Rockstar - New Game Coming

As Take2 shows a record profit.

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Rockstar - New Game Coming
Basically, Rockstar Games is a shining light in the world that is Take 2 Interactive. The New York company showed its financials yesterday: "For fiscal year 2014, GAAP net revenue grew 94% to a record $2.351 billion".

This compares with revenues of $1.214 billion in the previous year. So, just how important is Rockstar, and specifically GTA? Very. But 2K is also contributing. Take 2 told investors and analysts yeaterday that, "To-date (GTA V) is sold in more than 33 million units worldwide, and continues to attract new fans." But the big news for gamers is...

"Rockstar Games is hard at work on the upcoming lineup, and we are excited about what they have in store for the new generation of systems for this fiscal year."

No one knows what yet (more Red Dead we hope) so let the speculation begin.

But what of the most recent financial quarter? Well, "For fiscal fourth quarter 2014, GAAP net revenue was $195.2 million, as compared to $299.5 million for fiscal fourth quarter 2013, which had benefited from the release of BioShock Infinite."



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