SOCOM Coming To PS3

American soldiers storming a living room near you soon

Posted by Staff
Sony took the opportunity provided by its US Gamers Day to announce that Zipper's Navy SEALS-based SOCOM series is coming to the PS3. Huargh!

The new title, dubbed SOCOM: Confrontation, will build on the success of its PS2 predecessors with a focus on online play. It will support up to 32 players in a given game and allow players to form clans. If you want to really get into a bit of jingoism you'll be able to customise a number of special forces units from around the world. All of that will be supported by Tournaments, Clan Ladders, and Leader Boards.

Sony isn't wasting any time with the SOCOM series. It blasted out an impressive six games across the PS2 and PSP over the last four years, with the latest due out on UK shores this Friday.

SOCOM: Confrontation will be sold both online and the old-fashioned way from this November. Now take a look at the screens below to see what US militarism looks like in next-gen splendour.


jammyb 17 May 2007 10:35
Cannot believe it. Finaly a Socom on the PS3 AND.....its crossroads. How amazing. Socom 2 map(s). Would love to see Fish Hook and Desert Glory in there too. Cannot wait. I am definatly getting this.
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