Natsume export Sega flavoured fish to North America

Behold Finny The Fish and The Seven Waters!

Posted by Staff
Traditionally, English speaking gamers have been shielded from some of the more bizarre videogame concepts so thoroughly enjoyed by Japanese gamers. It was thought that the fish-based RPG action title: Uo of the Seven Seas would be one such example. However, Natsume - the company that brought us Harvest Moon and its digital farming lifestyle - has once again come to the rescue of fans of all things peculiar and miscellaneous, and will be localising Uo for US PS2 audiences.

To be renamed Finny the Fish and The Seven Waters, Ecco and Nemo fans should revel in the watery perils of ‘living life as a fish’. The team formerly-known-as Segawow - responsible for whimsical Sega fishing titles - was involved in the development process, and Sony Computer Entertainment will be publishing it. These credentials could help Finny enjoy a surprising level of success.

No PAL version has yet been confirmed, although once Uo has been translated in Q1 2005, that could become a distinct possibility.


Joji 10 Aug 2004 13:27
Would be nice to have a different option to constant fps and action games. Never know, it might do better than expected and bring in new people into gaming.

Mecha Ghandi 10 Aug 2004 13:44
I love the whole Shenmue Underwater concept... hope it comes PALwards : )
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