Lemmings Hits Phones, Tablets and Vita via PlayStation Mobile

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Lemmings Hits Phones, Tablets and Vita via PlayStation Mobile
"Oh no!" Sony has brought Amiga classic Lemmings onto smartphone and tablet devices - as well as PS Vita - by re-releasing the first 30 levels for free on the PlayStation Mobile service.

The mobile version was handed to studio d3t Ltd, and commercial director Jaime Campbell wrote on the PS Blog that it was no easy task. "It?s not every day you get asked to work on a title with a name that resonates with multiple generations of gamers who have enjoyed playing existing versions of the game on numerous gaming systems since it was first published by Psygnosis for the Commodore Amiga in 1991.

"We are delighted that Lemmings for PlayStation Mobile looks great, performs really well on all of the certified devices and most importantly, faithfully brings the Lemmings experience to a whole new platform for a new generation of gamers, who can enjoy the classic game for the first time ever with intuitive touch screen control. It really feels like this game was made for it!"

Of course, Lemmings has appeared in this updated form before - it launched with the PlayStation 3's PSN digital download service back in 2007. This version pulls levels directly from Psygnosis' 1991 classic.



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