 Patch News

In testing - no Dropship.... bah! Erm.. pwned or something.

23 Oct 2007

Last 60GB PS3s Getting Snapped Up News

Has Sony got its 40GB strategy wrong?

22 Oct 2007

Sony Get Out Of Cell Processor Making News

And SPOnG avoids 'Cells Sell' pun...

18 Oct 2007

PlayStation Eye Street Date News

PS3 owners getting camera fun

16 Oct 2007

A Chocolate PS3 - Yes, Chocolate! News

Those crazy Italians strike again

16 Oct 2007

The Charts: Project Gotham Challenges FIFA News

Where's Halo 3?

16 Oct 2007

Japan: DS Back On Top News

PSP edged out again

15 Oct 2007

Assassin's Creed Devs Struggling With Xbox 360 Disc Size News

PS3 version facing its own problems

12 Oct 2007

God of War PSP: Chain-Swingin' New Screens News

Kratos makes us contemplate eternal darkness

10 Oct 2007

160GB PS3 On The Way? News

Sony's not saying

09 Oct 2007

OFFICIAL: Entry Level PlayStation Specifications News

For the more technically inclined...

05 Oct 2007

Halo 3 Triples Japanese Xbox 360 Sales News

Microsoft still languishing at the back

05 Oct 2007

Sneaked: New PlayStation Campaign News

Now why would it need that

05 Oct 2007

PS3 Price Drop - €399 For 40GB Model News

In Italy at least

03 Oct 2007

Wii Creams PS3 In Japan News

Half year figures show massive sales gap

02 Oct 2007

Sony To "Revive" Technological Prowess News

Is the future of handheld gaming 3mm thick?

02 Oct 2007

Haze: Drugs Will Make Your PS3 Rumble News

Probably best not to try this at home

01 Oct 2007

PS3 Sold Half Of All Units In First Month News

PS3 and Xbox 360 neck and neck

28 Sep 2007

Sony: We're Playing Catch-Up News

So says Kaz Hirai

28 Sep 2007

Does This Label Mean A NEW PlayStation 3? News

We would say... calm down everybody.

25 Sep 2007

The Charts: Tiger Woods Swings For The Top News

Swings and roundabouts for EA

25 Sep 2007

11.6 Million Xbox 360s Sold News

But it's not enough!

21 Sep 2007

TGS: PSP/PS3 Remote Play Expanded News

PSP arouses the PS3

20 Sep 2007

TGS: PS2 Aimed At Emerging Markets News

There's life in the old dog yet

20 Sep 2007

TGS: PlayStation Home Delayed News

No Autumn launch

20 Sep 2007

PS3 Rumble: Confirmed! News

List of rumble-supporting games inside

20 Sep 2007

PS3 Rumble On Show At TGS News

EA makes a blunder

19 Sep 2007

Rumour: Rumble Confirmed For PS3 News

Announcement allegedly coming at TGS

17 Sep 2007

Sony Adds PS3 Supplier - Rumoured Low-Cost Models News

10-million PS3s for 2008 Q1

14 Sep 2007

Sony Designer: "F**k Halo" News

David Jaffe and Sony designer Adam Orth get chatty

13 Sep 2007

Home Launch To Be Subdued News

No 'Big Bang'

13 Sep 2007

Games and Tech Brands Gain Ground In CoolBrands 2007 Report News

PlayStation and Nintendo storm top ten. Xbox at 33. EA at 128.

13 Sep 2007

Sony: PlayStation Phone A "Possibility" News

More Sony support for PlayStation brand

12 Sep 2007

Microsoft: Sony Charges For Tech You Don't Need News

Pre-Christmas war heats up

12 Sep 2007

Rumour: PlayStation Home To Have Fleshpots? News

Possibility still on the table

12 Sep 2007

The Charts: BioShocking EA Performance News

Medal of Honour: Airborne descends on the Charts

11 Sep 2007

God of War PSP Misses Christmas News

Bad news, Kratos fans

10 Sep 2007

PS3 Price Cut And 40GB Model On The Way? News

PS3 rumour round up

10 Sep 2007

Japanese Hardware Sales Drop News

Only PS3 sees a boost

10 Sep 2007

Japanese Book Asks Why PS3 Failed News

A tad premature?

10 Sep 2007

360s, PS3s And DSs Used As Terrorist CB Radios News

In UK jails, according to the Sun… ahem…

10 Sep 2007

PAL PS3 Bundles Will Vary Between Regions News

UK gets "soft bundles"

06 Sep 2007

Sony Wants Microsoft In Blu-Ray Camp News

Sick of the competition?

06 Sep 2007

Sony's Playable TGS Line Up News

36 games for you to enjoy if you can afford the airfare and the admittance.

05 Sep 2007

Sony's Plea To Third-Parties News

Developers should make the most of "interesting extras"

04 Sep 2007

Sony Clamps Down On Warhawk Sharing News

Digital rights management tightened

29 Aug 2007

Paramount and Dreamworks Drop Blu-Ray Support News

Another blow to Sony’s PlayStation 3 strategy

21 Aug 2007

Ratchet & Clank PS3: Icy New Screens News

Ratchet gets chilly

20 Aug 2007

Unreal's Rein: Blu-ray Gives Us "Legroom" News

360 owners to get less

15 Aug 2007

The Charts: Surgical Strikes And Transforming Moments News

We all love the Summer - just not to play games in.

14 Aug 2007

Ubisoft Will Help You Create Cross Platform Content News

The user's the star...

13 Aug 2007

Gran Turismo 5 To Hit Japan July 2008 News

PSP version to follow after?

13 Aug 2007

PSP Loses Full Speed With Wi-Fi Enabled News

Networked games stuck with limited processing speed

13 Aug 2007

PS3s Give Warhawk More Grunt Online News

Sony forms server clusters around the world for Warhawk players

09 Aug 2007

Aibo To Be Reintroduced For PS3? News

hopefully robot dog to be communicating with PS3 real soon

08 Aug 2007

More Details On The London Games Festival Emerge News

Events and sponsors revealed

08 Aug 2007

Analyst: PS3 Price Cut Coming Early '08 News

Guess who...'

08 Aug 2007

PS3 Value Bundle For Limited Time? News

Starter pack may be a "summer promotion"

07 Aug 2007

Third-Party 'PlayStation 3' Dev Kit Released News

The hard-Cell...

07 Aug 2007

PlayStation Home Coming To PSP? News

And what about Remote (game)Play, while we're at it?

07 Aug 2007

The Charts: Nintendo Mops Up News

Transformers catches some Pokemon

07 Aug 2007

SingStar PS3: First Track Details News

Britney, The Killers, Radiohead and more...

06 Aug 2007

Sony: No Rumble 'Announcement' For PlayStation 3 News

Apparently it is sooo last-gen then.

06 Aug 2007

PlayStation 3 Sales Double In Japan News

DS and Wii sales drop

03 Aug 2007

SingStar Rock Ballads To Make You Weep News

Lighters at the ready, please

02 Aug 2007

Rumour: PS3 Rumble Announcement At Leipzig? News

Sony developers get their hands on rumble prototypes

02 Aug 2007

Digital Tuner For PlayStation 3 News

No new PlayStation for seven years...

01 Aug 2007

Mystery Company Sues Sony Over Cell News

16-year old patent could see PS3 withdrawn

31 Jul 2007

Japanese Porn Gets Frisky With Blu-Ray News

Japanese smut coming to PS3

30 Jul 2007

God Of War Creator Leaves Sony News

Stays in Sony fold

30 Jul 2007

Rockstar's New PS3 Exclusive News

A whole franchise, in fact

30 Jul 2007

Hellgate London: Fiery New Video News

The perils of binge drinking

27 Jul 2007

Sony President: No Further Plans For PS3 Price Cut News

At the moment, anyway

27 Jul 2007

Sony And Sky TV Team Up For PSP Video-On-Demand News

PSP to become “ultimate choice of portable entertainment content”

27 Jul 2007

Sony Profits Up Despite PS3 Problems News

Year on year quarterly profit trebled

26 Jul 2007

Sony VP Defends Movies On UMD News

Admits bad communication with Hollywood

25 Jul 2007

PlayStation 3 Price Cut Prompts Sales Boost News

American PS3s start to move...

24 Jul 2007

Ratchet & Clank PS3: Spacey New Screens News

Saving the world, one nut at a time

23 Jul 2007

Heavenly Sword on PSN This Week News

Thursday. To be a little more exact.

23 Jul 2007

Capcom: Why Devil May Cry Is No Longer PS3 Exclusive News

It's a technical thing...

20 Jul 2007

PlayStation Home To Sell Third-Party Non-Games Product News

Home shopping network?

20 Jul 2007

Rumour: PS3 Video-On-Demand And Price Cut For Leipzig? News

Possible Freeview PS3 TV and Price Cut mooted, plus full Leipzig speaker line-up revealed

20 Jul 2007

Sony President To Keynote Tokyo Games Show News

Which global problem will the PS3 solve this year?

19 Jul 2007

Heavenly Sword Demo Ready News

We're just waiting for Sony

19 Jul 2007

Boy Bags PlayStation 2 And A Fortune News

Generous eBayer creates high value PS2 bundle

19 Jul 2007

Japanese Charts: Dragon Quest Destroys Competition News

Nintendo still on top, and everywhere else too

19 Jul 2007

Comics Coming To The PSP News

Horror guru Steve Niles first in line

18 Jul 2007

Play Echochrome Now on PC. FREE. News

Except it has the not-so-catchy title OLECoordinateSystem

18 Jul 2007

Xbox 360 Elite to Cost £330 in UK News

That’s £70 less than new PS3 bundle folks

18 Jul 2007

Sony Confirms LocoRoco PS3 Bound News

Complete with motion control

17 Jul 2007

Slimline PSP Gets Date and Price In Japan News

PLUS: Digital TV!

17 Jul 2007

Analyst: U.S. 80Gb PS3 Price To Drop News

And then drop again

16 Jul 2007

E3: The View From The U.K. News

Big guns out next year...

16 Jul 2007

Nintendo's Iwata: Wii Can Beat PlayStation 2 News

100-million, bah!

16 Jul 2007

Sony vs Microsoft: HD-DVD To Die Soon News

Seriously hard slaps too...

13 Jul 2007

Sony's Reeves "Surprised" That People Buy PS3? News

80GB PS3 is unnecessary

13 Jul 2007

LucasArts's New SIXAXIS Controller?? News

Image crops up showing 'new' controller.

13 Jul 2007

E3: Latest Metal Gear Solid 4: Puke, P**S & Froth News

Warning: Alarming hair inside

13 Jul 2007

E3: LittleBigPlanet Video: Hardware Seller? News

PLUS: New screens

13 Jul 2007

Killzone 2: Woozy New Trailer News

Gamers with sensitive stomachs: go no further

13 Jul 2007

No 80GB PS3, No Price-Cut for Europe: SCEE Throws Bundle Bone News

Sony lays down hold-out gauntlet

13 Jul 2007

Min-E3 2007 – Best and Worst Five Things to Date News

Cheering and moaning fom SPOnG’s team in La La Land

12 Jul 2007

E3: God of War PSP: Latest Unholy Video News

PLUS: some new screens to yank your chain

12 Jul 2007

Metal Gear Solid 4: Melancholy New Screens News

Farewell, dear Snake, we loved thee well

12 Jul 2007

E3: Heavenly Sword: Ethereal New Video News

"We are striving to create the best facial performance seen in a game"

12 Jul 2007

E3: Sony : The Exclusives News

MGS to die...

12 Jul 2007

PS3 Bundle: Sony France: We Deny Everything! News

Hacker apparently sent email

11 Jul 2007

UPDATE: Sony's European PS3 Announcement Leaked - CONFIRMED News

It's a bundle but is it of joy?

11 Jul 2007

Killzone 2: Scary New Screens News

An Apocalypse isn't good fashion, it turns out

11 Jul 2007

Exclusive Sneak Peeks inside Sony, Microsoft Booths News

Shenanigans in Santa Monica

11 Jul 2007

Bookies Take Bets on PlayStation 3 Price-Cut! News

Amazing news from the world of gambling

10 Jul 2007

No 80Gb PS3 For Europe News

60Gb PS3 to be phased out in U.S.A.

10 Jul 2007

On Show First Killzone 2 In-Game Image News

USA Today displays Killzone shot

10 Jul 2007

Metal Gear Solid 4: No PS3 Exclusive? News

Exec lukewarm to PS3 price cut. Amazon users aren't.

10 Jul 2007

PS3: USA Joins PAL In Lack Of Emotion Chip News

As expected - costs lowered in software emulation

10 Jul 2007

Sony PlayStation 3 Is Profitable Says Analyst News

Good show or miraculous analysis?

