Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Sony, Disney Settle Voice Case

Settled out of court

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Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Sony, Disney Settle Voice Case
Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Disney Interactive Studios have settled out of court with Bareis Technologies, LLC over claims that they had infringed on an existing voice recognition technology patent.

Bareis filed suit against the four publishers late last year alleging that games such as SOCOM, EndWar, NASCAR and Phonics Quest infringed on a 1996 patent it owns that covers speech recognition technology on optical discs. The patent originally covered audio CDs and not computer game mechanics.

But according to a Gamasutra report, the U.S. District Court's Eastern District of Texas Tyler Division passed a request by all defendants for a mutual dismissal effective 21st April. It was not revealed how much money was offered, but it is understood that all parties are to pay their own legal fees.

Source: Gamasutra


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