PlayStation Plus April Free Games Line-Up

Loads of Free games added to PS+ members but not enough for some.

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PlayStation Plus April Free Games Line-Up
April's Playstation Plus - the paid-for premium service for owners of PS3s, PS4s and Vitas - has been announced and as ever it has 'free games' that are causing cheers and moans.

With the PS4 yet to have much of a dated back catalogue to start giving away there's some complaining in the Twitterverse about a lack of content there. However, the Vita and PS3 are getting some gems including Batman: Arkham City (PS3), and Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD (PS Vita). Check out the rest in the video below.


config 28 Mar 2014 14:34
This month's inclusion of Arkham City, which I still haven't got around to buying, is a timely reminder that I need to renew my PS+
Shane K. Firth 28 Mar 2014 14:52
The people who seem to think that the PS4 offering should be something like KZ Shadowfall or Knack need their heads checking.

Instead we're getting a brand new, and supposedly awesome, indie title.

Glad I own all three PS platforms, it does mean too many games to play in the back catalogue.
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