09 Jul 2007

Sony Confirms Movie and Video Downloads On PS3 News

Tretton speaks

09 Jul 2007

Sony: We Could Have Made PS2.5 News

Instead, it went "future proof"

09 Jul 2007

Sony To Announce UK PS3 Price Cut On Thursday? News

US gets price drop, 80Gb model on the way

09 Jul 2007

Sony Grovels To Church Over Resistance Controversy News

Oddly, game still on shelves

06 Jul 2007

Japanese Hardware Charts: Sony Ups Its Game News

PS3 no longer in the psychological four figure doldrums

06 Jul 2007

Sony: UMD Is Here To Stay News

But... seriously?

05 Jul 2007

E3 2007 – What’s In Store? News

First ratings for SPOnG's Absurd Business Title Award 2007

05 Jul 2007

Sony PS3 Rumble Rumour Round-Up News

The lack of SIXAXIS rumble is about to change...

05 Jul 2007

SingStar '90s: Full Tasteless Track List Inside News

Revisit the cultural wasteland

04 Jul 2007

Heavenly Sword Demo Coming Soon News

Take God's weapon in hand

04 Jul 2007

Rumour: Sony PSP Update - Death To UMD? News

Hackers sniff out memory stick enlivening codec

03 Jul 2007

Microsoft Getting HDesperate? News

HD DVD goes online

02 Jul 2007

SEGA: Sony Needs To Cut PS3 Price News

Software no longer strong platform seller

02 Jul 2007

Wii Outsells PlayStation 3 6-to-1 in Japan News

In other news, sun also rises in the mornings

02 Jul 2007

Sony’s Phil Harrison On PS3 Exclusives, Home and More News

Meanwhile, Resistance dev claims PS3 is ‘whipping boy’

02 Jul 2007

PS3 Outselling Wii and Xbox 360 Down Under News

Sony's having a G'day

29 Jun 2007

Rise of the Argonauts: Epic First Video News

Strap on your sandals

28 Jun 2007

Videogame For Adults: Ratings Explained News

Just what is an Adult?

28 Jun 2007

Resistance Falls Onto Sony's PlayStation Network News

Will the church bells be ringing?

28 Jun 2007

Custom Soundtracks Getting Closer For PS3 News

New firmware update coming soon

27 Jun 2007

Microsoft: We Want Competitors' Online Ideas News

But there aren't any yet

27 Jun 2007

The Charts: Driving to the Movies News

The Forza's strong...

26 Jun 2007

Killzone 2 at E3 – Cost $20 Million To Date News

This better be good...

26 Jun 2007

God Of War To Take On PSP's Full Potential News

The best is yet to come...

26 Jun 2007

Nintendo Tops Sony's Market Value News

Nintendo now worth £26.5 billion

25 Jun 2007

Take-Two 'Suspends' Manhunt 2 Release News

Revision of content in the works?

22 Jun 2007

PlayStation CEO: 380 PS3 Games By March 2008 News

SCE 'building blocks' need examining

21 Jun 2007

Sony CEO: 'PlayStation 3 Production Problems Solved' News

5.5 million PS3s now shipped

21 Jun 2007

Sony And Nintendo: No Manhunt On Our Platforms News

Adult-only rating forces platform holders' hands

21 Jun 2007

Japan Gets PS3 Price Cut News

New bundle announced

20 Jun 2007

Resistance Is Not Useless For Sony News

You'd never have guessed would you?

19 Jun 2007

Microsoft Sues Immersion Over Sony Deal News

More hilarious legal rumblings

19 Jun 2007

Blockbuster Focuses on Blu-ray over HD-DVD Movie Rentals News

A significant blow to the HD DVD format

18 Jun 2007

Sony vs Church: Lawyer Speaks Out News

Hard to make a case.

15 Jun 2007

Rumour: Sony Finally Ready For Rumble? News

Not so 'last-gen' now is it?

15 Jun 2007

Microsoft: PlayStation Network Needs More Work News

Xbox Live product manager likes things slow and simple

14 Jun 2007

PlayStation 3 Homebrewers Face Legal Action News

Sony to "aggressively pursue legal action"

13 Jun 2007

Square Enix Boss: PS3/Xbox 360 “Mismatched” To Today's Gamers News

Yoichi Wada speaks out on development choices

12 Jun 2007

Can the Church of England Sue Sony over Resistance Images? News

Copyright lawyers speak out

12 Jun 2007

New PlayStation Network Title Revealed - UPDATE News

Its so cute it could kill you

11 Jun 2007

Sony Responds to Bishop's Call to Withdraw Resistance News

No soldiers or churches were harmed in the making of this game...

11 Jun 2007

Sony PSP - Newer - Slimmer - Nearly Here? News

The pre-E3 rumour mill turns

08 Jun 2007

Latest Japanese Hardware Sales Figures – PS3 Still Suffering News

PS3 shifts 8,998 units in the past week

08 Jun 2007

Rumour: Big PS3 Announcement Coming Monday - UPDATE News

Folks will be “smiling wide”... rumour...

07 Jun 2007

God of War Producer In Threesome Denial News

PS3 instalment not underway, apparently

06 Jun 2007

Japanese PS3 'Game' Playable On PSP News

Remote Play gets more playable

06 Jun 2007

The Charts: Spider-Man 3 Comes Unstuck News

Plus: sexy lady beaten by camp pirate

05 Jun 2007

Sony Unveils MMO For PlayStation 3 News

Not a sword in sight

05 Jun 2007

Wii Widens Japanese Sales Gap News

Nintendo platforms outsell Sony five to one

04 Jun 2007

Gears of War's Mark Rein Gets Story Pulled News

Gears of War on PS3 rumour “Bull****”

04 Jun 2007

Konami Unconfirms Metal Gear Solid 4 For Xbox 360 News

Killer-app still a PS3 exclusive

04 Jun 2007

UPDATED: Sony Ericsson PSP Phone – Pics and Details News

Is mobile phone gaming finally going to be worth bothering with?

04 Jun 2007

No PlayStation 3 Price Cuts - Official News

When analysts are attacked

01 Jun 2007

PlayStation 3 As Blade Server? News

Spitfire engine into a Mini

01 Jun 2007

Latest PSP Update Today - Remote Play News

Remoter remote play enabled

31 May 2007

Japanese Charts: Hardware Sales Slipping News

Nintendo still leading the way

25 May 2007

E3 Conference Schedule Announced - Full Details Inside News

Time to feign interest

25 May 2007

Sony Releasing PS3 Update Tomorrow News

Multimedia push continues

23 May 2007

LocoRoco Creator: I've Got No Interest In Wii News

Wii Remote and Sixaxis the same.

23 May 2007

Rumour Debunk: 80Gb PlayStation 3 Heading To US News

AP says 80Gb PS3 leaving Korea

23 May 2007

80GB PS3 to Receive Video Downloads in Korea? News

Sony in talks with local telecom operators to provide content to PS3s at launch.

22 May 2007

God of War Director: Devil May Cry Too Violent News

There are some places Barlog would not go.

22 May 2007

The Charts: PS3 Boosts Spider-Man 3 Performance News

Nintendo platforms dominate Top 10

22 May 2007

No 80Gb PS3 For The United States News

So Europe will get it "never plus two months"

22 May 2007

Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi 3 Coming For Wii And PS2! News

Akira Toriyama to make even more cash! Hai!

21 May 2007

SingStar PS2 Tracks Not Unlockable For PS3 News

Buy them again or play the PS2 version

21 May 2007

Killzone And SOCOM To Be Playable At E3 News

PSP Store content hinted

21 May 2007

PlayStation 3 Sales Spike Following Sony Gamers’ Day News

Interest in PS3 on peaks

21 May 2007

Jaffe's Patience Tested On Cars Name Change News

It was a bit of a stretch....

18 May 2007

Ratchet And Clank PS3: New Video! News

With a disco ball!

18 May 2007

Sony Shares Hit 5 Year Peak News

Despite PSPs sitting unwanted on shelves

18 May 2007

Latest PlayStation 3 Dark Sector Screens & Info News

Eastern European black-ops shooty fun

18 May 2007

Game Boy Advance Outsells PS3 In The United States News

State-side games sales up by 20%

18 May 2007

Something For The Weekend? What To Buy And Play News

This week's releases

18 May 2007

Stranglehold 'Exclusive' For Sony PlayStation 3 News

That's how the press release looked

18 May 2007

Feel Pain On PlayStation Network News

A world of it

17 May 2007

SOCOM Coming To PS3 News

American soldiers storming a living room near you soon

17 May 2007

Next Gen Bowling on PS3 News

With motion control, no less

17 May 2007

Sony Looks To Games Division For Losses News

PS3 sold at under the cost of manufacture

16 May 2007

Konami's Songs Via iTunes Thanks To Sony News

Songs from the shows... or rather the games...

15 May 2007

New MotorStorm Mode - Rumour: New Track News

New content for Evolution's muddy drive-fest

15 May 2007

Oh God - It's SingStar As MySpace News

It's all about community singing...

15 May 2007

The Charts: Tiberium Wars Doesn't Quite Conquer News

Spidey's sticking around

15 May 2007

Metal Gear Solid 4 Slips? News

So say leading retailers

14 May 2007

Sony: A Million PlayStation 3s Doesn't Worry Us News

We're in it for the long haul says Tretton

14 May 2007

PlayStation Network Update Today: Calling All Cars News

UK gamers have to wait till June, mind

11 May 2007

Napoleon Dynamite On PSP And DS News

They've got our demographic haven't they?

09 May 2007

China: Games On The Rise News

Banned consoles still selling

08 May 2007

Movie Studios Will Dictate PS3 Console War Win News

So says Wedbush Morgan analyst

08 May 2007

Sony's Playstation Credit Card News

But only in Yen at the moment

08 May 2007

Microsoft’s Robbie Bach: Brain Dump Or Dumps Brain? News

Xbox hardest piece of hardware to make. Profit next year. Wii is no good… and more…

04 May 2007

Sony Home Beta Goes Live In North America, Screens Leaked News

America catches up with Europe

04 May 2007

Daily Mail In SLAUGHTERED Baby Sheep Shocker!!! News

Raw images - look away now!

03 May 2007

Next PlayStation Due In 18 Months - Rumour Bust News

Garbage says Sony

03 May 2007

LittleBigPlanet Demo Coming In Autumn? News

Sony makes a non-announcement

03 May 2007

Gauntlet II Hits PlayStation Network This Week News

Calling all Cars delayed due to “key bugs”

02 May 2007

This Week In PC Games: Sony Demolishes Star Wars Properties News

And WoW rage in the house

02 May 2007

Sony Home Beta To Europe - But Only Within Sony News

Hold your horses...

01 May 2007

PlayStation Eye - Sound As Rich As Vision? News

Microphone makes current conferencing systems look lame

01 May 2007

PSP Camera Coming Soon News

Pretty pictures inside...

01 May 2007

Control Your Game Fate... With Your Mind News

More mind-bending advances....

01 May 2007

The Charts: God of War II Proves PS2 Still Alive News

But is it just a party console?

01 May 2007

The Lizard Snaps His Jaws: New Spidey 3 Trailer News

Oh Dr. Conners, what big teeth you have...

30 Apr 2007

First PlayStation Home Beta Invitations Sent News

But don't panic!

27 Apr 2007

PS3 Camera And Eye of Judgement Dated News

It's like CSI, but with a 'P'

26 Apr 2007

Blu-ray Outselling HD-DVD: PS3 Component Costs To Drop? News

Figures for format take-up indicates the war is entering a new phase

25 Apr 2007

God of War PSP: First Trailer! News

Kratos flicks his chains on the small screen

25 Apr 2007

Sony PS3: The Machine For The Next Decade? News

Sony's Karraker peers into the future

25 Apr 2007

Analysts Attack! Wii In Short Supply Until 2009 News

Is it still the year of the PS2?

25 Apr 2007

Miyamoto More Influential Than George Bush News

Nintendo guru currently Number 2 in Time 100 polls

24 Apr 2007

DS Stomps On US Hardware Competition News

PS3 trails at the back

20 Apr 2007

Sony President - 'Revisiting PS3 Strategy' News

Choice quote: "Sales assumptions change"

19 Apr 2007

Sub-£390 PlayStation 3 In Retail News

UK retailers joining in the price cutting for Sony's next-gen platform

18 Apr 2007

SixAxis In An Xbox Controller = XboxAxis? Video Here. News

Strange, Franken-controller is created... be scared!

17 Apr 2007

Sony Admits That PlayStation 3 Could Need Bigger HDD News

SCE spokesman states the obvious

17 Apr 2007

The Charts: Has Imagination Finally Died? News

TMNT takes the top spot

17 Apr 2007

Sony: 20Gb PS3 Still Alive In Japan News

Kind of, anyway

13 Apr 2007

20Gb Sony PS3 Officially Withdrawn News

Lower-spec model pulled from US retail

12 Apr 2007

Your PS3 Could Make Money For The Man News

Sony considers commercial applications of Folding@Home

11 Apr 2007

The Charts: Where Are The PS3 Exclusives? News

Command & Conquer hangs in at the top

11 Apr 2007

Has The 20Gb PlayStation Been Discontinued? News

SonyStyle removes 20Gb PS3 listing

10 Apr 2007

Digital Radio via Wii and PS3 News

Virgin Radio leads the charge

10 Apr 2007

Nintendo Ups Earnings Forecasts News


05 Apr 2007 PS3 With Extras for £399.99 News

Looks like WH Smiths has started a price-cutting trend!

