Sony Demonstrates 3D And Move Technology

Developers will need to implement technology.

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Sony Demonstrates 3D And Move Technology
Last week, Sony Platform Research Manager David Coombes took to the stage in Los Angeles' 3D Gaming Summit to discuss the PlayStation 3's upcoming 3D technology update, what it will mean for developers and how the Move controller will fit into the picture.

Coombes announced that Sony will be rolling out the 3D firmware update for PS3 consoles in two phases - one will allow the console to play 3D games, while 3D Blu-rays will come in a separate update shortly after. In the UK, those who purchase a 3D-ready Sony Bravia TV will get several 3D-updated PS3 games, including PAIN, Wipeout HD and Motorstorm Pacific Rift. The US may see a similar offer, although not necessarily these games.

For developers, Coombes stressed that 3D implementation in PS3 games will be down to the developer rather than automatically switched on at a console-level. This is in contrast to 3D-ready TVs that will offer a conversion feature for pictures that aren't 3D in nature. So, if you want Uncharted 2 to be in 3D, you won't be able to automatically enable that from the console - Naughty Dog would have to implement a patch to allow for the technology.

Further, developers can use share some non-3D information between the left and right images, which Coombes said will save on having developers render the same object twice. This is in response to concerns that implementing 3D technology in PS3 games would bog down the console's processing power.

Finally, Coombes outlined a few PlayStation Move demos which allowed for accessing menus in 3D space. He also showcased a tech demo which allowed a mechanical puppet to be 'skinned' over the top of him and mimic his every movement. Pretty cool.

See some images of it, and more information, on IGN.


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