PS3 Slim Already Outdated by 3D Blu-ray

Bored with PS3 Slim rumours, try this.

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PS3 Slim Already Outdated by 3D Blu-ray
If you're as bored of PS3 Slim and price cut 'reporting' as we are, it's refreshing to hear that Sony is actually talking about something concrete in relation to PS3 related tech. At a recent briefing in Australia, Sony's Yoshinami Takahashi (deputy senior general manager, Home Entertainment Group... phew), said that he expected the 3D Blu-ray format to be ratified this year, with players available in 2010.

Cnet reports that "When asked what he thought studios were planning for 3D Blu-ray content, Takahashi conceded that shorter-length content was more suited to the technology. As many viewers suffer from headaches and nausea watching full length movies in 3D, documentaries and animated shorts would probably be in greater demand."

Sony then clarified Takahashi's line by stating, "If the 3D Blu-ray format, which is currently being tested, is confirmed and goes into production, we would be hoping to see 3D Blu-ray players by the end of next year, however, nothing has been confirmed as yet."

So, does this mean a new PS3 with 3D Blu-ray or will PS3 owners be using outdated tech in 2010? We've got no idea, but someone is bound to run a story saying that a source has told them that this is definitely happening for sure.


Paul Rayment 13 Aug 2009 11:44
3D is completely unnecessary and nothing but a fad from the struggling movie studios.

As was mentioned in the article, the whole headaches and nausea problem also makes this completely unsuitable for gaming.
DrkStr 13 Aug 2009 13:11
Paul Rayment wrote:
As was mentioned in the article, the whole headaches and nausea problem also makes this completely unsuitable for gaming.

"Wii Elbow" and broken TVs haven't stopped the Wii from being a hit, why should a little throwing up? Some ppl get sick after playing FPSs, they still sell well.
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Ed 13 Aug 2009 15:12
it is just a firmware upgrade for ps3
FAIL STATION THR33 13 Aug 2009 15:20
Paul Rayment <-------- UR AN IDIOT! 3D movies have been around since the 1960's so NO it is NOT fad. The PS3 is a fad. For gods sake even the ps2 is still outselling it. Enjoy your third place finish in the next gen console wars.

Daz 13 Aug 2009 16:01

Jeff 13 Aug 2009 19:12
Gesh, lets get the facts straight. After the Standard is ratified just about any blu-ray player that is updatable with firmware and has the processing power necessary can play both 2D and 3D. The PS3 MAY be the only current blu-ray player guaranteed to have enough space (HD) for a firmware update and more than enough CPU power etc. The XBOX being only slightly less powerful can also do this but lacks a blu-ray player. Playing 3D GAMES is where the processing power for both the Xbox and PS3 will be truly tested.

Also the headache issue doesn't appear to be true for S3D @ 1/2 of 120Hz 1080P
tom 13 Aug 2009 19:21
when dose ps3 slim come out and were can u get a white ps3
you idiot? 13 Aug 2009 20:09
thats why sony is working on the ps4 now, the ps4 will be the first 3dtv game console, and becasue it will be out years before another 360 there gona get pwned
deleted 13 Aug 2009 21:55
@you_idiot? yes you are!

PS4 3DTV console? wheres your eveidence of this?, Avatar will be a 3D game and yes you require 1080p and a 3DTV all over HDMI but it works on current tech, name one person in the UK who owns a 3DTV? and show where the majority of the UK is willing to sell off that newly purchased HDTV whihc they finally gave into to purchase a 3DTV which as yet has no content to view on it!, why would Sony go for 3DTV gaming when its not even been standardised yet?