04 Apr 2007

UPDATE: WH Smith Cuts PS3 Price to £399.99 News

Yes, that’s twenty-five quid off the RRP!

04 Apr 2007

Dragons Ahoy! New Lair Screens News

The fantasy flight-sim you've been waiting for...

03 Apr 2007

The Charts: PS3 Knocked Off The Top News

Resistance falls

03 Apr 2007

E For All Prices Confirmed News

E3 replacement gathers steam

02 Apr 2007

GO3: Kojima Talks New Approach to MGS4 News

Daddy of Metal Gear speaks out

02 Apr 2007

PS3 Banned - No Cell Processor In Cells News

Wifi rather than violent games to blame - Wii allowed

30 Mar 2007

'PS3 Elite' In Works? News

80Gb PS3 looks likely

29 Mar 2007

Is The PS3 A Blu-Ray Trojan Horse? News

Survey says yes!

29 Mar 2007

Xbox 360 Elite Finally Confirmed News

120Gb drive is also to be sold separately

28 Mar 2007

The Charts: Did PS3 Move Games Too? News

Wii's opening weekend outdone

27 Mar 2007

First Ever Official PS3 UK Charts – Details Here News

If you bought one, did you buy the popular one?

26 Mar 2007

PS3 Makes £10m In Australia News

At least one console sold on free sale!

26 Mar 2007

Something For The Weekend? Today's NEW Releases News

It turns out there's been a console launch...

23 Mar 2007

20Gb PS3 Coming Soon? News

Amazon says it is

23 Mar 2007

PS3 Launch - Warsaw - Poland News

Lukewarm Welcome in Warsaw for PS3

23 Mar 2007

PS3 Launch - Sydney - Australia News

SPOnG visits the centre of Sydney, Australia to see how the 'European' launch went off...

23 Mar 2007

Microsoft to Support Blu-ray - UPDATE News

Or a simple slip of the tongue?

22 Mar 2007

Sony Confirms PS2 Game Compatibility On PlayStation 3 News

PS3 backwards compatibility website live

20 Mar 2007

Latest News From Japan - Professor Layton + Twilight Princess A Dud! News

SPOnG’s man in Japan delivers the first of his regular round-up. So, let’s talk Japanese games - in English, for convenience.

20 Mar 2007

European PlayStation 3 Network: It’s Alive! News

Days before PS3 launch, Japanese PS3s are logging in!

20 Mar 2007

Grand Theft Auto Ram Raids The Charts News

But only gently

20 Mar 2007

Nintendo Wii Spanks The Competition News

In the USA

16 Mar 2007

Halo 3 Packaging Unveiled News

Microsoft gears up for PS3 launch

16 Mar 2007

E For All: Sony And Nintendo Confirmed News

E3 fill-in gains momentum

16 Mar 2007

PSP's Overpaid Glory Hunting Footy - Latest Screens HERE News

Glory boys in miniature

15 Mar 2007

Your PS3 Could Cost The Earth News

The eco-facists or earth-angels descend on games...

15 Mar 2007

Sony Ups PlayStation 3's PS2 Compatibility Count News

But still won't name games...

14 Mar 2007

Kill Your Console Before It Kills You News

One in three adults own consoles, says new survey

14 Mar 2007

Sony Dismisses Immediate PSP2 Launch News

Education 'announcement' made too much of

13 Mar 2007

Cheaper PlayStation 3 Cell Chip Announced News

Cheaper PS3 to follow?

13 Mar 2007

God Of War 3 Unofficially Announced News

Plus God of War PSP details

13 Mar 2007

The Charts: Final Fantasy Shot Down + GTA Shoots Up News

Advanced Warfighter... advances

13 Mar 2007

Sony PSP2 - Coming But This Year? News

Just when you thought Phil Harrison said, "Software".

12 Mar 2007

GDC: Zelda Phantom Hourglass, flOw, Blue Dragon, Motorstorm - HANDS ON ROUND-UP! News

SPOnG's gaming hands-on at the heart of the beast....

12 Mar 2007

God of War Movie: The Perfect Lead? News

Game creator Jaffe talks casting

12 Mar 2007

Xbox 360 To Battle PSP and Nintendo DS? News

AMD bloody well hopes so

12 Mar 2007

PlayStation Home To Launch In October News

Home details leaked

12 Mar 2007

Nintendo Bashes PlayStation Home News

Rumour suggests it may have been in development longer than you think

09 Mar 2007

Elder Scrolls Puts Pressure On Retailers News

Xbox Live price announced

09 Mar 2007

Sony's Harrison: PS3 Base Too Small For GTA Exclusive News

Phil Harrison speaks

09 Mar 2007

GDC: Microsoft on PS3 Home News

Chris Satchell slams Sony’s online vision

09 Mar 2007

GDC: Sony's LittleBigPlanet – Screens And Details Right HERE News

Sony wanted “the mad stuff”

08 Mar 2007

GDC Keynote: Sony Launches Third Life - UPDATE: video footage News

First PlayStation "Home" Screens and Video here - NOW!

07 Mar 2007

New Prince of Persia Trailer To See Here! News

Aladdin meets parkour on your PSP

06 Mar 2007

Sony CEO Stringer Slams Father Of Playstation As 'Renegade" News

Stringer blasts Kutaragi

06 Mar 2007

Sony's GDC Keynote Leaked - Details Here! News

User-generated PlayStation Network content may be on the way

06 Mar 2007

The Charts: Can Sonic Smash The Rogue Tomato? News

Find out the movers and shakers in the All Formats chart...

05 Mar 2007

Deep Penetration In The Home News

No, not that kind of penetration

05 Mar 2007

PS3 TV Ad: Hot Gazongas And Hand Grenades News

Yes, that's what we said, boobs and bombs...

05 Mar 2007

PS3 Gets Update - Sony Gets Reality Check News

Sony bounces out the good news – after online spat

02 Mar 2007

Rumble To Return To PS3 News

Sony and Immersion kiss and make up.

02 Mar 2007

Report: Only Nintendo Makes Cash From Handhelds News

But Sony saved console game publishers...

01 Mar 2007

£267 For A PlayStation 3 - £321 If You Want Two Games News

In Singapore - but there are places more expensive than the UK!

01 Mar 2007

Sony Slashes Blu-ray Player Price - No More PS3 As Cheap Alternative News

$599 and sub-$500 by Christmas

27 Feb 2007

Nintendo Confirms The GameCube Is Officially Dead News

Top Nintendo Executive kills it… still no Wii online... still no DVD

22 Feb 2007

Sony Cuts PS3 Cell Spending News

Moving chip production out of house

13 Feb 2007

Call Of Duty: Roads To Victory Trailer News

Is CoD 4 in the works?

13 Feb 2007

Sony Producing Metal Gear Movie News

Production house confirmed

09 Feb 2007

Sony: LocoRoco 2, SingStar PS3, Super Rub'a'Dub News

Phil Harrison at Las Vegas D.I.C.E. summit

09 Feb 2007

HMV Scraps £675 PS3/PSP Bundle News

Retailer crumbles under consumer pressure

08 Feb 2007

Wii Dominates Japanese Sales as PlayStation 3 Goes Missing News

Nothing from SCE or MS in games top ten

08 Feb 2007

Save the Every Extend Extra Website! News

A website is about to self-destruct, global apocalypse looming

07 Feb 2007

PS3 Owners Are Watching 'Blu' Movies News

Figures from the US suggest that Sony's Blu-ray is proving popular

06 Feb 2007

PS3 Price Plummet Predicts Japanese Expert News

Rumour of the PS3's price changes gain yet more credence as Famitsu boss speaks out.

06 Feb 2007

High Def Downloadable Next Gen Porn News

On PS3. Was only a matter of time.

05 Feb 2007

Jack Thompson Faces Disbarment News

Anti-games crusader to face referee of Florida Supreme Court

05 Feb 2007

Rumour Mill: Interest Free Credit On The PS3? News

Sony allegedly in talks with Game

01 Feb 2007

Sony Considers PS3 Price Cut News

So says Sony Vice President

01 Feb 2007

Profit Drops For Sony Games Division News

But good things expected next time... honest

31 Jan 2007

PS3’s Sixaxis Rumbles! News

Unless legal kerfuffles intercede again...

31 Jan 2007

Sony May See 50% Profit Drop News

Analysts predict massive drop in third quarter thanks to PS3

29 Jan 2007

PS3 Price Will Fall Within A Year News

So say the analysts

29 Jan 2007

Sony Outlines PS3 Marketing Plan for Europe News

User-generated content to ‘inform, entertain and encourage interaction’

29 Jan 2007

PS3 Pre-Ordering Subdued News

Few pre-orders already taken

25 Jan 2007

Microsoft: "No reason to put anything down on a hard disk" News

And Gates goes for Nintendo and Sony...

18 Jan 2007

PS3 Still, Apparently, On Course For March News

Announcement planned for next week

18 Jan 2007

PS3 Pricing Confusion News

Conflicting information comes from Sony

17 Jan 2007

PS3 Claims 2 Million Target News

Sony gets 2 million PS3s into stores across America and Japan

16 Jan 2007

Gripshift And Jumping Flash Added To PS3 Store News

New offerings added last night

05 Jan 2007

Iwata Picks Up Award For 'Most Influential Videogame Executive' News

With Sony's Ken Kutaragi a close second!

03 Jan 2007

Ken Kutaragi Promises AV-centric PS3 News

Music and movies first, gaming second?

20 Dec 2006

Sony Plans Legal Movie Download Service for PSP News

Is the PSP the future of handheld movie viewing after all?

18 Dec 2006

PSP Downloadable Games: Available Now News

But only if you're in the US or Japan…

06 Dec 2006

(More) PS3 Hands On News

We've got the opinions of some CeX's chaps on the ground

06 Dec 2006

Tekken 2, Crash Bandicoot and More Downloadable PlayStation Classics News

Available now, for the PSP at least...

05 Dec 2006

PS3 Death Toll Rises News

PS3 robbery suspect shot and killed by police

05 Dec 2006

PS3 Hands On News

Impressions of CeX preview hardware

05 Dec 2006

Biggest Console Launch Ever - One Million Wiis Sold News

The biggest console launch in history sees Nintendo's share price drop.

04 Dec 2006

Spoof Wii Ad Takes Potshot at Sony News

Wii ad copies Sony’s effort to make motion-control its own

04 Dec 2006

Free Gran Turismo HD Demo in December News

Some good news from Sony

01 Dec 2006

PS3 Games Must Sell 500,000 to Be Profitable News

Namco Bandai President claims PS3 development costs necessitate huge sales

01 Dec 2006

PS3 As Final Sony Console News

Analysts go on crazed pre-Xmas prediction spree. Is Sony the new Sega?

01 Dec 2006

PlayStation 3 ROMs Leak onto Internet News

Linux-hacked IOS files. No boot yet...

27 Nov 2006

Genji Is Broken News

Games testing is, like, soooo boring...

22 Nov 2006

Marathon Queuing Ends: Police, Hypothermia and the PlayStation 3 News

Four days of sidewalk camping ends in glory for most

17 Nov 2006

PS3 Scalpers Get Loaded News

The PlayStation 3 has hit US stores and already the scalping is shooting for the stratosphere.

17 Nov 2006

Sony’s Official Line on PS3 Stock Shortages News

US boss says ‘tens of thousands’ less than expected in store.

17 Nov 2006

Sony Promises PS3 User-Created Content News

Phil Harrison, President of Sony Studios Worldwide, has confirmed that user-created content will form an important part of the PS3 experience.

16 Nov 2006

PS3 Campers And Reporter Hit in Drive-By Shooting News

Grand Theft Auto IV due next October!

16 Nov 2006

Interactive PS3 Card Game: The Eye of Judgement News

Cards, camera, action! New screens inside

15 Nov 2006

Expected Magazine Crisis Bites as SCEA Cans Official Mag News

Letter From America: Discs obsolete. Publishers scramble for online foothold. Stefan Walters reports for SPOnG.

15 Nov 2006

Homeless and Chinese Nationals Paid to Queue for PS3 News

£100 for queuing - as once again gaming meets business...

13 Nov 2006

PS3 Owner-Upgrade Successes PLUS PS3 Innards Exposed News

Well, at least success is reported in following the manual... PLUS see the insides of a PS3... cooool!

13 Nov 2006

PS3 Launch: SPOnG's Vox PoPS3 News

Just what does your average Japanese gamer think while standing, soggy and cold waiting for a this year's model? SPOnG finds out...

