Sony Gets UK PS4 Launch Mostly Right

Concentrating on getting consoles to consumers shows Sony is on the case

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Taking gaming into the mid-20th Century
Taking gaming into the mid-20th Century
Sony eschewed the glitz and glamour for the most part last night when it launched PS4 across Non-USA territories with on simple plan in mind: Sell Lots of PS4s to People (and let Tinie Tempah do a small gig in the UK).

Obviously sales figures are not in yet for the overnight launch but all the signs are pointing to the fact that stock was available in plenty and queues - while they may initially have been manufactured for marketing purposes - grew organically and in some numbers.

In terms of pre-order fulfilment, however, not everybody was happy and this was an admission from Sony itself on that.

SCE UK & Ireland boss Fergal Gara owned up, "Not every pre-order will get satisfied tonight. Retailers are working with their customers to manage expectations, and to make sure their pre-orders get fulfilled. Every pre-order that was made up until a week or two ago is definitely safe for pre-Christmas.

"There was a cut off with a few retailers where, if you pre-ordered from that point on, you are likely to get your unit post Christmas. However, the real positive is that, because production has gone well, we are able to release some free stock into the market for tomorrow.

"So it does mean that it is possible to get hold of a unit even if you havenít pre-ordered, and thereís great excitement around that," he told VG247.

We await the actual sales figures and will report them.


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