PlayStation 3 specs at development. First-generation of publishers revealed

More PS3 goodness inside.

Posted by Staff
Something funny happens when you quiz a member of the UK’s development community about what they know about the PlayStation 3. “Just give us the rough specs you’re working to”, we implore. “Look, have another pint and don’t worry, no one will know it came from you…”

The developer in question will look around, as though Sony spies abound on our shores, stalking development studios and making sure they speak to no one.

“But you don’t understand!” they insist. “It’s the worst NDA I’ve ever seen. I’m scared to even think about it in public sometimes, especially around you…”

And this is why, as yet, despite trying dozens of times, we haven’t managed to lock down technical specifications for PlayStation 3.

However, some news has emerged over the weekend confirming that key PlayStation developers are well underway with projects, working to explicit specifications from Sony. For almost a year, vapourware outlines have been in place, soon to be backed up with the first round of SCE manufactured development kits, expected towards the end of this year.

What’s more, reliable online reports hitting over the weekend state that several leading publishers are well underway, with THQ, Activision, Electronic Arts, Take 2 and Capcom all being mentioned.

As soon as we learn more, we’ll let you know.


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