11 Nov 2006

SPOnG's PS3 Get! Tokyo Launch Special News

When a new console launches, there’s only one place to be... Tokyo! SPOnG was on site to see the PS3 launch...

11 Nov 2006

Nyko Announces PS3 Peripherals News

Nyko have announced they will be supporting the launch of the PS3 in the US with three peripherals: the Dual Charger AC, HDMI Cable and Charge Link.

10 Nov 2006

Pong Creator Chooses 'F' Word To Describe PS3 News

Bushnell claims that, "Sony shot themselves in the foot".

08 Nov 2006

Xbox Live OD Service Stirs Sony Wrath News

TV, movies available to Premium user via XBLA

07 Nov 2006

PlayStation 3 Launch Allocation Slashed in Japan News

Japan suffering so that units can fill US launch day inventory in the war with Xbox?

31 Oct 2006

New PS3 Ad Stars ‘Scary Weeping Baby’ News

Whether tears are for European gamers or Sony shareholders is unclear…

27 Oct 2006

Wii Online Play IS Free Despite Sony Claims News

Sony muddying the waters regarding Wii's online costs

23 Oct 2006

Criminal Crackdown PS3 – New Downloadable David Jaffe Game News

Plus, further details on PS3 online and full list of ‘launch window’ titles

20 Oct 2006

Linux Distro Dogs PS3 News

Free Yellow Dog Linux to make the PS3 more than a games-box

18 Oct 2006

PS3 Scoops ‘Best of Show’ at Digital Life News

Still not as hip as Napster, so it seems

16 Oct 2006

PS3 – No Component Cables or Infra Red News

You can throw that universal remote controller away now

12 Oct 2006

One Day In. eBay PS3 Pre-Order Sales Blight Gamers News

An issue set to sting early adopters again

11 Oct 2006

Sony Lies: SIXASIS Shame News

Rumble feature dropped due to ‘cost considerations’.

06 Oct 2006

Blu-ray Demo Disc with PS3 at Launch? News

The rumour mill grinds into life once again.

27 Sep 2006

PS3 Games Priced News

Third-party titles for $59.99.

27 Sep 2006

Warhawk - The Future of Motion Control? News

Shoot and move. And tilt.

26 Sep 2006

PS3's Resistance: Fall of Man – Latest Screens News

Latest screens of Insomniac’s next-gen gem

26 Sep 2006

Sony's Phil Harrison’s Post-TGS Musings News

Blu-ray installed ‘purely from a game design point of view’.

25 Sep 2006

Record Attendance at Tokyo Game Show News

PS3 packs 'em in.

25 Sep 2006

North America Gets a Million Wiis News

But only 400,000 PlayStation 3's for launch.

25 Sep 2006

Gran Turismo: HD - Latest Details Inside News

A driving game with no cars! Who would've thunk it?

21 Sep 2006

UK Charts: Lego Star Wars 2 the New Master News

Use The Force, Mook

19 Sep 2006

Virtua Tennis 3 is 1080p on PlayStation 3 News

Sega confirms full HD glory for the game of kings

18 Sep 2006

Xfire: a Glimpse of Sony's PS3 Online Plans? News

Viacom chat poses more questions than answers

13 Sep 2006

Sony Prepares 80 percent Premium PlayStation 3 Split News

SCEA expecting big bucks over launch.

12 Sep 2006

Kutaragi: Sony's Strength in Hardware in Decline News

Shocking honesty from the Sony man

11 Sep 2006

PlayStation 3 Launch Shipments Slashed News

Europe spared scramble for botched manufacture scraps.

07 Sep 2006

Price-Slash UMD Discs Power Ten-Fold Sales Spike News

Slow handclap for greedy idiots.

06 Sep 2006

PlayStation 3 1080p Games a Long Way Off News

Launch range unlikely to target HD.

06 Sep 2006

PlayStation 3: March 2007 Launch in Europe. Official News

Japanese and US dates hold

06 Sep 2006

Toshiba to Launch £400 HD-DVD Drive in November News

Two days before PlayStation 3 launch.

04 Sep 2006

PSP GPS and Official Camera. First Pics and Details on Must-Have Add-Ons News

SCE delivers promised peripherals.

01 Sep 2006

PlayStation 3 Slogan Revealed News

Sony telling us to get a life.

31 Aug 2006

PSP Mk.2? News

Japan to get springtime, slimline PSP upgrade?

31 Aug 2006

PlayStation 3 Japanese Website Online News

Site for sore eyes.

30 Aug 2006

PS3 Preparations in Disarray? News

Sony behind schedule say hardware and software people.

30 Aug 2006

Sony on Wii Pricepoint News

Claims PlayStation 2 sales will unsettle Wii.

30 Aug 2006

Sony Shares Slide on Analyst Unease on PlayStation 3 Manufacturing News

Unspecified component issues spark downgrade.

25 Aug 2006

Sony Announces Full Playable PS3 Line-Up for TGS News

Plus Nintendo announcements next week. Finally.

24 Aug 2006

PS3 Demos for Leipzig and TGS "Astonishing" News

Insider sources at NVidia say so.

22 Aug 2006

Sony Coy on PSP Pricing Shuffle News

No surprise as SCE official line is not "Don't buy PSPs"

15 Aug 2006

Anti PlayStation 3 Propaganda Reaches Comedic Frenzy News

Outrage for its own sake

09 Aug 2006

Our Second PlayStation 4 Story! News

Next machine to be disc-less

07 Aug 2006

TGS 2006 – Biggest Show to Date News

Whilst E3 withers, Tokyo blooms

04 Aug 2006

PlayStation 3 - A Losing Battle for Sony? News

Is Blu-ray a deal-maker or breaker?

03 Aug 2006

Third-Parties Flocking to Wii. Hints at Low PS3 Ship News

Development costs attractive or scant Sony numbers?

03 Aug 2006

Nintendo Backs Leaner, Meaner E3 News

Still no word from the Microsoft or Sony camps.

02 Aug 2006

Video Podcasts on PSP, Plus Free Stuff in Shops News

More details inside on PlayStation Spot and latest firmware update.

27 Jul 2006

nVidia Lavished Praise on PlayStation 3. Delay now "Masterstroke" News

Tech partner circle jerk as PR machine falters

26 Jul 2006

PSP to act as PS3 remote control News

Latest PSP news update from Comic-Con

24 Jul 2006

Kutaragi to Keynote TGS. PlayStation 3 Wow-Factor Expected News

Last chance to win pre-release sceptics...

20 Jul 2006

Sony Preparing to Phase Out UMD Movies? Memory Stick Tester Planned News

Encoded DVD with four movies to ship with SMS

17 Jul 2006

Sony Tops Online Poll of ‘Best Brands’ News

For seventh year in a row.

14 Jul 2006

Sony says e-distribution to benefit developers News

"a low risk, quick feedback environment"

07 Jul 2006

Wii Could Launch in September News

Most likely in October, according to analysts.

06 Jul 2006

Is LocoRoco Racist? News

Golliwog-a-like character causes finger-pointing

30 Jun 2006

Sony PooS on competition, Apparently News

It's an infinity sign. No, really.

29 Jun 2006

7,000 PSOne games heading to PSP News

Glory, glory, hallelujah - golden PSP news inside.

29 Jun 2006

Sony Expects PS3 Game Prices from $59, under $99 News

SCEA's Kaz Hirai breaks PlayStation 3 software price silence

28 Jun 2006

Sony PSP Vending Machines in Malls and Airports News

Portable gaming, gadgets and accessories without the sour-face sales staff.

15 Jun 2006

Blu-ray Debuts Next Week News

First batch of movies out next Tuesday

14 Jun 2006

PSP Redesign Rumours: Sleeker, Folding Screen, Soon News

But is it even needed?

13 Jun 2006

PlayStation 3 Online Backs Away From Live News

Looks like Live, but lower cost?

13 Jun 2006

Microsoft: PlayStation 3 is New Betamax News

Big slam from European arm

12 Jun 2006

Cell Processor Downgrade? PS3 Power External? News

Ugly rumours focus on new Sony machine...

12 Jun 2006

Ken Kutaragi - PS3 Hardware Upgrade Possible News

An about-turn in Sony's strategy?

08 Jun 2006

New PSP Firmware Update Sneaks Out News

Unannounced Ver. 2.71 to be exact

01 Jun 2006

Sony Denies Wii Concept Theft News

Claims counter Nintendo assertions

01 Jun 2006

PS3 launch line-up: 15 titles expected News

At least, that’s what Sony reckons

17 May 2006

PSP as an Educational Aid? News

'The lets study together, wherever school.'

17 May 2006

PS3 – as silent as a mouse? News

Movie and music fans can rest assured

16 May 2006

Sony to welcome homebrew community with PS3? News

PS3 to ship with built-in Linux OS

16 May 2006

PS3: Goodbye DualShock, Hello Gyroscopic Sensors News

Nintendo rip-off? And/or yielding to legal threat?

16 May 2006

Sony Concurs With Microsoft - Wii Will Back up PS3 News

Phil Harrison and Peter Moore - Wii agree.

16 May 2006

PS3 first impressions: Warhawk News

Motion-sensors. Locked.

15 May 2006

Kutaragi: PlayStation 3 is Too Cheap News

$600 way under mark says Sony boss.

12 May 2006

PS3 Pricing: Phil Harrison Speaks News

Sony - the 'promisers' under-deliver?

12 May 2006

Moore Rubbishes PS3 Pricing Strategy News

Consumers will buy Wii plus a 360 instead

11 May 2006

PS3’s EyeToy – The Future News

Camera-controlled card game shows potential.

09 May 2006

Heavenly Sword - New PS3 Pics and Details News

Latest on Ninja Theory's epic.

09 May 2006

Formula One 06 - First PS3 Screens News

More real than reality itself!

09 May 2006

Gran Turismo HD Demo Screens News

Plus, Kazunori Yamauchi talks tech.

09 May 2006

PS3 SingStar – Sony Teaches the World to Sing News

The future of Karaoke?

09 May 2006

PS3 – final price, new controller News

First pics and full details inside

09 May 2006

E3 2006: Word from LA News

New PS3 controller, Wii outrage, Halo 3

08 May 2006

Sony at E3. Line-up! Line-up! News

Current gen PS2/PSP titles.

05 May 2006

Lumines 2 at E3 News

Rez creator's latest handheld puzzler.

26 Apr 2006

PSP - Portable Telly, Internet, Music. News

But what about the games?

25 Apr 2006

EyeToy Set for Major PlayStation 3 Role News

Official mention confirms escalating gossip

25 Apr 2006

God of War 2 – first trailer News

You’ll have someone's eye out with that!

24 Apr 2006

God of War 2 – Official Website Unveiled News

The actual, real PS2 swansong.

21 Apr 2006

Charts: Easter and Eidos Boost Sales News

Lovely Lara rules the roost.

19 Apr 2006

E3: The Drinking Game News

Aim: not to die.

19 Apr 2006

PlayStation 3: $499 – Developers Speak News

Developer gossip in LA LA Land points to high-end pricepoint

05 Apr 2006

Yorkshire developers own PSP chart News

SPOnG wears its white rose with pride

03 Apr 2006

Bye-bye PSP UMD movies? News

PSP’s movie star dream in tatters.

31 Mar 2006

Brand Loyalty Survey - Microsoft Faces Toughest Future News

Do you trust these brands?

30 Mar 2006

Shadow of Colossus wipes up at GDC Awards News

Guitar Hero and Nintendogs pick up awards for innovation

23 Mar 2006

PlayStation 3 Controller Thrown Away. Doesn't Return News

Boomerang nightmare ends. Cold sweat washed away

23 Mar 2006

PlayStation 3 GDC Keynote: Full Report News

Cell details, online service, new games, more...

22 Mar 2006

PlayStation 3 Hard Drive: 60 GB and Upgradable News

Secret out as SCEE confirms Kutaragi slip

22 Mar 2006

PSOne Emulator for PSP – Massive Back Catalogue Looms News

Kutaragi confirms 32-Bit renaissance

17 Mar 2006

No PlayStation 3 until E3 – Official News

Conference ends. Attendees 'slightly miffed'

03 Mar 2006

PlayStation Conference. One Day Remains. Still Zero PlayStation 3 News News

Sony doesn't spring into action

02 Mar 2006

The Charts: Shadow of the Colossus Number 1 News

Justice for stunningly original PS2 title.

21 Feb 2006

PS3 – Estimated Initial Cost of $900 News

Merrill Lynch report a worry for Sony.

20 Feb 2006

Sony offers confused feedback on PlayStation 2007 talk News

Damage control across territories breaks down

20 Feb 2006

No More Sony Aibo News

Record profits, staff sacked, robots canned.

27 Jan 2006

Unhackable PSP Firmware Hacked News

Sony Enemy #1 Fanjita strikes again.

