Sony Launches TV With PS2 Built-in

Posted by Staff
Sony Launches TV With PS2 Built-in
Sony has just launched a BRAVIA TV with a PlayStation 2 console built in to the base. Our first thought is, why? Maybe you guys can help us out with that one.

The TV itself has a 22-inch display, is capable of 720p video and has four HDMI ports, three USB ports, one SCART, PC input and component support. Freeview is built in, and there are two ethernet ports for Youtube access.

PS2 and DVD discs are loaded into the base, but PS2 games will only run in standard definition. Which is hardly surprising really. The KDL-22PX300 TV costs around 200, and is available now.


DrkStr 3 Dec 2010 14:39
What's the point of 22" TVs these days?
Ergo 3 Dec 2010 19:42
@DrkStr Bedroom? Kitchen? Bathroom? Small apartment?
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J-ohyeah-M 4 Dec 2010 03:50
@DrkStr The real question is what's the point of a PS2 these days...
Dark Destroyer 4 Dec 2010 04:18
Surely this is a perfect addition for a children's bedroom? 22 inch TV to hang on the wall with a built in DVD player and PS2. Sounds perfect...
Tom Camfield 4 Dec 2010 07:14
Heh, this is perfect for my bedroom, if it could play divx....
gary johnson 4 Dec 2010 07:21
it does play divx, i've got one and it's not as ugly as people are saying, tried an avi file earlier and it played perfect, not sure why the need for 4 hdmi though, already bought some ps2 games off ebay that i didn't play first time around, for 200 it's worth it for the telly and internet tv, the ps2 is a bonus
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