PlayStation Arc Becomes Domain Reality

Suggests official name of upcoming motion controller.

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PlayStation Arc Becomes Domain Reality
Could Sony's motion controller soon be renamed the 'Arc'? That's the latest slab of speculation following a registration of the domain name “”. The owners? Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

The motion controller was revealed at E3 2009, and reportedly brings one-to-one interaction to the PlayStation 3. It uses the PlayStation Eye to track the movement of one or more 'wand' shaped sticks, with glowing spheres on the end.

Amongst the million and one names rumoured for the device, 'Arc' probably sounds like the best one for an official title. Another website,, does not appear to be owned by Sony yet mentions a “Kownage Expansion Pack”, whatever that is. Take that last one with the largest wodge of salt available, though.

Source: VGChartz


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