PS3 Slim - More Pix from Torn Site

Growth in rumours...

Posted by Staff
More images of the proto-fake-a-new-type PS3 we reported on earlier have surfaced.

Along with these comes word that the pix circulating at the moment are not even that new and, in fact, represent a model to be launched with no backwards compatibility earlier in the cycle. As ever, these are merely images afloat on the Internet and should not be held up as 'definitely the new PS3 model to be launched at E3 FTW!" or somesuch other blither.

Remember, none of these pix has been confirmed as anything other than 'available' by anybody at Sony.


Joji 14 May 2009 13:39
If its legit, then I'd consider getting this one. I'd have to know what they've cut out this time though. I need some BC in there.
ryan 14 May 2009 21:42
i aint bein funny but what is the point in bringin a slim ps3 out? all ps3 fanboys have bought there ps3 now and abit late, i dont see point
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