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The list in full from iTVs celeb-filled award show.

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Nintendo proved that it isn't out of the race just yet, scooping three of the ten awards at the Saturday afternoon bash. Meanwhile, both Sony and EA walked away with two, and Reflections' upcoming Driv3r was declared most wanted by high street giant GAME.

In true iTV fashion, a lengthy roster of rubbish B-list celebrities were on hand to dole out the awards, including the likes of Jordan, John Fashanu, Gary Lucy, and some bird out of some crappy band or other. But thankfully Simon Pegg, fresh off the promotional campaign of his current Resident Evil-inspired flick Shaun of the Dead, also made an appearance to lend the show some credence.

It wasn't just the publishers and developers that were winners either 16-year old Thomas Kingston, a returning finalist from last year, beat Michelle Homewood from Gravesend to steal the crown of the UKs Greatest Gamer.

And that list in full:

Newcomer: EyeToy: Play (SCEE)

Action Game: James Bond: Everything Or Nothing (EA)

Multiplayer Game: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (Nintendo)

Adventure Game: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Nintendo)

Pocket Game: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (Nintendo)

Licenced Game: Knights of the Old Republic (Activision)

Sports Game: Championship Manager (Eidos)

Racing Game: Need For Speed: Underground (EA)

The Sun People's Choice Award: EyeToy: Play (SCEE)

GAME Most Wanted Award: Driv3r (Atari)


Funky 19 Apr 2004 13:24
Stupid Mickey Mouse "awards".
Deviluck 19 Apr 2004 13:36
Yeh i watched that it was awful and they had 'britains best gamer there'. My ass...

im better than them anyway. They always choose the button bashers.
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