New Lumines Promises To Be A "True Evolution" On Vita

Less Black Eyed Peas, more bloody mental J-House synaesthesia please.

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*ploooom* doofdoofdoofdoof *plooooom* umchaumchaumchaumcha
*ploooom* doofdoofdoofdoof *plooooom* umchaumchaumchaumcha
One game truly shone back when the original PSP was released; Lumines. The simple but devious block puzzler devoured many players' days as they attempted to clear their shapes as the never-ending beat went on. The sequel was less respected, mainly down to some dodgy song choices, but now with the launch of the latest in the series due on Vita in December the excitement is building up all over again.

Q Entertainment's James Mielke has said that the new game, Lumines: Electronic Symphony, will be an evolution of the original but still be the game we all know. Q is aiming to create something "completely new, featuring an all-new visual engine, all-new music... It's a true next-gen Lumines for the Vita, as much as the original Lumines was at the time for PSP."

Mielke is reticent to reveal too much at the moment. The game is in its final stages of development as the last tweaks are added but the addition of new Chain Blocks and Shuffle Blocks along with touchscreen controls that promise to change the gameplay experience. Fans of the series will be happy to hear that the original control system is also usable; Lumines has evolved, but not unrecognisably so.

With more power available, Electronic Symphony promises "a lot more visual impact" as everything is now rendered in 3D. The music is what's really important though and so far only two tracks have been announced (Kaskade's "4AM" and "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" from The Chemical Brothers). What Mielke does promise is that Q's aim "is to create an epic roadmap of some of the best music in electronic and dance music history, dating back from the 1980s to the present day."

One sad thing though? No "Shinin'". However, with the game due for a launch day release, it won't be too long until we get to check out what the latest in the series offers.

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