ECTS Awards

And the winners are…

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Day two of ECTS has witnessed the annual awards, with over 1000 leading industry figures congregating on the show floor this afternoon, biting their nails. The award categories are divided between 'Best of Year' and 'Best of Show' and the winners have been confirmed as follows:


Voted for by readers or the editorial teams:

Game of the Year UK, in conjunction with - Pro Evolution Soccer 2, Konami

Game of the Year France, in conjunction with JDLI - Battlefield 1942, Electronic Arts

Game of the Year Germany, in conjunction with - Splinter Cell, Ubi Soft Entertainment

Game of the Year Italy, in conjunction with - Mafia, Gathering

Game of the Year Spain, in conjunction with Game Live - GTA: Vice City, Rockstar Games

Game of the Year Scandinavia, in conjunction with Manual - Battlefield 1942, Electronic Arts

Voted for by the editorial teams:

The PC Gamer Best PC Games Developer Awards - Creative Assembly

The PC Format Best New Games Kit award - Shuttle's Small Form Factor PCs

The Edge Award - Viewtiful Joe, Capcom

The Loaded Award - GTA: Vice City, Rockstar Games

The Times Award - Sony EyeToy

Voted for on

Best Console of the Year – Microsoft Xbox

Best Publisher of the Year – Nintendo

Best PC Hardware of the Year – ATI 9800 Pro


Voted for by a press panel on day one of ECTS:

Best PC Game of the Show – Far Cry, Ubi Soft Entertainment

Best Console Game of the Show - XIII, Ubi Soft Entertainment

Best Handheld Game of the Show – Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising – Nintendo

Best Online Game of the Show – Everquest II, Ubi Soft Entertainment

Overall Best Game of the Show – XIII, Ubi Soft Entertainment

The London Games Week Award – Half Life 2, Vivendi Universal Games


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