Initial PlayStation 3D Games Will Be Downgraded

But a graphics chip reduction might help the console's power consumption.

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Initial PlayStation 3D Games Will Be Downgraded
With Sony showing developers the potential of implementing 3D technology on the PlayStation 3, there are concerns that supporting the new feature could lead to a downgrade in resolution. That certainly seems to be the case for the PS3's first 3D games, following a test from Digital Foundry.

It found that WipEout HD's maximum resolution had to be changed from 1080p to 720p in order to accommodate the new technology. Motorstorm Pacific Rift went from 720p to a non-HD resolution.

Ian Bickerstaff, Sony Europe Senior Programmer, said that "Inevitably there are problems in achieving that performance, hardware upscaling is available and actually the good news is that upscaled 3D images look a lot better than upscaled 2D images."

Perhaps games made with 3D in mind from the get-go will be able to tackle these issues better. What would likely help is a slight tweak to the PlayStation 3 Slim's internal components - Sony appears to have updated its home console with a reduction in size of its RSX graphics processor. The switch from a 65 nano-meter chip to a 40nm one has resulted in a unit weight reduction of 200 grammes, plus a power consumption cut of 15 per cent.

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