Japanese Video Game Chart: 3DS Second Wind Continues, Vita Falls

PSP outperforms its younger, faster brother once again.

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Japanese Video Game Chart: 3DS Second Wind Continues, Vita Falls
Anyone would think it was the Nintendo 3DS that launched last month in Japan, not the PlayStation Vita. Sony's technological wonder-handheld continues its downward spiral on its third week on sale, while its stereoscopic rival benefits massively from a slew of chart-topping software hits. Mario Kart 7 and Monster Hunter 3G both sold over 100,000 units this week alone.

1 Mario Kart 7 Nintendo (3DS) 109,463
2 Monster Hunter 3G Capcom (3DS) 100,042
3 Warriors Orochi 2 Koei (PS3) 73,526
4 Super Mario 3D Land Nintendo (3DS) 68,483
5 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Square Enix (PS3) 61,202
6 Inazuma Eleven GO Shine / Dark Level-5 (3DS) 47,938
7 Just Dance Wii Nintendo (Wii) 33,347
8 Kirby Wii Nintendo (Wii) 24,067
9 Wii Party Nintendo (Wii) 22,932
10 SD Gundam G Generation 3D Namco Bandai (3DS) 20,427

3DS games dominate the Japanese Software Top 10, with Super Mario 3D Land, Inazuma Eleven and Gundam making up the rest of the five titles on rank. The result is a staggering 197,952 unit sales for Nintendo's handheld. The Wii has also caught something of a software revival, taking command of the latter half of the chart. This hasn't translated to a huge surge in hardware sales, however.

For the most part, Sony is doing okay - the PS3 is leading the home console chart by a large margin, far outpacing the Wii's weekly figures, and there's a good number of PS3 games in the chart. The PlayStation Vita, on the other hand, has a distinct lack of games in the Top 10, and its hardware numbers have sharply dropped for a second-week running. We reckon Sony is counting down the days until Capcom is ready to release a Monster Hunter game on the system. Then the fun really begins.

Hardware Chart - Home Console
PS3: 67,199
Wii: 33,208
360: 2,453
PS2: 1,659

Hardware Chart - Handheld
3DS: 197,952
PSP: 62,746
Vita: 42,648
DSi LL: 3,356
DSi: 2,418
DS Lite: 28

Chart courtesy of Media Create.


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