$50 PSP Digital Rentals: The Cost of UMD Death

Sony considering $50/month for PSP game rental

Posted by Staff
A survey has popped probing participants on their willingness to pay for digital PSP rentals, adding further weight to the suggestion that UMD is on its deathbed and, dare we say it, PSP GO is on the horizon.

The survey, first picked up by Joystiq, asks gamers what they would pay to download games to their PSP for a limited period of time. SPOnG's had a dig around and pulled up a host of screens showing the potential pricing for such a service.

The top price suggested is $49.99 per month (for a minimum of three months), with the option to download up to three titles per month from a selection of games added 12 months after launch. You'd have to be a lunatic to pay that, especially when you compare it to some of the other options mentioned, suggesting that a database has spewed forth potential subscription packages based on set parameters. It does look, however, like the top price being considered is, indeed, $49.99. You can peruse the full range of options in the images we've grabbed here.

The fact that Sony is considering such a service adds yet more weight to the notion that UMD is going the way of the dodo. It also adds merit to rumours of the impending announcement of a significant upgrade to the PSP's hardware - one that could include up to 16GB of internal memory.


deleted 21 May 2009 10:53
Lets speculate a little further,

would this not add some weight to comparison Apple based Apps Store (Playstation Store) and then perhaps would indicate a PSP2 or a PSP Phone, soley with the ability to download games. would this rule out some/maybe most current PSP owners, would it not make sense to launch this kind of thing with a new deisgned for hardware?
Joji 21 May 2009 19:06
Lol, oh Sony, you really still don't have a clue.

You now want me to rent PSP games? I'm sorry but that's never going to fly for a few reasons.

1: PSP games still dont have trophy support (not rocket science to do, but would provide a good incentive to buy).
2: Why would I rent a PSP game, when i can buy another format game entirely. $50 can buy other stuff.
3: Sony themselves planted the seed of PSPs piracy problem, when they stopped us from legally importing foreign PSP games. Now PSP piracy is bigger than it ever was. Great thinking there, Sony.

Sony, experts at cutting off their face despite their nose. When PSP goes to DLC only, its going to die a slow death, especially after they convinced many to buy the four previous versions of PSP. I may stop buying them altogether.
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