As for 3D bluray who cares, no one is even buying satandard Bluray yet, infatc my movies purchases are purly DVD simply because i cant afford BD players around the house, when i can shove a DVD player in each of the kids rooms for the same price as one BD movie and then all share the said DVD whats the point!!.
360 and Wii are the only one outdated 14 Aug 2009 04:25
Um you can upgrade the PS3 with new Blu-ray features via firmware, as has been done many times already.
The only out of date systems are the Wii and Xbox 360 which don't even have the option.
Johnno 14 Aug 2009 04:29
Cnet or Sony's Deputy Manager must be confused. 3D blu-ray is not a new format. The same blu-ray you use right now is capable of playing 3D movies. What he might be referring to is the necessity for higher capacity blu-ray discs because the disc basically needs to store twice the content for 3D films, the images for the left and right eye. These new discs already exist, they're just not mass manufactured yet... And all current blu-ray players that are profile 2.0 which includes PS3, need a firmware update to read these discs. The blu-ray and 3D consortiums are current working together to standardize formats. Stereoscopic 3D will be the standard, the same that is used in Real-D and 3D IMAX theatres. There are no headaches or anything associated with this technology and it has been extraordinarily successful with audiences and 3D movies. The Avatar game by ubisoft will be the first game to use this technology. The Xbox 360 and PS3 can play 3D games. Blu-ray will be the standard for 3D HD movies. However you will require a top of the line HDTV with high refresh rates and HDMI to be able to enjoy 3D.
fr0sty 14 Aug 2009 04:47
The 3d Blu-Ray standard was finalized already and includes the capability to be played over current Blu-Ray players with a firmware upgrade. The TV is what has to be 3d compatible from the start. The Blu-Ray player can be updated to be compatible with 3D. All it has to do is send an alternating set of images (left eye, right eye) at double the frame rate that the film was shot on (typically 48fps), and the TV then displays them in a way so that the 3D glasses see them in 3D. The 3D Blu-Ray standard also is backwards compatible with 2D TV sets, as it can just ignore the right eye's frames when outputting. PS3 is fully capable of playing 3D movies. It has already been shown (CES this year) to be capable of playing 3D games as well (Motorstorm:PR and Wipeout HD were shown in 3D).

Try to actually research your articles next time, if you want to be considered a respectable web site.
plantgeta 14 Aug 2009 13:53
....but i thought Ps3 was "Future-Proof"? Well, i guess this is proof of the future then....
john 14 Aug 2009 22:32
Haha at least the PS3 has Blu-ray, also this article is BS, PS3 is updatable to support 3D Blu-ray. FAIL!
Was p 15 Aug 2009 00:23
As far as I know the 360 only runs HDMI 1.2, where as the PS3 runs HDMI 1.3a. Given the bandwidth heavy features that HDMI1.3a supports, and 1.2 doesn?t. Does this mean that 360 3D will be of lower resolution than PS3 3D? Or is the difference between HDMI 1.2 and HDMI 1.3a just more efficient coding?
? 15 Aug 2009 07:11
I imagine that it can be updated to pay it. The disks are likely to have a higher data-rate (might have seen around 60mb/s, but that could have been a low quality SHDTV format) but surely the PS3 could handle that. One potential problem is something physical change etc that represent drives could not read, but it would not be likely, as it would be a bit dumb, or some sort fo new security that requires new hardware.
gianrico 24 Aug 2009 20:47
I think that you will be able to see 3d movies with playstation 3. It depends on the possibility to do a firmware upgrade in the bluray decoder. With firmware 2.20 for example you can see DivX and WMP files.
PaulRayment 21 Sep 2009 15:21
Paul Rayment <-------- UR AN IDIOT! 3D movies have been around since the 1960's so NO it is NOT fad. The PS3 is a fad. For gods sake even the ps2 is still outselling it. Enjoy your third place finish in the next gen console wars.


Been around then dropped off the face of the earth. A movie isn't improved in any sense by 3D, all you get is things pointing and jumping at you. Fine for a theme park ride but for a film, just a way to try and hold back the piracy and charge a little extra and sell new projectors to cinemas.

3D on a PS3 won't add jack to a game either. If it happens all you will get is crappy studios tagging it on their games to generate interest in a title that would otherwise live in the bargain bin.
RamosTara29 14 Apr 2010 07:04
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