Nintendo, Sony Sued for Wireless Patent Breach

WipEout Pulse also named

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Nintendo, Sony Sued for Wireless Patent Breach
Corbett Wall is not a happy inventor. He's the chap credited with US patent 6,640,086 (issued Oct. 28, 2003). He's not unhappy about that. He is unhappy that despite - allegedly - using technology related to the patent, neither Nintendo nor Sony via the DS and the PSP (and, for some reason, WipEout Pulse specifically) have paid for the licensing. So, his company, Wall Wireless LLC, is suing.

The patent pertains to, "methods and systems that allow an operator to distribute messages having aural or visual content that is generated by the operator using handheld apparatuses such as mobile telephones?.

Here's the down and dirty:

"Defendants, which include Nintendo, Sony and Nokia and their affiliated companies, have allegedly infringed the '806 Patent by making, using or selling handheld WiFi devices and multiplayer real-time games. Products include Nintendo DS, Mario Kart, Playstation Portable, Wipeout Pulse, Nokia N81, Nokia 82, Nokia N93, Nokia N95 and Reset Generation."

Wall alleges that "as early as October 2008, each defendant received actual notice of the '086 Patent, and that the defendants failed to take a license under the patent."

The case continues and, we'll be bound, will be settled out of court.


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