Calls to Close Down PSN in Australia

The public needs more reassurances of personal data security.

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Calls to Close Down PSN in Australia
The PlayStation Network backlash continues, as a security expert in Australia has called for a ban of the online service until the government has been given a full brief into the new security measures Sony has implemented.

"Why is it that in the IT industry enterprises certify themselves?" asks Professor Bill Caelli to The Australian. "The public has no way of assessing the assurances given by the owners of the system themselves."

The call follows moves made by Japan to block the restoration process of the PlayStation Network after its government ruled that it was yet to be satisfied with the information Sony was providing. Caelli believes Australia should also seek further reassurances from the company with regards to personal user data.


Aussie Gamer 18 May 2011 01:18
If users are willing to use the service again who gives a f**k what anybody else thinks about their security.
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