PlayStation Network Confirmed for Phones

Bluster or news?

Posted by Staff
It was only last October that Ericsson announced its 'Aino' phone with PS3 Remote Play. And now Sir Howard Stringer is announcing PSN for mobile on Ericsson phones.

Speaking in Barcelona with some weak global warming and Twitter gags, the Sony CEO brought news of PlayStation network to your hand in phone form.

"PSN is no secret weapon", says Sir Howard. "Leveraging PSN we are building a new network service that will connect many more network enabled product including Sony Bravias, Viaos and Blu-ray players.

"To satisfy the demand for more open systems and to broaden the array of network devices connected to our network services we are committed to extending that service to Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

"And as part of these initiatives we are also exploring consistent user interfaces across Sony Ericsson products to ensure a seamless and integrated experience for the consumer.

"Sony's unique position are a company with global assets and expertise in entertainment content, as well as hardware and software will continue to benefit these initiatives."

So, basically, PSN, as we knew, is coming to the whole Sony brand range. Now, nip over here and look at what Microsoft is doing with Xbox Live for phones.

See the full Sony Ericsson presentation over at The Lost Gamer.


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