PS3 Makes 10m In Australia

At least one console sold on free sale!

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PS3 Makes £10m In Australia
If the first set of unofficial Sony figures for PAL PS3 sales is anything to go by then Sony is going to have to defend a pretty weak position to its stock-holders in terms of the amount of consoles it can shift. Before reading these Australian figures, bear in mind that Sony UKs Managing Director confidently announced that 100,000 (AU$244-million) worth of PS3 sales would be sold in the UK over the launch weekend - and the UK population is approximately one-third higher than 'Stralia.

Sony's reporting that the PS3 has sold A$25million (10.27m) worth of equipment since its launch in Australia on Friday.

The figure encapsulates hardware, software and peripherals sold over the weekend. This compares to Sony's previous Sony reports of A$20m worth of PS3 goodies pre-ordered down under. Sony also took the bold step of confirming that the PS3's sales total has "exceeded the previously published pre-order number of 20,000 units."?

SPOnG's mightily impressed. Sony's sold at least one PS3 that was not already on ore-order?

The figure of 20,000 units is also under-whelming when compared to Nintendo and Microsoft's recent launches. The Wii became the fastest selling console in Australia when it sold just shy of 33,000 units last December. That's followed by the 360, which sold 30,421 consoles over its launch weekend. SPOnG will happily allow that 'more than 20,000' is not the same as a straight '20,000' (we're good with Maths like that). But, let's face it, if Sony was approaching the Wii or the 360's figures it would be saying something closer to 'more than 30,000'.

The A$25m figure also falls short of Microsoft's launch takings. Microsoft reported sales of between A$30m and $40m worth of consoles and games at launch in Oz.

Considering the PAL PS3 launch has seen the highest levels of stock availability in recent memory Sony might want to start getting nervous. If it can't match the hugely under-supplied Wii or 360 launches then something's going a bit wrong.

The figures run parallel to SPOnG's findings while speaking to a contact in retail this morning. The launch seems to be modest at best.

It's a good job Sony Australia doesn't have Ray Maguire as its managing director. On Friday March 23rd Maguire stated that the PS3 would make 100-million over its launch weekend in the UK. By SPOnG's reckoning, since it has a population that's about a third of the size of ours, that would translate into about approximately AU$24 in Australia. Since the PS3's only made Sony about 10m, Ray would be looking a wee bit foolish right about now...

SPOnG can also happily report that, amidst internet rantings claiming the PS3's a failure because it hasn't sold out, one country has not a single unit on its shelves. Yup, Malta has sold all 250 of its PS3s - a record.

Get Phil Harrison over there, ASAP.

We're still waiting on launch weekend figures from Sony for the UK, but as soon as we have them we'll let you know.

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