Sony Reveals Surprise New 'Console'

Play PSP and Vita games on your TV

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Sony Reveals Surprise New 'Console'
What a morning for Sony in Japan with the PS4 release date confirmed for February 22nd 2014 priced at 39,980 (256) or for 43,980 (282) with a PlayStation Camera - but more news came from the company's Japanese conference today.

A brand new mini-console was also released to provide additional use options for both the Vita and the standard PSP handheld. It's called the PS Vita TV.

As its name suggests it plugs into a television allowing the user to play Vita and PSP games with a DualShock 3 controller. Like the Apple TV, it also enables users to access streaming video and TV services.

The 10cm long by 6cm PS Vita TV hits Japan on November 14th priced at 9,480 (61). There is also a bundle including an 8GB memory card and joypad will cost 14,280 (92).


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