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Lukewarm Welcome in Warsaw for PS3

Posted by Staff
By Greg McNevin

Continuing SPOnG's global approach to the PS3 PAL launch, we hit Poland's capital to see how the next-gen beast was met behind the former Iron Curtain.

Despite only lining up for a measly half an hour, it seemed that the few Poles who braved the chill for the PS3 launch in Warsaw were just as excited about the prospect of some central heating when Sony staff meekly opened the doors at midnight.

The queues and frantic scenes seen at the US launch so many months ago were worlds away from the eight lone Sony fans waiting patiently for their PS3s outside each of the two Sony stores we visited.

While security guards and staff outnumbered those picking up pre-orders, speaking with fans outside the store we found that it isn’t enthusiasm that Poles lack when it comes to PS3, its funds.

“It’s very exciting,” PS3 fan Olek told SPOnG. “Although I think it’s a little bit too expensive for common sense. It’s over 2000 Polish Zloty, but well… [looks around the group] there are still people willing to buy it.”

This sentiment was echoed by another fan at Sony’s Świętokrzyska store: “It looks quite elegant, however, you could have a heart attack when you see the price.”

“For me its ok,” continued Olek. “The PS3 has advanced technology, the Blue-ray drive, the graphics, it’s worth it. But still, it’s a lot of money.”

While cost is a potent mark against it in Poland, Sony’s simultaneous European release will at least give it a chance to catch up on the competition here. The Xbox360 only launched in Poland in November, well behind the rest of Europe.

“I don’t have an Xbox 360, but I heard the difference between the two is huge,” said Olek. “I don’t really have any desire to buy an Xbox, Playstation is an icon of gaming culture.

“Every new Playstation release is welcome.”

That said, in a country where the PS3’s price will sting more than usual, Sony will certainly have a lot of work ahead of it convincing Poles to part with their hard earned cash.

Sony is trucking its new baby around the county roadshow style for live demonstrations until the 30th of April.


ajmetz 23 Mar 2007 07:13
Wow! Correspondants in Poland! =P
I realy like polish composer India Czajkowska.
She soundtracked Pani Anima and DOI

See her music video "Different" here:
James 11 Apr 2007 12:44
Yeah i live here in warsaw as well, i was not at the launch (obviously) but sony did set up two open lorrys with some ps3 booths in the back. They were always empty or had some beggars hanging around.
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