Australian Gamer Loses PS3 'OtherOS' Court Case

Sony had already been cleared of wrongdoing.

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Australian Gamer Loses PS3 'OtherOS' Court Case
Remember the chap from California who took Sony to court about the removal of OtherOS in the PlayStation 3? Seems he inspired someone in Australia to do the same - but he just lost his case.

Plaintiff Michael Trebilcock asked for the sum of AU$800 as compensation for the console's sudden inability to install Linux-based operating systems on a partitioned hard drive. The money was to pay for Trebilcock's rental of a laptop for each day he was unable to use Linux on his PS3, plus fees.

"One of the reasons I bought (the PS3) was for this feature it allowed you to use the PS3 as a computer, not just a games console," reads Trebilcock's complaint. "You could attach printers to it and print documents, you could use Messenger and Firefox web browsing.

"But (Sony) decided that particular part of the system, which they had marketed as one of the reasons for buying it, was posing a security risk, and removed it."

The Magistrates Court rejected the claim, after hearing that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission had already cleared Sony of any wrongdoing. Trebilcock was not ordered to pay any of Sony's legal fees. We wonder if this ruling will set something of an example for US cases still in progress?

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