Ellen Page Nude Game Character Forces Sony Action

Debug PS3 allows camera angle alteration

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Ellen Page Nude Game Character Forces Sony Action
We presume you've all heard about Beyond: Two Souls by now? Be it good or bad, well, that's irrelevant. What's relevant is that a debug PS3 made it possible to see the digital model of Ellen Page nude.

That's right. Images of the digital version of the actress started popping up all over the internet as a debug PS3 allowed alteration of the camera angle in a shower scene in the video game.

Sony has taken action, issuing take-down orders to any sites that had the images on. What's funny, is that nobody really took any notice of the images existence... until Sony got involved and started yelping their orders - "very, very stupid" says boingboing.net.

The question at hand here, is why the model of Page was coded to be anatomically correct in the first place?

According to John Brownless at Fast Company "A 3-D model is usually as sexless as a wax doll underneath its clothing, because designing games is expensive, and creating assets for things players aren't going to see is a waste of time,".

Hmm... feel free to speculate below!

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Daz 31 Oct 2013 08:07
She's not anatomically correct, the breasts have nipples but that's it, chances are we where originally going to be allowed to see them.
Anonymous 1 Nov 2013 00:27
Also a lot of the information in the Boing Boing article and elsewhere is incorrect. You don't need special hardware to enable the "free camera" debug mode. It can be done on a regular PS3 (albeit one with its software modified to run games from the internal HDD) by replacing a single configuration file. http://psx-scene.com/forums/f180/**updated**-beyond-two-souls-mod-debug-cheat-menus-skip-data-install-need-testers-117748/
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