PSP Go - the UMD Solution Revealed

We say 'solution' with trepidation

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PSP Go - the UMD Solution Revealed
Okay, so you've got a PSP and a bunch of games on UMD but you really, really want to move to the digital download-only PSP Go because you've got some spare cash around. However, you've not got enough cash to replace all your now useless games.

Sony has said that it's got the solution to your dilemma. It's called a 'PSP Go Reward'.

Here's the official line. "With PSPgo Rewards you can download three much-loved, or totally new PSP titles for free..."

That's three games from a list of 17 (see the end of this story for those).

1. Unwrap your shiny new PSPgo and start it up.
2. Connect to PlayStation Network and activate your new or existing PlayStation Network account for PSPgo Rewards.
3. Start up your current PSP and connect to PlayStation Network.
4. Login using the same PlayStation Network account , and launch PlayStation Store.
5. Pop one of your UMDs into the drive of your current PSP and register on PSPgo Rewards when prompted.
6. Download a PSPgo theme.
7. Wait for your email voucher for your three free games.
8. Choose, download and enjoy!

What happens if you own more than three games? And why only 17 in the list? We're on the case. One obvious solution is simply not to get a PSP Go and to stick with your old, disc'd PSP instead.

That List in Full
Buzz Brain Bender
Buzz Masters Quizz
Everybody's Golf
Killzone Liberation
Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
Ratchet & Clank Size Matters
Resistance Retribution
SOCOM US Navy Seals: Fireteam Bravo
Syphon Filter Dark Mirror
Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow
WipEout Pure


Svend Joscelyne 24 Sep 2009 23:21
Erm... yeah. I have about *counts* 13 UMDs here ( did I end up with so many is the question I'm asking myself). Was thinking of a trade-in for my PSP 1000 as the Go seems like a sleek little number.

But er. Sony, I don't think you're doing it -quite- right.
Joji 25 Sep 2009 08:24
Lol, I held no confidence that Sony was ever going to get even this right. This isn't a solution, its a damn pathetic excuse consolation prize.

Why bother with a PSP Go? Paying over 200 for a console with less options seems silly, and with all the retailers boycotting it, I feel its already the walking dead of consoles.

Hang onto youor old PSPs, people. They might be chunker buggers, but offer more content for less price, than the extortionately priced Go!.
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headcasephil 25 Sep 2009 08:40
sony you are crap iv had a psp from the start so have got a load of games 48 to be precise and iv traded my older psps so i could get a pspgo so iv got a load of games that are useless and can only get 3 games on download wich i have to go find a mate to use there psp to log on to ps network all i can say is i think i will sell all my games on ebay and not buy a psp go and get a dsi instead f**k you sony
Joji 25 Sep 2009 12:56
Man, that sucks. I think gamers that staunchly believe Sony are naive. The reason I think they aren't going to support a better and more reasonable option is because, perhaps they plan on phasing out one of the game distribution lines, further down the road. That gave PS3 BC and then took it away, so I no long believe they want to do right by their customers.

My advice to you, is to get a PSP 2/3k, and take back control of your gaming. PSP Go is going to screw us over.
Riznoy 25 Sep 2009 16:47
woah woah woah, everyone relax, I don't thinks that's such a bad idea, yea I have a like 15 psp games sitting in my house, but I only play maybe 1 or 2, so I'm going to download 3 games I've never played before and be happy, just look at it this was, you just traded 3 or 4 crappy games that you haven't touched in 2 years for something new, any different from going into a game store and doing it? on top of that, YOU STILL HAVE the old game, so throw it in you old psp and play it., that's my opinion
Joji 25 Sep 2009 19:10
That's fine if you want to roll over and pucker up for Sony, whenever it suits them. I don't know, perhaps some like being screwed over by Sony on a regular basis. I for one have principals and won't stand for their crap, the same way I wouldn't do it with Nintendo, MS etc, if they tried the same kind of bs.

Three free games might tempt some, but its in no way anything near what you won't be able to access on PSP Go. Each to their own.
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Wintermute 28 Sep 2009 02:30
You people do realize that this is just for "upgrading" to the PSPGo correct? This isn't their "UMD Solution" for those of us with large game libraries. Its just a bonus for buying a Go. The actual UMD solution will follow. Man you people really jump the gun when someone doesn't report a story correctly.
Svend Joscelyne 29 Sep 2009 10:00
Wintermute wrote:
You people do realize that this is just for "upgrading" to the PSPGo correct? This isn't their "UMD Solution" for those of us with large game libraries. Its just a bonus for buying a Go. The actual UMD solution will follow. Man you people really jump the gun when someone doesn't report a story correctly.

The story is reported correctly. It is a solution to the UMD problem because there is no alternative. Sony have recently said that due to legal issues, there won't be a transfer service to move your UMD games to digital. At least, not yet. So for the time being, this is the best we/you have.
Jumi 30 Sep 2009 03:59
Seriously Sony? This is the best you got? I'm beggining to lose my respect for you guys. First, you screwed by getting a scarce amount of quality titles on the PSP and now I can't play my library of UMDs?

You can't come up with way to transfer? Or do just want us to cough up more money for your god forsaken GO? Iy's like you don't care for gamers expense and satisfaction at all? What happened?
Jumi 30 Sep 2009 04:04
My Advice to gamers out there. Don't fall for Sony's scam and keep your old PSP until they offer a UMD solution.
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