Sony Officially Unveils Killzone Trilogy

Includes HD update of PS2 Killzone release.

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Sony Officially Unveils Killzone Trilogy
After several days of teasing, it seems that Sony is ready to officially talk about the upcoming Killzone Trilogy bundle that is destined for the PlayStation 3 "very soon". The company confirmed that the pack will be heading for retail - and in a nice shiny box, too.

Killzone Trilogy will, amazingly enough, be a compilation release that contains an HD remastering of the original PS2 Killzone game as well as PS3 titles Killzone 2 and Killzone 3. All of the multiplayer DLC released for the latter two games will also be included.

Sony has been rather funny with the supposed price of the bundle, stating that the RRP is some 30.84. Don't be surprised to see it retail between the 35-40 mark, though. A trailer for the trilogy can be seen below.


config 7 Sep 2012 10:47
Super. But as I already have KZs 2 & 3, I just want Killzone HD (with Move support, please).

Any news on a standalone?
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