27 Jan 2006

PlayStation 3: $500 News

Analyst touts price.

12 Jan 2006

PlayStation 3's CES No-show News

Wait goes on as slippage rumour escalates.

04 Jan 2006

PlayStation 3 Bug and Delay Claims Flare. From Nowhere at All... News

Sony to miss spring launch mooted.

03 Jan 2006

White Euro PSP Chatter Bottomed News

Ceramic dreams shattered like a vase?

22 Dec 2005

Colossus update underway for PlayStation 3? News

Well why not?

20 Dec 2005

Kutaragi refutes $1 billion PlayStation 3 hole will bring SCE to its knees News

Analysts warn of pre-marketing $100 unit loss lead...

19 Dec 2005

Ex-Warner Chief Savages Sony, Follows Own Agenda, Sees Widespread Mis-reporting News

Failure of HD-DVD with Hollywood frustrates – journalists shame selves.

08 Dec 2005

PSP Adds Podcasts and More News

Fresh upgrade challenges Apple.

01 Dec 2005

PlayStation 2 Scrapes in… News

A mere 100,000,000 hardware units shipped.

01 Dec 2005

PlayStation 3 Latest to Confirm Parental Control News

ESRB ratings again blueprint Stateside.

28 Nov 2005

PlayStation 3 Pad Final Design? News

SCEI throws weight behind unpopular prototype.

18 Nov 2005

Playstation 3 Will Not Lock Out Second-hand Games News

It's true, confirmed etc...

15 Nov 2005

PlayStation 4 Dated News

To nearest decade at least...

15 Nov 2005

PlayStation 3 Pad a Double-Bluff? News

Re-design hides secret? Or is it just rubbish?

15 Nov 2005

PlayStation 3 Region Free – Blocks Used Game Use News

Comments down under hint at global software.

08 Nov 2005

Sony Offers $20 Media Manager for PSP – Full Report and Images Inside News

Portable download to offer ease of use media navigation.

01 Nov 2005

Kuturagi Enables Claim Mode Again News

PlayStation man won't be happy till he's got 240 frames per second.

31 Oct 2005

Sony Paying for PlayStation 3 News

Not just gamers' pockets to be hit by new system. Sony profits slump.

27 Oct 2005

Sony to Release New Device for Games, Music & Video News

OK, so it's a phone, but we do quite want one.

17 Oct 2005

BREAKING: Hackers Ponder PSP Firmware Ver 2.50 News

Latest upgrade promises new features – security changes unknown.

13 Oct 2005

Big Players to Collaborate on New Wi-Fi Standard News

Faster, more powerful wireless technology in the pipeline.

11 Oct 2005

Sony Gives the Game Away News

PSP jumps on free download bandwagon.

10 Oct 2005

Sony Kicked in the Chips – Latest AU Mod Swing News

Modding okay – imports excuse conduit to evil.

06 Oct 2005

Sony Exploit Righteous Indignation News

Inflammatory advert has predictable effect

03 Oct 2005

Sony to slash 10,000 jobs, close 11 manufacturing plants News

Company seeks to ‘eliminate corporate silos’

23 Sep 2005

PlayStation 3: Release Date, Titles, Development Process… News

…power, major CES showing, MGS4, new GTA, more…

12 Sep 2005

Blink and Miss the Sony PSP launch News

Endless Euro release saga to be blighted by hardware shortage?

31 Aug 2005

It Must be the Time of Year – Sony Savages DS – Full Story Inside News

Irrelevant, not a comparison, out of technical race, gimmick.

30 Aug 2005

Euro PSP to Ship With Anti-MAME Upgrade Pre-installed News

Well, Version 2.0 Firmware, but still.

16 Aug 2005

PS3: Specification Speculation Continues News

Another day, another frothing fanboy fiesta. Today, Blu-Ray disc drives.

03 Aug 2005

Attention, Fact Fans! News

More next-gen rumours: Sony's turn this time

02 Aug 2005

PS3 to Launch in 2007 if Xbox 360 Fails News

This is analysis people actually pay for!

29 Jul 2005

Slimline PlayStation 2 for £60 – 360 Spoiler Looms News

Retail reports aggressive move by Sony and Nintendo.

29 Jul 2005

Everybody’s Tennis Revealed News

Tennis. For everybody. Like golf.

28 Jul 2005

PSP MAME Dreams Shattered as SCE Aggressively Moves Against Hackers News

Firmware upgrade seeks to thwart homebrew.

28 Jul 2005

Sex is a Three Letter Word News

Type PSP in white – you’ll see.

22 Jul 2005

Platinum Collection Prices Slashed News

Classic titles now £15.

05 Jul 2005

PlayStation 3 to Retail at $400 – Production Costs Almost $500 News

Analysts predict massive losses for SCE.

29 Jun 2005

Penguin-powered PlayStation 3 – No Hard Disk Bundled News

Linux as standard with next-gen Sony console's HD

13 Jun 2005

Some New PSP Bits News

Bobs too.

13 Jun 2005

Real-Time Playstation 3 Demos Within Weeks? News

nVidia showing likely to see SCE piggyback.

06 Jun 2005

Playstation 2 – How Many Do You Think Sony Has Sold? News

Yes, it is a lot. But how many?

03 Jun 2005

Sony Boss Slams Microsoft News

Kutaragi-san in all guns blazing shocker.

01 Jun 2005

Kutaragi: PSP ‘Not ready to start selling in Europe’ News

Production outsourcing mooted as Sony chases Nintendo

26 May 2005

Inside the E3 Sony booth News

Impressions from our man in LA

21 May 2005

New Sony console announced! News

Go on, guess what it's called!

17 May 2005

PlayStation 3 spec in full News

Full specs of the new Sony machine for those of you who like numbers and statistics.

17 May 2005

Sony Patents Real World Version of The Matrix News

Smell games in the future. Great.

07 Apr 2005

PSPcasting – Like Broadcasting, but on PSP – Duh! News

Conversion excursion for Sony handheld.

21 Mar 2005

Kill Bill and More: PSP UMD Drive Gains More Ground News

Disney roll-out adds weight to format.

17 Mar 2005

PSX back from the dead – PSP movie sharing explains canning News

Out with the old, in with the new – Fresh models announced

16 Mar 2005

Sony: No PSP in Europe for Several Months News

Fears confirmed. Nintendo rejoices at another free run.

15 Mar 2005

Sony Addresses Past Mistakes: Ease of Use Promised for Cell News

GDC courtship battle continues apace.

10 Mar 2005

PSP – More movies announced on UMD News

Format sees escalating support.

08 Mar 2005

Sony Board Shift Prompts Incredible Takeover Talk News

Stringer appointment starts speculation frenzy.

08 Mar 2005

Revised PSP Hardware Unit and New Colour Rumoured News

Let the speculation begin!

07 Mar 2005

British Exec Touted for Sony Lead News

Stringer set to take reins.

07 Mar 2005

SOCOM 3 to be PlayStation 2 online swansong – First screens inside! News

Online team-based killing series updated

24 Feb 2005

Death of a legend: PSX production halts News

Out-priced PlayStation DVD recorder hybrid dream fades

23 Feb 2005

Better Battery Life for the PSP, Faster Cell Processor? News

Lower power tech could see longer, faster PlayStation goodness.

27 Jan 2005

PhotoShop, a PlayStation, a Retailer's Website and Some Strangeness News

The story of the silver PlayStation 2.

26 Jan 2005

Playstation 3 Cell Processor Clock Speed Revealed News

Assertive online report offers glimpse into SCE plans.

25 Jan 2005

Sony Boss Unrepentant as PSP Build Quality Issues Flare News

Returned stock not an issue says Kutaragi-san.

25 Jan 2005

Kutaragi Laments Sony’s Lack of PlayStation Vision News

Music and movie divisions targeted.

24 Jan 2005

PSP Edging DS in Japanese Sales War News

Stocks revived, Sony portable moves ahead.

24 Jan 2005

What’s Better Than Half a Million PSP Consoles? News

Two million, of course! SCE ups production.

20 Jan 2005

PSP Disappears From Amazon UK Site News

Was it something we said?

17 Jan 2005

Sony Issues PSP Update Warning News

Web browser and word processor – or a world of pain?

17 Jan 2005

PSP Priced! News date it too.

13 Jan 2005

PS2 Shipments Jump to 80 Million News

Sony rubs it in for Nintendo and Microsoft.

12 Jan 2005

First strong western PSP pricing talk emerges News

Stringer slip exposes pricing, date

09 Jan 2005

PSP Launch Underlined at CES News

No Xbox 2? How about a list of PSP games instead?

06 Jan 2005

10 million PSP year one sales figure touted News

Technology partner predicts massive portable year

23 Nov 2004

SCEJ reveals PSP launch titles News

Preliminary offering shown

09 Nov 2004

Exclusive: PSP to hit Europe in March - Confirmed News

SPOnG lifts the lid on Sony’s portable planning

04 Nov 2004

Kutaragi-san makes PSP battery climb-down News

Quoted times come with several disclaimers

02 Nov 2004

How many PlayStation 2 hardware units have been sold? News

And PSOnes for that matter…

01 Nov 2004

PSP Gran Turismo 4 to hit Japan next spring News

Seminal racer finally gets handheld date

28 Oct 2004

GT4 slips again until 2005, still without online play! News

The Polyphonic saga continues...

21 Oct 2004

Sony reveals Ape Escape 3 News

PS2 monkey business intensifies

18 Oct 2004

Business Week makes strong PSP predictions, including price News

Big sales expected as BW places launch period

12 Oct 2004

PSP information update – Shock and firmware fills void News

Price, launch dates and battery life still under wraps

12 Oct 2004

PSP: 2004 launch on course? Chatani tries to redress negative speculation News

"PSP within the year is secure" says Technology Chief

11 Oct 2004

PSP American launch delayed until November 2005? News

The analysts are back - voicing bleak predictions

05 Oct 2004

Updated: Final PSP pricing emerges? $199 - $349 packages revealed News

Official magazine spells confirmation

04 Oct 2004

See The PSP Play with Its Pussy News

Dokodemo Issyo headline proves juvenility the future

01 Oct 2004

Look everybody! PSP Everbody's Golf pictured within News

A mighty spread of PSP screenshots

30 Sep 2004

PSP battery issues flare – Two hour chatter and development restrictions abound News

The cost of silence – SCE announcement baulk causes concern

30 Sep 2004

Big exciting PlayStation 2 news tomorrow! News

Megat.. Don't even go there sister

28 Sep 2004

SCE’s Online Dreams in Tatters as Gran Turismo 4 Rushed Out Minus ‘Net Play News

Sony and Polyphony hack down their masterwork

24 Sep 2004

PSP pricing emerges! News

Loss-leader talk scrubbed as PSP doubles DS SRP - Sony quick to dispell rumours

21 Sep 2004

Sony Adds New Titles To The PSP Roster In Advance Of TGS News

From King Of Fighters to Taiko Drum Master

21 Sep 2004

PSTwo - Official - Full details and every image available right here! News

It's a "totally redesigned, network ready model"

21 Sep 2004

PSTwo: Speculative Details Emerging, Official Confirmation Expected Next Tuesday News

Analysts suggest what's what, Kutaragi to respond next week

17 Sep 2004

Sony Buys MGM: Interesting Possibilities For PSP Movies and Playstation Conversions News

Sony America adds 4,000 movies to its catalogue

15 Sep 2004

PSP – Answers at TGS as Question Plethora Engulfs Roll-Out News

MP3, Wi-Fi, price, dates and more…

06 Sep 2004

Killzone 2 - Now Fact - PSP vs PS3 Chatter News

Feel the hype as ‘Halo-killer’ sequel emerges

06 Sep 2004

PS3 Blu-Ray Disc Production Costs To Be Half Price Of Current DVDs? News

Sony balances out EA's talk of pricey next-gen development

02 Sep 2004

Exclusive: New PS2 Title Based On Cult TV Series – 24 Revealed! News

Kiefer Sutherland rushes onto PS2, all urgent and panicky

02 Sep 2004

Sony Working On New Manga Franchise - Bleach Revealed News

Hollow spirits, soul burials and more...

31 Aug 2004

PSP Software On Show In Leipzig: Wipeout Pure, Sticky Balls, Free Running and More News

Selection of PSP games show their form

23 Aug 2004

Sony and Microsoft Price War Begins: Xbox Beats PS2 By A Fiver News

Microsoft pre-empts PS2 price cut with sub-£100 consoles.

18 Aug 2004

Killzone 2 Announced as Killzone Beta Testing Commences News

Guerrilla Games confirm FPS sequel, not for PS3.

17 Aug 2004

Natsume export Sega flavoured fish to North America News

Behold Finny The Fish and The Seven Waters!

10 Aug 2004

GT4 ports to PSP with possible delay for key launch title? News

Sony races out handheld version of Gran Turismo.

09 Aug 2004

Sony adopts Blu-Ray for PS3 - colossal games on the way? News

New storage medium decided.

