Sony Refunds US Gamers for Overpriced PSN Deadpool

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Sony Refunds US Gamers for Overpriced PSN Deadpool
We know that Deadpool likes to joke around, but this is kind of ridiculous. In a move fitting for a game starring the comic anti-hero, Sony accidentally overcharged US gamers on the digital PS3 version of Activision's licensed action adventure. It's now announced that it will be refunding the difference.

When PSN users initially went to purchase the Deadpool game, they were charged $59.99, when they should have apparently been charged $49.99. Those who were overcharged will need to look out for an XMB message directing them to a way to receive $10 worth of credit from Sony.

Deadpool is out in Europe on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 tomorrow. Hopefully we don't get overcharged too. Check out our preview here.

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sheepdemon 27 Jun 2013 12:46
European users have been getting the old $59.99 = ?59.99 shaft for YEARS now but the second a US customer is overcharge Sony are all like WHOOPS HERES A REFUND. Ugh.
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