More Movie Streaming for PS3 - 12 Per Month

A Hulu of a deal... but not Hulu though... see

Posted by Staff
It's been sometime since the Hulu outrage - (outrageous for PS3 owners) of 2009 but now Sony has teamed up with a new set of movie-streaming folks at Mubi.

The official word is, "This autumn, PS3 users will have access to a treasure trove of celluloid curated by experts - so that even non-experts can enjoy what might otherwise take a lifetime to discover. MUBI will offer more than 300 films at launch from directors from Audiard to Zeferelli; and they?re all going to be available to stream directly to your PS3. You?ll get to discover movies you never dreamed about, watch your choice of films whenever you like, and talk about the ones you love with your friends."

According to Mubi itself, "This is not a simple virtual videostore; we emphasize quality over quantity."

Basically, you run the Mubi app on your PS3... and, yes, what isn't mentioned in the official blurb is the price of the movies. As you can see from the screenshot here, the standard subscription is a very reasonable 12 per month for unlimited movies. Or, 3 for a single film... or 12 for five films. Bear in mind that this is the pricing standard from Mubi's site.



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