Sony Names Touch Screen Device After Phil Harrison

Can't be the same fella?

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Sony  Names Touch Screen Device After Phil Harrison
Sony is apparently working on touch screen devices with gaming firmly in mind. One such device, according to the EETimes site is named Phil Harrison.

According to the US Patent Office, a patent referenced to 20080150911, refers to a "A hand-held electronic device..."

The inventor is stated as Phil Harrison... can't be the same Phil as the one who has recently departed Sony for Infogrames/Atari? Can it?

"The device may comprise a case case having one or more major surfaces; a touch screen disposed on one of the major surfaces, the touch screen; a processor operably coupled to the touch screen; and one or more tactile pixels disposed proximate the touch screen."

Section of the USPO's page mentions, "22. The method of claim 19 wherein the user input to the touch screen corresponds to user input to a video game."

Section 23 refers to, "23. The method of claim 22 wherein the predetermined state reflects a change in state of the video game or one or more particular game events.

Also included in the patent are references to 'gesture' and 'tilt' as well as "other devices in communication with the hand-held device."

So, a new PSP with a touch screen, eh? Why not turn it into a phone as well.

US Patent Office


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