No New Sony Micro Console for Europe or USA

Sony not planning to bring microconsole to Europe or the USA

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No New Sony Micro Console for Europe or USA
Sony''s top man at PlayStation, affable Andrew House, has kiboshed hopes that the Vita TV 'microconsole' that enables you to use your TV to play Vita and PSP games won't be leaving Asia in the near future.

SCE President and CEO Andrew House bigged up the PS Vita TV stating that, "With the PS Vita TV, it is possible to download not only games developed for the PS Vita but also games developed for the first-generation PlayStation and PSP via the Internet."

He also told the Techon site that, "In the future, SCE will offer games developed for the PS3 to PS4 and PS3 by using a cloud-based game distribution service. Technically, the PS Vita TV can support such games. Therefore, SCE is considering providing PS3 games to the PS Vita TV by using the service in the future."

He then bombshelled us, "SCE will release the PS Vita TV in Japan Nov 14, 2013, and in other countries after that. The reason why it will be launched in Japan earlier than in other countries is that there is no leading company in Japan's video streaming market. The company is planning to sell the PS Vita TV in China, South Korea, etc, but not in the US and European market at this point."



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