Japanese Video Game Chart: Gran Turismo 5 Races Ahead

Beats robots and Mario.

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Japanese Video Game Chart: Gran Turismo 5 Races Ahead
It was going to happen, and sure enough it did. Fancy that. Gran Turismo 5 smashed all competition (although you’ll need to play five thousand hours for the damage to actually appear) to top this week’s Japanese Video Game Chart (via 4gamer, 22nd - 28th November 2010), with the Polyphony juggernaut selling in excess of 430,000 units.

1 Gran Turismo 5 – SCEJ (PS3) – 430,707 / NEW
2 Super Robot Taisen L – Namco Bandai (DS) – 129,054 / NEW
3 Mario Sports Mix – Nintendo (Wii) – 84,983 / NEW
4 Super Mario Collection Special Pack – Nintendo (Wii) – 47,487
5 Pokemon Black/Pokemon White – Pokemon Company (DS) – 43,227
6 Call of Duty: Black Ops (Subtitled Version) – Square Enix (PS3) – 31,354
7 Super Kaseki Horider – Nintendo (DS) – 26,195
8 Dangan-Ronpa – Spike (PSP) – 25,564 / NEW
9 Power Pro Kun Pocket 13 – Konami (DS) – 24,717 / NEW
10 Wii Party – Nintendo (Wii) – 24,525

GT5 did have some company in the form of Namco Bandai and Nintendo’s own A-game - Super Robot Taisen L (which features robots) and Mario Sports Mix (which features Mario), but ultimately Sony’s game handily outsold these other traditional Japanese mainstays. Dangan-Ronpa and Power Pro Kun Pocket 13 round up the rest of the new entries dotted about the Top 10.

The release of GT5 has no doubt given the PlayStation 3 a shot in the arm in terms of hardware sales this week. We’ll soon see if the racing sim has the long tail to keep being a system-seller for Sony.


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