05 Aug 2004

UK High Court Adopts Stricter Stance Over Software Piracy News

Software pirate receives record sentence and PS2 mod-chips made illegal

22 Jul 2004

UK Charts: Spider-man Hangs in at the Top, EA gets Cheap News

Spidey breaks sales record as summer gaming famine deepens.

20 Jul 2004

The power of Ant and Dec revealed as a million go Live News

Online gaming consoled by numbers

16 Jul 2004

Sony to host in-depth PSP technical discussion News

Austin Game Conference to stage talks on development issues

16 Jul 2004

Microsoft: ‘We’ll Take Sony in Next-Generation!’ News

Xbox 2 to dominate market, according to maker.

15 Jul 2004

Sony Confirms PlayStation 3 Debut Before E3 News

PlayStation meeting indicates unveiling in March 2005.

14 Jul 2004

PSP Release List Swells to Over 100 Titles! News

Comprehensive PSP game library inside.

14 Jul 2004

PSP as Voice-Contolled Universal Translator? News

Parlez-vous Anglais? Speaking-ze English? Press X!

13 Jul 2004

New PS3 Details, Memory and Cost Issues Arise News

Sony re-working PS3 internals or just adhering to budget?

12 Jul 2004

European and US PSX Launch Pushed Back to 2005 News

Komiyama admits to delays for PS2 hybrid recorder.

12 Jul 2004

PS3 Will be Exhibited at E3 2005 Says Kuturagi News

SCE bigwig confirms new hardware unveiling.

12 Jul 2004

PSP set to miss US March 2005 spot? Analysts believe delay is likely... News

SCEA insists production is still 'on track' as promised.

01 Jul 2004

PSP online plan emerges News

WipEout Pure first to see content delivery

25 Jun 2004

DS Edges PSP in Japanese Developer Poll News

Nominal survey reveals that DS has early lead in handheld race.

17 Jun 2004

MS Japan reveals Xbox Video Chat kit News

First image of Xbox Video Camera inside.

17 Jun 2004

Killzone Nearing Completion News

Hype train at full steam...

04 Jun 2004

Nintendo Revolution, Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3 for E3 News

Next-gen showdown on the cards – the hype train steams up.

02 Jun 2004

PSP Blackout! Henry Ford smiles from grave News

Colour truth emerges from SCEJ

01 Jun 2004

Analysts cast doubt on PSP's potential success News

Will this really be a Walkman for the 21st Century?

01 Jun 2004

PS3 to arrive in March 2006 News

It’s next-gen newsorama!

28 May 2004

Simultaneous European Release Date for PSP and DS News

Nintendo and Sony opt for March 2005.

25 May 2004

Ken Kutaragi Makes Interesting PSP Play Prediction News

Portable for home use vision envisaged.

24 May 2004

100 Millionth PSOne Shipped News

Record-breaking Sony sales.

19 May 2004

Playable PSP at TGS News

Hankering for handheld hands-on at Tokyo Game Show.

17 May 2004

PSP Media Playback Questioned News

Has Sony done enough?

14 May 2004

First Batch of PSP Titles Confirmed News

Mainly from Japanese developers...

13 May 2004

Killzone Screens Invasion Continues News

Making a mountain out of an FPS.

12 May 2004

GT4 Roars Into View News

Screens of Mean Machines.

12 May 2004

Getaway Comes Back News

Sony’s geezer sim revealed.

12 May 2004

SEGA Shows the Way for Eyetoy News

Sega Superstars and more...

12 May 2004

Sony PSP Developers Confirmed News

Matching Nintendo’s 100-strong DS support.

12 May 2004

Sony shows PSP! News

Specs and first shots inside.

12 May 2004

ICO 2 to Show at E3? News

Sony registers NICO as trademark.

07 May 2004

The Sony Connection News

Downloadable Content for PSP?

07 May 2004

Gran Turismo 4: Prologue Confusion Concludes News

Crunch time as SCEE opts for pre-order lure.

29 Apr 2004

Exclusive: European Gran Turismo 4 Prologue in Doubt News

Insiders cast spectre of doubt across PAL taster.

27 Apr 2004

Exclusive ICO 2 Details: Saddle up! News

It's a twist, and a rather odd one too.

27 Apr 2004

UK Games Industry Drinking Competition News

MCV Winners Announced.

23 Apr 2004

Jak III sees series demise News

Rubin departure spells end of line.

20 Apr 2004

Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal Goes Online News

Multiplayer details inside.

20 Apr 2004

Game Stars Results News

The list in full from iTV’s celeb-filled award show.

19 Apr 2004

Ape Escape EyeToy Revealed! First Screens! News

Everybody! Ooh-ooh-ooh-aagh!

15 Apr 2004

EyeToy Sports Confirmed News

And from Konami too!

15 Apr 2004

PSX Production Stopped News

The phrase 'Don't worry, it's a Sony' loses its edge.

14 Apr 2004

Sony Slams Misleading PSP Online Reports: 'Out of date and selectively drawn.' News

Games industry site shamed for misleading sensationalism.

08 Apr 2004

PlayStation 3 50GB Disc Format Revealed! News

Blu-Ray chosen for upcoming Sony machine.

31 Mar 2004

Pre-Easter Peak Week Sees Snake Sneak In News

Metal Gear out-stealthed by Pandora as this week's UK top ten is revealed.

30 Mar 2004

First PSP Game Unveiled News

GDC 2004 sees first public example of pocket PlayStation's abilities.

26 Mar 2004

Edinburgh Festival - Game On! News

The EIGF returns, with sponsors and dates for the Scottish shindig released this morning.

26 Mar 2004

Guerrilla goes Sony Exclusive News

SCEE snaps up Dutch Killzone/Shellshock creator.

23 Mar 2004

PSP Middleware Unveiled – Launch GTA Looks Likely News

Criterion off the blocks - PSP development cycle accelerated.

23 Mar 2004

Jak III and Ratchet and Clank 3 – First Screens! News

Sony platform gaming gold revealed inside!

09 Mar 2004

PlayStation 2/PSP Game Sharing Confirmed News

Same game, at home or on the move.

03 Mar 2004

PSP Slips! Sony Unable to Guarantee Launch Line-up News

Portable PlayStation meets expectations - slips out of 2004

26 Feb 2004

Polyphony Fails to Deliver as Gran Turismo 4 Slides Yet Again! News

Ongoing online issues blighting biggest game ever.

20 Feb 2004

Operational PSP Prototype Hits Japan News

Extended life said to exceed all expectations – full story inside.

18 Feb 2004

Sony PSP to use Organic Light Emitting Diode Screens? News

OLED to power Sony's mighty handheld console – full story inside.

12 Feb 2004

Sega Pledges Support for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP News

Full portable program this year.

09 Feb 2004

EyeToy Beefs Up – 4 Million Units Plus Further Strategic Integration News

Innovation and belief means profits and a bright future...

29 Jan 2004

PSX Firmware Upgrade Details News

Sony addresses issues – sales remain unaffected.

27 Jan 2004

Revealed: DS is Stepping-stone as Nintendo Confirms Game Boy PSP Challenger. News

Stakes upped as Nintendo prepares to fight!

23 Jan 2004

Portable PlayStation for £200 News

Deering makes new PSP claims.

13 Jan 2004

Exclusive: EyeToy Sport and EyeToy Fight in the Works News

Sony insiders point to cut-price specific motion sensing goodies.

08 Jan 2004

Tales of Piracy, Sanctions and Terrorism come to a Close – PlayStation 2 Launches in China News

2004 starts well for long-ignored gaming population.

07 Jan 2004

PSP update – Japanese Dates, Developers, Launch Plans and More News

November date debunked as detail overload spews from the East.

07 Jan 2004

Portable PlayStation Gets a Global Date News

Nintendo quakes as killer handheld powers up.

06 Jan 2004

Exclusive: Massive EyeToy-driven PlayStation Communications Network Revealed News

EyeToy: Comms – the future of SCE exposed.

05 Jan 2004

Exclusive: PlayStation 3 Controller Revealed! News

New functions, and more inside.

24 Dec 2003

Sega Signs EyeToy News

Coin-op placement spells third-party roll-out?

22 Dec 2003

Chinese PlayStation 2 Delay Caused by Military Usage Fears News

Stunning news from ROC sees console slip mystery.

22 Dec 2003

PSX 2 in development News

Hardware revision to see original spec restored and more

18 Dec 2003

Playstation 3 for E3 - Cell Processor Ready by March 2004 News

Sony and Toshiba announce predicted milestone

12 Dec 2003

First Ever PSP Screenshots! News

Right here – get ‘em while they’re hot!

08 Dec 2003

PlayStation 3 to Make Toasted Sandwiches, Perhaps Also Grill Steaks News

Concept image of lies and treachery emerges.

03 Dec 2003

Sony’s PSX this year News

Ultimate PlayStation 2 sees manufacture bliss

27 Nov 2003

PlayStation 3 to Feature Controllers and Games! News

Internet naivety drags news out of nowhere.

26 Nov 2003

Square Enix unsure over PSP News

Party line kept intact as stakeholder power shows through

24 Nov 2003

Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3 in Easter 2004? News

Rumour mill explodes as GDC named as unveiling venue.

21 Nov 2003

All-new PSX Hardware Pictures Cause Global Drooling Crisis News

New pics, new sense of longing.

19 Nov 2003

Record online figures announced News

Broadband services enjoy much tactical shooting.

07 Nov 2003

More Japan-only hardware, this time from Sony… News

Limited edition PlayStation 2 hardware triggers more drooling.

05 Nov 2003

New cut-down PlayStation 2 hardware – It’s the PStwo! News

Budget PlayStation 2 looms.

03 Nov 2003

PlayStation 2 Emotion Engine in the dock News

US university claims design infringes 1986 patent.

27 Oct 2003

Exclusive: Microsoft offers games not cash as secret Sony bundles loom News

New bundle draws line under price cut chatter.

24 Oct 2003

Amazing PSX functions announced News

You won't believe this!

16 Oct 2003

PSX price and date! New hardware details! Read this now News

DVD recording hard drive PlayStation 2 unleashed.

07 Oct 2003

Sony’s PSX hybrid machine due for public prodding News

Japanese tech show plays host to shoulder-shrugger.

06 Oct 2003

Eye Toy: Groove tracklisting announced News

Classic disco mashes it up with contemporary R&B, bootleg mixes and more.

03 Oct 2003

US to get PS2 Final Fantasy XI in March 2004 News

Europe waits, then waits some more.

17 Sep 2003

For every person you see on the street, somewhere there’s a PS2 News

60 million shipped – amazing.

09 Sep 2003

PlayStation 3 multiple processor chatter emerges News

New Sony machine powers up.

05 Sep 2003

PlayStation 3 and PSP OS designer departs News

Retirement time for Okamoto.

02 Sep 2003

ECTS Awards News

And the winners are…

29 Aug 2003

nVidia to Power PlayStation 3? News

Will Sony and nVidia make a relationship work?

28 Aug 2003

PlayStation Experience line-up finalised News

Here’s what you get for your six doubloons.

27 Aug 2003

Killzone screens causing a stir News

Sony's showing off again.

04 Aug 2003

New EyeToy games revealed News

Dancing and sports: Campest thing in the world beefs up!

30 Jul 2003

PlayStation Conference tonight? News

Or tomorrow morning in Japan… Whatever.

29 Jul 2003

Sony scuppers 2004 PS3 launch, spills on PSP and more News

Piece by piece, the jigsaw is built.

28 Jul 2003

Sony signs ‘stunna’ for key game – Exclusive pictures! News

Formula 1 sees lap-dancing tabloid favourite Jodie Marsh sign deal with Sony.

15 Jul 2003

Kutaragi the maverick News

Old guard sceptical of PlayStation father

10 Jul 2003

SOCOM cheating set to Xplode News

As ever, online shenanigans are afoot.

03 Jul 2003

Next generation EyeToy looms! News

Get on your camp hat, and think of Dreamcast

27 Jun 2003

Playable Gran Turismo 4 confirmed for London show News

Seminal driving update on show at PlayStation experience.

23 Jun 2003

CELL Processor demos this year – PS3 for E3 2004? News

Kutaragi makes fresh promises.

23 Jun 2003

Sony impressively elusive over PSP pricing News

Confusion abounds as SCE looks to make it up as it goes along.

18 Jun 2003

Kutaragi points towards high-powered, low-priced PSP News

Comments indicate a machine closer to PS2.

17 Jun 2003

Formula 1 first PlayStation 3 launch title? News

PS2 exclusive to edge out Electronic Arts’ multi-platform stance.

17 Jun 2003

E3 Awards announced News

Non-playable games sweep the board.

11 Jun 2003

UK PlayStation 2 now online News

Sony network offering available now.

11 Jun 2003

Goto-san’s PlayStation 3 spec-ulation News

It’s a computer in a box! Yikes!

