PlayStation 2 Hits 10th Anniversary in Europe

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PlayStation 2 Hits 10th Anniversary in Europe
The PlayStation 2 is ten years old in Europe today, having launched on the 24th November 2000. How time flies!

The event follows the Japanese anniversary in March, and the US one last month. The console is still fondly regarded as one of the greatest gaming platforms to have existed, being home to some landmark games including ICO, Grand Theft Auto III, Final Fantasy X to XII and two Metal Gear Solid sequels.

As of the 30th September 2010, the PS2 has sold an estimated total of 146.9 million units. Ten years on, and we're still seeing software and hardware bundles on store shelves for the plucky blighter.

Reminisce your favourite PS2 memories in the forum below.


tyrion 24 Nov 2010 18:45
Shadow of the Colossus. God of War I & II. The last good Gran Turismo game (3). The last good Tony Hawk game (3 as well).
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