EXCLUSIVE: Motorstorm RC Trophy List Reveals Upcoming DLC

Pro-Am and Carnival add 40 extra stages.

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EXCLUSIVE: Motorstorm RC Trophy List Reveals Upcoming DLC
Motorstorm RC will already have a shedload of content for your measly five British Pounds when its released on Wednesday, but if you're some kind of superhuman gamer and get through it all in a day then you'll be pleased to hear that Evolution Studios is lining up some downloadable content to expand the game.

One look at the game's Trophy list reveals two expansion packs - one called the Pro-Am Festival and the other called the Carnival Festival. Between the two packs, there will be an additional eight trophies to unlock.

It seems that these DLC packs will be bursting with content, with the Pro-Am Festival consisting of 16 extra events and the Carnival Festival packing an additional 24. The trophies range from collecting 3 medals in any given event, to setting a total Festival time across all given events.

No word on whether the extra Festivals will be made available at launch or at a later date. Full Trophy list is below.

UPDATE: Motorstorm RC's Game Director Paul Rustchynsky has confirmed that Evolution Studios will be formally announcing the DLC packages tomorrow. Hopefully we'll find out more about prices and release dates then as well.

Pro-Am Festival
The Triple Double: Win all 3 medals on any Pro-Am Festival event [Bronze]
Half-way House: Earn 24 medals within the Pro-Am Festival [Silver]
Dedicated Stormer: Earn all 3 medals on each of the 16 Pro-Am Festival events [Silver]
Pro-Am Champion: Set a time of 12:00 or less across all Pro-Am Festival events [Gold]

Carnival Festival
The Triple Triple: Win all 3 medals on any Carnival Festival event [Bronze]
Half Loaded: Earn 36 medals within the Carnival Festival [Silver]
Perfect Stormer: Earn all 3 medals on each of the 24 Pro-Am Festival events [Silver]
Carnival Champion: Set a time of 17:00 or less across all Pro-Am Festival events [Gold]


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