04 Jun 2003

Just how far away is PlayStation 3? Another $1.7 billion in CELL research pledged by Kutaragi News

As Microsoft browses off the shelf processors, Sony turns to alchemy.

02 Jun 2003

Kutaragi extreme! PSX and PSP in-depth News

Yesterday’s conference shows Sony’s dream.

29 May 2003

PSX details: Hard drive, Memory Stick, DVD burn and more News

Possibly the best looking thing ever, ever.

28 May 2003

Sony set to miss next generation console phase as ‘filler’ machine rocks world News

PSX is PlayStation 2 with knobs on as Sony flounders in technology hell.

28 May 2003

PlayStation 3 named and dated! Stop everything, read this. News

Sony plays first hand. The race is on…

28 May 2003

More PlayStation 3 Dating Madness News

Magic machine causes analyst unease

21 May 2003

Gran Turismo 4 is PlayStation 2 Swansong News

Kazunori closes PS2 doors

20 May 2003

Play on the EyeToy with EyeToy: Play News

Fights, Camera… Action!

19 May 2003

Price Cuts And Politics News

News from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

16 May 2003

PS2 Hardware News

Plenty more tweaks from Sony

15 May 2003

Gran Turismo 4 In Pole Position News

The gran-daddy of racing games revealed

15 May 2003

Sony Advances On The Portable Market News

Portable PlayStation announced

14 May 2003

Gran Turismo 4 screens News

Publishing blunder sees embargo split like a kipper.

06 May 2003

Next Nintendo home machine to jump the gun? 2005 rumours spew forth News

It's everyone's favourite 'next-gen console race' story!

01 May 2003

Sony and nVidia deal hints at PlayStation 3 GeForce link News

Sony to feel 'The Force'?

01 May 2003

But...but, I've only just Bought a PlayStation 2! News

More reactionary PlayStation 3 talk from Sony chief.

01 May 2003

Sony talk freely of the PlayStation 3 News

News on Sony's plans for the next incarnation of the PlayStation

01 May 2003

Gran Turismo Update Casts Doubt on PlayStation 3 News

The wait goes on...

01 May 2003

Another PlayStation 3 deal leaked News

Everyone confirms PlayStation 3. Except Sony.

01 May 2003

Sony denies Taiwanese PlayStation 3 link News

First official statement refutes reports.

01 May 2003

Fresh PlayStation 3 rumblings News

Sony deflecting publicity away from GBA SP? Surely not!

01 May 2003

US patent confirms PlayStation 3 ‘Cell’ chatter News

SCE director patents secures PlayStation 3.

01 May 2003

PlayStation 3 this year? News

Taiwanese link spurs smoke to fire count.

01 May 2003

PlayStation 3 media hub concept forms as Kutaragi moves up News

PlayStation godfather to merge SCE with movies, music and more.

01 May 2003

Eudyptula-powered PlayStation 3 News

Will Sony really opt for open-source proprietary OS?

01 May 2003

PlayStation 3 to be Brought Forward as XBox Rattles Sony News

The next next generation?

01 May 2003

PlayStation 3 Back in the Headlines News

SCE’s Chief Technical Officer Shinichi lets the cat out of the bag: Incredible PlayStation 3 development insight!

01 May 2003

Latest PS3 thunder, not so distant News

Sony preps deals with component partners.

01 May 2003

Sony Computer Entertainment: PlayStation 3 to be 'any box' News

SCE breaks PS3 silence

01 May 2003

PlayStation 3 chip ready in 2004 News

Cell – Feel the power!

01 May 2003

Exclusive PlayStation 3 details emerge! News

Development strategy rethink as Quasar 2 powers future machine

01 May 2003

PlayStation 3 tough talking begins News

Next-gen race officially on

01 May 2003

Exclusive! PlayStation 3 specifications to be unveiled at Games Developers Conference News

Senior insider confirms plans for PS3 revelation.

01 May 2003

Electronic Arts: ‘Next-generation console war is Sony’s call’ News

World’s biggest third-party publisher waits for PS3 move.

01 May 2003

Cell Shaded Dragons? News

Sony announce new Cell chip plans and more...

01 May 2003

Looming PS3 ends ‘PlayStation on a chip’ dream News

Toshiba closes Emotion Engine spin-off.

01 May 2003

Sony slams today’s PlayStation 3 chit-chat News

Idle email gossip leads some to jump the gun

01 May 2003

Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube price cuts News

Rumour from the East hints at new wave in price war.

30 Apr 2003

Virtua Fighter 4 Speculation ends News

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution lands on PlayStation 2.

16 Apr 2003

War in Iraq causes SCE branding change News

No more Shock and Awe.

16 Apr 2003

Sony to offer free hardware - maintains PlayStation 2 price point News

Microsoft price hack to be fought with product as value perception shows SCE’s future targets.

16 Apr 2003

Gran Turismo 4 in Volkswagen deal News

Driving aid signed by Germans.

01 Apr 2003

Everyone say ‘Hi’ to Frequency follow-up News

Amplitude is coming to the USA.

14 Mar 2003

Chips, please News

That'll be $4 billion, Mr Sony.

14 Mar 2003

Sony: ‘One million PlayStation 2 online users by April’ News

Online gears up as next phase looms.

13 Mar 2003

Sony offers SOCOM success as proof of online dominance News

A million sales and 300,000 online.

10 Mar 2003

First Destruction Derby Arena screens revealed News

UK-developed smash ‘em up looms.

07 Mar 2003

Exclusive: PlayStation 2 Online Broadband only in Europe News

Sony fights off Live.

07 Mar 2003

Online console gaming: claims, counter-claims, and a world of lies News

Sony picks latest numbers fight with Microsoft.

06 Mar 2003

Strong showing casts doubt over SCEE E3 non-attendance gossip News

Sony Europe shows builds of Hardware and Destruction Derby Online.

06 Mar 2003

Electronic Arts: ‘We expect hardware price cuts at E3’ News

Balanced speculation or insider knowledge?

05 Mar 2003

No playable Gran Turismo 4 at this year’s E3? News

SCEE insiders doubt Polyphony racers chance of open play – must read!

27 Feb 2003

Sony Euro online demo looms News

SOCOM: US Navy SEALS and world’s first glimpse of Destruction Derby promised.

20 Feb 2003

Xbox comes of age News

With the help of the DOA girls – Japanese charts show GameCube outsell shock.

18 Feb 2003

Price cuts in the offing? News

All-formats retail restructure looms.

07 Feb 2003

Coloured Consolemania News

Sony celebrates with style

31 Jan 2003

Games make up a third of Sony News

Massive profit shown as PlayStation proves Christmas winner

29 Jan 2003

Sega's European PlayStation 2 withdrawal News

Super Monkey Ball and Space Channel 5 Part 2 go AWOL

28 Jan 2003

Online RPG monster set for PS2 next month News

Europe waits, then waits some more.

28 Jan 2003

Everybody's Golf Online ready to go News

Truly what the Internet was made for

23 Jan 2003

Iwata speaks on disappointing GameCube sales News

Gosen's claims of second place prove untrue

23 Jan 2003

PlayStation 2 – the unassailable force News

50 million units shipped. Console war over.

16 Jan 2003

Exclusive: Downforce withheld by Sony News

Virgin in trouble as console giant refuses credit.

15 Jan 2003

PlayStation media hub takes shape News

Evolution or devaluation? Videogames blend with generic media.

13 Jan 2003

Sony extends UEFA deal News

TIF lifeline lengthened.

13 Jan 2003

Xbox 1.5 and portable GameCube chatter emerges News

Respected News source in E3 prediction surprise

03 Jan 2003

Burglar scum brains woman with PlayStation 2 News

Bizarre assault rocks UK

02 Jan 2003

Coming in 2003 – Ape Escape 2 News

There’s some strange monkey business afoot in Sony world.

30 Dec 2002

The Dreamcast lives on! News

Sega squeezes Dreamcast online functionality into PS2 and GameCube.

28 Dec 2002

More Australian censorship revealed! News

The Getaway chopped down.

28 Dec 2002

Sony has copyright case dismissed as Chinese debut gets underway News

China refuses to defend SCE design classic.

28 Dec 2002

It’s a London thing News

The Getaway topples Vice City.

17 Dec 2002

Uncle Sony needs you News

Only if you've got broadband though...

12 Dec 2002

Microsoft builds horse as Sony knocks on door News

PlayStation 2 video on demand details revealed.

10 Dec 2002

You love it! News

Three million PlayStation 2 sales in the UK.

29 Nov 2002

Staggering Sony hypocrisy as BMX XXX cover-up explained News

Meanwhile, Vice City enjoys its shelf-space.

28 Nov 2002

Xbox outselling GameCube in the UK News

Discount powerhouse irresistible in Blighty.

28 Nov 2002

Sony finally concretes online European plans News

Online gaming by numbers as SCEE makes its mark.

28 Nov 2002

No PlayStation 2 price shift pre-Christmas News

Sony stamps out smouldering gossip.

21 Nov 2002

Aero Elite: Combat Academy comes to PlayStation 2 News

“You be Val Kilmer, I’ll be Tom Cruise”

18 Nov 2002

ICO Sequel. It's Happening. News

Past slip-ups and a hint in a Japanese magazine are no match for an inebriated, well-placed source with a big mouth.

14 Nov 2002

Acclaim bridges Sega gap as Sony goes AWOL News

PS2 releases of Dreamcast oldies next year.

29 Oct 2002

Latest Japanese hardware sales figures News

Sony dominance ever-present as Xbox leaps.

28 Oct 2002

World exclusive: Sega go self-publishing in Europe News

Third-parties out of the loop as Sega prepares aggressive Euro front.

24 Oct 2002

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo show united front against mod-chip plague News

Nowhere left to hide as retailer busted.

16 Oct 2002

World Exclusive: Sega Rally update looms for PlayStation 2 News

Incredible news sees cross-platform online Sega racing league go head-to-head!

15 Oct 2002

PlayStation 2 sales pass new milestone News

Amazing installed user-base sees Sony sitting pretty.

19 Sep 2002

Latest Japanese hardware sales figures emerge News

PlayStation 2 still spanking competition.

18 Sep 2002

Sony and Microsoft go to war News

PlayStation 2 drops to £169.99, Xbox to £159.99.

28 Aug 2002

Latest Japanese sales figures make for an interesting read News

All consoles see massive spike, except Xbox.

28 Aug 2002

Sony makes its online move in the US News

Broadband units head West as SCE dips its toe

16 Aug 2002

Jet Li games announced! News

Although PlayStation 2 isn’t for sale in Hong Kong, Sony still makes games set there.

15 Aug 2002

Kutaragi admits fear of global slump News

SCE big boss man makes interesting comments.

14 Aug 2002

PlayStation 2 becomes PC/TV go-between cum set top box type thing News

Be the master of all your PC files from the comfort of your very own sofa!

02 Aug 2002

SCE loses first mod-chip case News

Australian judge denies illegality claims, global first.

29 Jul 2002

Video game slump in Japan News

The industry’s summer drought bites hard.

28 Jul 2002

Another mod-chip dealer walks Sony’s plank News

Canadian piracy enabler sent sharkwards.

23 Jul 2002

PocketStation canned News

The PSone rollback gets underway.

22 Jul 2002

Latest Japanese hardware sales figures News

More interesting reading from crucial Japanese market.

19 Jul 2002

SCE doubles PlayStation 2 production News

The coming Christmas season triggers manufacture upsurge.

12 Jul 2002

Ape Escape 2 European packaging, erm, escapes… News

At last, SCE gives us DualShock 2-powered hope!

02 Jul 2002

Global videogames to break all sales records this year News

More than $30 billion to be spent in 2002.

25 Jun 2002

You have the packshot for Sony’s upcoming meisterwerk? Getaway! News

Or, definitively, The Getaway. New screenshots too.

24 Jun 2002

PlayStation 2 to become Memory Stick compatible News

Is that a photo of your girlfriend or your GT3 save? Only deletion will tell…

05 Jun 2002

More price cuts! News

Cheap PS2 software coming to the USA.

21 May 2002

SCE shows its big guns are ablaze News

GT3 and GTA3 sell like nothing else!

16 May 2002

Sony Confirms Ape Escape Movie News

It is unclear as to whether you will have to watch it with both eyes moving independently.

16 May 2002

PlayStation 2 Broadband units slow FFXI sales News

SquareSoft stays true to its word shipping minimal amounts on new stock.

15 May 2002

Sony plays its hand: announces US price hack News

First ever price-based industry console war underway proper.

15 May 2002

PSOne slashed to £49.99 News

Suddenly, everything is really, really cheap.

14 May 2002

PlayStation 2 reaches 30 million News

Unstoppable Sony coincidentally hits magic number in GameCube launch week.

10 May 2002

More US price-cut talk News

US to follow Euro lead?

08 May 2002

More PlayStation 3 talk from Japan News

News agencies in Japan state facts and figures.

