Watch: PS4 Hands On - No Reading Required

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Watch: PS4 Hands On - No Reading Required
PlayStation 4 is coming. Yes indeed it is. You've seen what it looks like and you've heard many lovely things about it not using DRM too much. But..."

...How the hell does the black box that resembles loads of other black boxes of electronical entertainey stuff actually deal with playing video games? Not a hard question at all, check out the video below for a hands-on insight.



Lalo Gamer 9 Jul 2013 13:03
All of the augmented reality tech demos shown can be done with the current xbox 360 and kinect. So again Sony is trying to catch up with Microsoft...
config 10 Jul 2013 08:55
@Lalo_Gamer didn't know the 360 Kinect worked with a controller that provides accurate, low-latency interaction
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