PlayStation Store Gets Performance-Enhancing Update

Sneaky new patch addresses a number of performance issues.

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PlayStation Store Gets Performance-Enhancing Update
If you turn on your PS3 today, you might get a small surprise. Loading the PlayStation Store reveals that Sony has sneaked out a patch for its digital shop, which seems to improve on loading and navigation performance.

The 26MB update addresses some of the issues that were apparent in the recently-revamped PlayStation Store, including strange error messages and long loading times. It also appears to be more stable, and much of the 'delay' that was present when navigating the store has now been nobbled.

Sony relaunched the PlayStation Store back in October, with a browser-based store appearing in Europe at the same time (US gamers are still waiting for theirs, but it will be apparently coming soon). The new store has been built with a framework that leverages HTML5 code, allowing Sony engineers to swiftly update the code as and when is necessary.

Looks like this update is proof of that efficiency. Are you having a better experience with the Store now? Let us know in the usual place.


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