07 May 2002

Exclusive: The Getaway will be ‘unable to achieve profit’ News

Sony mismanagement or thank you to gamers?

29 Apr 2002

Playstation 2 Processor Shrink-down Looms? News

New PS2 plans cast doubt on PS3's E.T.A.

28 Apr 2002

SCE plans to integrate phones into the PlayStation lifestyle News

Games on the go as all things tech power up.

26 Apr 2002

Sony refuses PlayStation 2 price cut pressure, denies end of PSone News

The midget survives as big brother keeps his wedge.

24 Apr 2002

World Exclusive: GT Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva confirmed for Europe News

Stunning news on GT Concept Euro status.

24 Apr 2002

Dishonour! Gran Turismo Concept Geneva for Japan only News

GT Concept Europe leaves Euro punters shocked.

23 Apr 2002

So what’s the deal with Metal Gear X? Special exclusive report News

Microsoft says yes, Konami says no (comment).

18 Apr 2002

Sony unveils first network partners News

It’s happening folks! The PlayStation 2 will be the first online console proper.

16 Apr 2002

Gran Turismo 4 Confirmed for PlayStation 2 News

Speculation put to rest as Gran Turismo returns to its rightful home.

15 Apr 2002

Well Mage me sideways, EverQuest is announced for PlayStation 2! News

Life-sucking MMORPG confirmed for PlayStation 2.

10 Apr 2002

Exclusive: Final Fantasy Anthology European details emerge! News

Check out all the details on this stealthy Square release, as well as the Euro packshot, exclusively here.

05 Apr 2002

Toshiba and IBM sign PlayStation 3 deal? News

Codename 'Cell', no less!

04 Apr 2002

Game Developers Conference Award Winners Revealed News

The award for best opening of an envelope goes to...

25 Mar 2002

Sony Boss to Block GameCube Final Fantasy? News

Rumour is that Sony is seriously considering blocking the Final Fantasy game currently underway for GameCube.

22 Mar 2002

Huge Bout of Girliness Overshadows CeBIT News

Handbags at ten paces at German trade show.

19 Mar 2002

Exclusive new Nintendo Final Fantasy details arrive! News

So, does the 'N' stand for new?

12 Mar 2002

A new dawn in lifestyle festivals emerges between May 4-6 when 2C: The Official PlayStation Event opens its doors. News

We mentioned this last month, now we have all the details.

06 Mar 2002

SCEA Announces Budget Range as Console War hots up News

Our cousins across the pond will soon be enjoying discounted PlayStation 2 gaming, courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment.

27 Feb 2002

Sony confirms Platinum PlayStation 2 range News

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that it will be releasing a budget range of PlayStation 2 software on March 1.

15 Feb 2002

Sony President on PlayStation 2 Broadband News

A taste of things to come.

15 Feb 2002

PlayStation 2 broadband online plans finally revealed! News

At last, PlayStation BB is a reality.

14 Feb 2002

Fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards Nominees Revealed News

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) has revealed the nominees for the fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

11 Feb 2002

Sony Announces Official PlayStation Event News

A date for your diary.

11 Feb 2002

Sony Suffers Setback in Battle to Stop Global Imports News

Australian consumer watchdogs have stated that they will attempt to block SCE’s court action to have “chipping” of any of its machines made illegal.

11 Feb 2002

It's only been out for a couple of months and it's already won an award News

Atari's breakout hit, Transworld Surf for Xbox, wins Best Video Game award at the second annual X-Dance Action Sports Film and Video Game Festival.

05 Feb 2002

First PlayStation 3 deal announced as Sony makes deal with IBM and Toshiba? News

Sony of Japan has reportedly signed a deal with IBM and Toshiba to produce technologies with networking and processing abilities.

28 Jan 2002

New mod-chip released – SCE to React Soon News

Another piracy problem for Sony's PS2.

28 Jan 2002

SCE confirms Gran Turismo for PC! News

Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital have announced the existence of a Gran Turismo game for PC!

28 Jan 2002

Ape Escape 2 on show... briefly News

PlayStation sequel details emerge.

23 Jan 2002

The World goes PS2 Crazy as Sony sweeps rivals aside News

Competition? What competition?

10 Jan 2002

USB broadband adapter for PS2 uncovered! News

Tech-heads rejoice!

10 Jan 2002

wipEout Fusion Packaging Surfaces! News

You saw it here first!

17 Dec 2001

Sony Crackdown on chipping machines continues – Full Reactions Inside News

Chips down for PlayStation 2 modifiers?

14 Dec 2001

Stateside PS2 Sales go through the Roof News

Sony console sits comfortably at the top while new competition battles for second place.

10 Dec 2001

Sony gears up for online multiplayer mayhem, announces middleware deal News

PlayStation 2 setting up for the future

07 Dec 2001

Poisonous PSone consoles quarantined in Holland News

Kidney damaging machines in the doghouse

05 Dec 2001

China piracy boycott update: Sony and Microsoft speak News

Hardware wary of China - The players give their side

23 Nov 2001

Bleem! is dead! News

Sony removes thorn in its side

19 Nov 2001

PlayStation 2 to come with Camera as Standard News

At Konami's recent ISS event in London, a drunken SCEE staffer told all and sundry that the PlayStation 2 will soon come bundled with a camera.

16 Nov 2001

The Getaway - The Truth News

Getaway details emerge as somewhat bizarre. Plus! Photograph/screenshot scandal explained at last – Exclusive!

16 Nov 2001

Gran Turismo Concept New Screens News

Drive cars that you've probably never heard of!

15 Nov 2001

PS2 Pushes Hard Sales News

New hard drive sold out before release.

07 Nov 2001

Gran Turismo 3 Concept Unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show News

An add-on for the amazing GT3 featuring 20 new cars was revealed recently, starring the concept cars that rarely make it into production.

26 Oct 2001

Market Leader Posts Substantial Losses News

Sony loses out despite growing sales in video game sector.

26 Oct 2001

What’s in a Name? News

THQ in ‘Okay, here’s the deal’ record-straightening statement to all those news sites that got it slightly wrong.

26 Oct 2001

Tokyo Game Show Attendance Lower than Expected News

Japanese gaming event improves on last year, but fails to meet industry expectations.

21 Oct 2001

Skies of Arcadia Confirmed for PlayStation 2 News

Sega Smilebit has announced that it has begun development of a PlayStation 2 version of its Dreamcast RPG Skies of Arcadia.

15 Oct 2001

Square’s Suzuki pledges continued multi-platform support but says SCE might change everything News

''What happens next depends on the hardware developers,'' claims Suzuki

14 Oct 2001

Sony and Square Bigwigs comment on deal. Take a deep breath and read on News

Full update from Tokyo inside. Do not miss!

10 Oct 2001

Sony bites a chunk out of Square putting cross-platform gaming under spotlight News

Will FFXI be cross-platform as Sony makes its mark?

09 Oct 2001

PS2 Future Looking Good News

Sony’s on the rampage.

07 Oct 2001

Sony sends UK market skyrocketing but Mario sits tight News

Plucky plumber fends off price cut

04 Oct 2001

Sony to Spend Millions in Christmas Campaign News

The Third Place is near.

28 Sep 2001

American PlayStation 2 Price to Remain Unaltered News

SCEA strategy confuses all of us.

28 Sep 2001

PlayStation 2 Shipments approach 20 Million News

Sony set to improve on PlayStation sales.

28 Sep 2001

WonderSwan update could lead to release in the West? News

Sony and Sega both back Bandai handheld

26 Sep 2001

PlayStation 2 price to Plummet. News

Let the console wars begin.

24 Sep 2001

Videogame share prices continue to fall News

Sell, sell, sell, Buy, buy, buy.

24 Sep 2001

Hope for PS2-owning Resident Evil fans! News

Exclusive, but for how long? Capcom speaks inside.

17 Sep 2001

Sony talks briefly on the future. News

Things are looking good on the Sony front.

07 Sep 2001

Sony vs. Datel News

Countermeasures fail for Sony as Datel update products.

07 Sep 2001

GT3 hits Stateside while Europe prepares News

11 days and counting.

07 Sep 2001

Euro PlayStation 2 On-Line with Broadband Sooner than Expected News

Sony in preparations for on-line play in Europe.

31 Aug 2001

Namco and Sony Still Strong Partners News

Namco announces two A-list titles for PlayStation 2.

31 Aug 2001

PlayStation 2 fights to retain Tekken News

Exclusive title fight hots up as Sony feel the pinch of no upcoming killer apps after MGS 2

22 Aug 2001

Europe in fair Linux opportunity shocker! SCE, surely there is some mistake! News

Beat out long threads of code for your PlayStation 2. And all in the privacy of your very own locked bedroom!

14 Aug 2001

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for. SUMO! News

Big men eat three chickens per day to fight in small salty circle. We love Japan!

10 Aug 2001

Sony Under Fire in Trade Regulations Dispute News

Trouble at SCE.

03 Aug 2001

Jackie Chan in new games deal. The world is good! News

Jackie is cool. Jackie deserves a game. This is good. Don't argue.

25 Jul 2001

PS2 Linux for all? News

Bedroom PS2 tinkering could be around the corner!

25 Jul 2001

Put on the hot sweet GT3 and prepare for a shock News

Yes, we bring you even more earth-shattering news of GT3's success!

25 Jul 2001

Columbine publishers move to quash case News

Trial put into doubt. Poor reason given.

24 Jul 2001

PlayStation 2 hard drive complaints News

An install? How can this be?!

23 Jul 2001

Going Shopping Tomorrow? News

Page 3 girls, free stuff and rock music! A day in the life of a killer app launch.

19 Jul 2001

Gran Turismo 3 PAL Vs NTSC Head to Head News

Testing,, one-two.

19 Jul 2001

Sony Awards Japan’s Top Sellers News

Sony Computer Entertainment has recently announced the top selling PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games in Japan.

29 Jun 2001

Sony Cuts PlayStation 2 Price Once Again News

The cost of fancy bookends lowers even further.

29 Jun 2001

Nintendo and Sony Lock Handbags Over Sales Figures News

Let the console wars begin!

21 Jun 2001

Sega Games To Be Published By Sony News

Enemies become friends.

21 Jun 2001

Sony Declares That Microsoft Has Blown It. Well Duh! News

Sony attacks Xbox.

31 May 2001

Tokyo Game Show Delayed News

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will have to wait an extra month to battle it out.

31 May 2001

ATV Offroad coming to PS2 News

Being onroad isn't half as much fun.

29 May 2001

Sony and Polyphony Make Us Very Happy…again! News

Sony pushed the boat out with their display for GT3. Big plasma screens, six-way link-up, steering wheels and Corbeau racing seats were all featured.

21 May 2001

Sony, On-line! News

The news we have all been waiting for!

16 May 2001

The battle between GT3 and the humble mosquito at the Tokyo Game Show News

Small insect takes on Gran Turismo 2 - game on!

28 Apr 2001

New trimmed down PlayStation 2 planned to save Sony’s Purse strings News

PSone processor left out of new model?

28 Apr 2001

Sony gears up for TGS announcing its entire line up News

Sony shows us its stuff in Tokyo

28 Mar 2001

Everybody’s Golf 3 for PlayStation 2 confirmed News

News just in, small ball ruins nice walk.

28 Mar 2001

Sony up the Barricades with Online Piracy Protection News

Sony look to be ending all piracy and second-hand game dealery

13 Mar 2001

Gran Turismo 3 A Spec gets a European Release date News

The world's finest racer gets pencilled in for Europe

12 Mar 2001

Sony to drop PlayStation 2 price? News

Could the world's most wanted console be heading for a price fall?

28 Feb 2001

New GT3 Details Announced News

Full track listing and devilish motors

26 Feb 2001

SCE President’s Keynote Broadband Speech Details News

The future looks broad in the eyes of Sony

23 Feb 2001

PS2 Fraud Family Collared by The FBI News

Scam plan is foiled.

21 Feb 2001

Phase Paradox – Sony’s survival horror News

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) has just revealed its next development, Phase Paradox.

13 Feb 2001

PlayStation on the airwaves News

Mobile gaming to become a way of life?

13 Feb 2001

WipEout Fusion delays denied News

September it is, and September it always has been.

13 Feb 2001

The Japan Entertainment Software Awards – the nominees News

Nominees for the 5th CESAs (Computer Entertainment Software Awards) have just been announced in Japan.

12 Feb 2001

New Modem announced for PlayStation 2 News

Access the Internet and play on-line games with your PS2.

30 Jan 2001

Hard Drive for PlayStation 2 gets nearer News

New hard drive manufacture found by Sony

28 Jan 2001

Microsoft and Sony to attend Australian show in November News

Australian developer show attracts the big guns

28 Oct 2000

ECTS Award Winners Announced News

The winners of the most prestigious awards in the European interactive entertainment industry were announced in London yesterday at ECTS.

05 Sep 2000

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