Sony's Clue to PlayStation Network Expansion

And cheaper Blu-ray players undermine PS3?

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Sony's Clue to PlayStation Network Expansion
Sony Electronics CEO Stan Glasgow has said in an interview in New York that the PlayStation network is definitely going to spread into "many other" Sony products.

Quick bit of context here as to just who is saying this, Mr Glasgow is president and chief operating officer of Sony Electronics Inc (that's worth $11 billion to Sony in the United States).

According to Gizmondo, Glasgow stated that:

"The company is "working very hard" on an answer to Apple TV, though it all seems to center around a Blu-ray player one way or another, and doesn't necessarily rely on the ill-fated Bravia Internet Video Link.

"Sony is "working on many other avenues to deliver downloaded content," like the PlayStation Network which will be "spread that over the next year or so to many other products of Sony."

These other products must be on top of the PSP and PlayStation 3 and could, therefore, include Sony's Bravia TVs (now that the Internet Video Link is dead in the water). It could, of course, also include the Vaio range... and what about the robot animals? We jest.

Whatever it includes, it will certainly be part of the $299 (150) Blu-ray (not PlayStation) player we will see in 2008 (100 versions are coming in 2009). "I don't think $200 is going to happen this year. Next year $200 could happen. We'll be at a $300 rate this year. $299 will happen this year", said Glasgow.

He also made mention - albeit incredibly ambiguous mention - of the future of PlayStation. We're going to quote him here - and then we are going to wait for the news aggregators to fill with "PlayStation 4 due in 2008 says Sony Top Guy!"

What Glasgow actually says is, "...there's going to be continual evolvement in the PlayStation line", which is equivalent to saying, "In order to live, we really ought to retain our breathing/lung synergy".


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