Sony PSP 3000 Screen Issues 'Explained'

It's the pixels isn't it.

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Sony PSP 3000 Screen Issues 'Explained'
French website Logic-Sunrise has apparently reached a the definitive conclusion as to why the Sony's PSP 3000 (Brite) screen is causing some owners heart (and eye) ache.

The screen has been accused of poor interlacing and just being plain difficult to use. Well, the French boffins have declared that this is down to two things:

1) The 3000 - unlike the 2000 - has its pixels aligned horizontally not vertically.
2) The 3000 - unlike the 2000 - has blue pixels (from the red, green and blue available) that are 'dark'.

Here's what Logic-Sunrise says:

"The concerns affecting new screens is explained by two factors: firstly, the alignment of blue is now horizontal, and therefore much less visibl.

The blue is very "dark" and thus less luminous than earlier versions."

None of this has been confirmed by Sony or any other independent third-parties.



SuperSaiyan4 31 Oct 2008 13:20
Or in other words, Sony has another s**t products on their hands.
mrAnthony 1 Nov 2008 10:39
oh yeah, that s**t product sold more than all the home consoles combined in the last chart.

oh yeah you didn't notice that. just that ps3 isn't selling as much as 360 and ps2.
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OptimusP 1 Nov 2008 13:38
Another possible explanation is that the screen designers where all addicted to scotch and so thought the first prototype was quit blurry (but perfect in non-scotch induced eyes) so they tried to fix that untill they saw it not-blurry (blurry to our non-scotch induced eyes).

The solution: drink half a bottle of scotch before playing your PSP-3000, also helps in enjoying Wii Music.
mrAnthony 1 Nov 2008 15:04

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