Jaffe: We'll Stay Sony Exclusive As Long As It Wants

May work on other consoles one day, though.

Posted by Staff
Jaffe: We'll Stay Sony Exclusive As Long As It Wants
David Jaffe has told fans that he intends to keep his Eat, Sleep, Play studio output exclusive to Sony platforms for "as long as they will have us," ruling out any possibility of becoming a third party developer for rival consoles any time soon.

A curious Twitter follower asked the outspoken producer; "What keeps you developing exclusively for the PlayStation platforms? Just curious. It's because of your games that made me love the PlayStation brand in the first place."

And with that Jaffe was away! Here was his response in full;

"We have great, long term relationships with Sony and we’re fans of the PlayStation ‘art meets commerce’ DNA. We may work on other platforms one day, but we’ll gratefully stay Sony exclusive as long as they will have us. It’s an honor to be published by Sony’s 1st party given the classics they have brought to the industry over the years."

So that's that, then. Given Jaffe cut his development teeth with Sony in a first party studio working on Twisted Metal and God of War, we'd say that's a fair enough response. 'Art meets commerce' though? Roger Ebert won't be happy about that statement.


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