Sony Wii in "In Decline" Means Less Pressure for PS4

Head of Sony France moves to calm Next Gen nerves.

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Sony Wii in "In Decline" Means Less Pressure for PS4
Sony will be the last of the three main platform holders to release a 'New Gen' console if the company's French CEO Philippe Cardone is to be believed rather than taken out of context.

Msr Cardone has stated to Le Point Magazine that:

"It's true that there are many rumors, but I could tell you anything. The Wii is pressed for time because it is in decline. In our case, we have a lot less pressure. We were the last to leave the PS3, it will probably be the last to announce something."

Being relaxed is good. It's quite Gallic too. However, that still leaves a very Microsoft-shaped shadow lumbering around the corner armed with a Kinect.


PaulRayment 30 Jan 2012 12:23
Wii in decline isn't that bad, is it? More like everybody that could possibly want a Wii now has one. I had two of the buggers.

I think Nintendo's biggest reason for a new console isn't hardware but software. You can sell 500 million Wiis but if all half of them want it for is Wii Sports then you're missing out on tons of money.

It's not like they can cream some money off sales online. Well they can but not like Microsoft and Sony can.
a 30 Jan 2012 13:40
wii is in decline now no doubt. It has made the company a shed load of money.
The wii brand as we know it is getting replaced at the end of the year by a far more powerful console with unique features.
gingineer 30 Jan 2012 14:06
I agree the Wii has declined. even with the consumer base it has 3rd party software just doesn't sell well on it. A lot of serious gamers don't even have it plugged in. I honestly believe if they had given it a DVD player, then it would be attached to the spare room telly, especially as it streams I player. and then if it is used even for that i think there is more chance of people buying software.
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