EyeToy Beefs Up ? 4 Million Units Plus Further Strategic Integration

Innovation and belief means profits and a bright future...

Posted by Staff
In a recent interview with the LA Times, the inventor and protagonist of the motion-sensing USB camera gizmo EyeToy, Richard Marks, spoke of the future of the device, as its popularity continues to soar.

Having shifted 2 million units in Europe and around half a million in the US, predicted Japanese sales figures are currently hovering around the 1.5 million mark. Predicted sales in the US and Europe combined are expected to hit 4 million, delivering an incredible amount of tomfoolery to PlayStation 2 owners.

Marks goes on to make perhaps the most revealing statement to date about future plans for EyeToy. ?I hope EyeToy will go the route of the microphone and will just become part of the platform," he said. "In the future, games might even recognise the colour of your shirt, or whether you smile, and incorporate that into the game.?

If the EyeToy, or future incarnations of it, have the ability to read the facial expressions of gamers, the possibilities open for mood-driven gaming are truly massive.

This, combined with the full EyeToy-driven communications program roll-out, as exclusively revealed here earlier this month, may see EyeToy become as prominent a piece of the PlayStation as the DualShock controller.

Expect everything EyeToy, right here.


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